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Home > Buying Guide > Top 4 best electric shavers for men
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Top 4 best electric shavers for men

Top 4 best electric shavers for men

By  Wouter Wargerink 2018-11-08 5086 1

Both manual and electric shavers are available in a range of different models, each of which has their own benefits. What kind of shaver you eventually pick for yourself, highly depends on the advantages a certain model has to offer. Whereas some of us may prefer the convenience and safety offered by an electric shaver, others prefer a traditional and less-expensive manual shave. Over time, the popularity of electric shavers has risen significantly. Thanks to the latest technological advances, modern electric shavers are capable of delivering an experience just as satisfying as a traditional wet shave.

How to choose shavor

1.Cheap is Expensive

It is very tempting to buy a cheap razor that with it we will be able to achieve similar results to models of superior ranges (and of course more expensive).

A good razor can last for many years. It is an investment that you will amortize over the years.A shaver of a higher range can allow you to have a significantly better shaving experience.Keep in mind your budget and find the best possible shaver that suits yourself.

Without forgetting that the prices can vary a lot, and unless there are specific offers or bargains. There are some electric shavers that are balanced between what they offer you at the time of shaving and the price you have to pay.


The razor has to be comfortable when you hold it in your hand you can access it with all the areas of the face and if you are going to use them in the shower, the handle will not slip.

Although seeing the photos in all the electric razors seem the same, you can be surprised at how different they can be from having them in your hands. The machines that are more bulky than others and that will be comfortable for you if your hands are big. You will hardly shave well with your new machine if you find it uncomfortable. Above all, think of those areas that are more difficult to access such as the chin or under the nose.

Also if you are going to use it under the shower, the grip should be comfortable and easy and if it can be with a non-slip grip. Most shavers are wet & dry. They can be used wet, so they work without cable. And above all, they have a very appropriate anti-slip handle to prevent the shaver from slipping between your hands while using it with water.


The shaver battery is impotance. When buying, we should consider the capacity, quality .

But what happens if after a while you check that the battery is losing capacity?

The so-called memory effect means that the battery each time admits less charge. Especially after making several partial refills. The recommendation is that you always choose a shaver with a lithium battery (and if it is a more basic model) that can be used with or without a cable. If the battery loses capacity, you can always shave by plugging the shaver into a socket. And above all, avoid the cheap and wireless razors (you can only use them without cable), because you may regret the purchase after a few shaves.

4.Use in trip

The razor is not appropriate to take it on a trip. The tendency is that the razors work with battery without plugging them into the electric current. This feature has its advantages: More comfort when shaving. It is more comfortable to shave without a cable bothering us as we go through our face.If you go on a trip, you will not need anything more than having a mirror to shave anywhere.

Ask yourself if any of the above advantages are important to you.

The high-end shaver has a powerful lithium-ion battery and a perfect case to transport the machine when you go on a trip.

5.Easy clean

Cleaning is one of the most important sections that are not usually given too much attention. You are not aware of the problems that will cause a poor cleaning when you have your brand new razor for the first time in your hands.

The problems you should avoid are:

That to clean the shaver you have to disassemble the heads and blades and then you find it difficult to put everything back in place. That does not allow to clean it under the tap water to clean it without problems. The cleaning of the razor should be quick and convenient. The best razors are easily cleaned under the tap. This will remove the hairs and we will have our razor ready for a next shave.

You can go a little further and buy a good razor with cleaning station. High-end models usually include them in the pack. These stations not only clean the machine,but they load it. The cleaning station extends the useful life of razor blades and blades allowing them to keep the cutting edge longer.

If we have a razor that meets all the previous points, this does not get rid of the fact that we end up pulling our hair after a while. Especially when we check the price of the spare parts of the blades. There are replacement blades that are almost worth the same as a completely new razor.

Over time, cutting elements such as blades and blades of the shaver suffer wear.

2.Rotary vs foil shaver

The market offers many options, so you have to inform yourself very well to know which is the most convenient for you. In this article we show you the two most popular types of electric razors with their respective differences.

1.Rotary shaver

As the name implies, this shaver performs a rotary movement of its head and, therefore, the blades that are there. In this way, cut facial and body hair in a circular fashion.

Visually you can recognize it because it has 3 upper heads (sometimes two), although these are not necessarily equal with each other. Occasionally, the rotary razor has specialized blades to cut specific varieties of hair.

Although it works automatically, its correct use also has its technique. The way to shave with this type of shaver is, in effect, with circular movements that respect the curvature of your jaw and jaw. Rotating movement is the most important thing, as this will prevent you from irritating your skin.

2.Foil shaver

This artifact with plates is, in fact, very similar to the disposable shaver, since it has upper metallic leaves that are parallel to each other, and that therefore, they cut the hair in a linear way.

The best types of razor blades have components capable of capturing crushed or stuck hairs to the skin and cutting hair that grows in other directions, something to take into account when investing in one of them.

Unlike the press, it is easier to use, since you must make linear movements that go against the direction of hair growth on your face, as if you were shaving with a razor.

3.Which is the best option?

Now, if we talk about what makes one electric razor better than the other, there are several points to consider.

For those who are accustomed to the disposable prestobarbas and put the speed on the efficiency, undoubtedly that of sheets will be better, since it cuts the hair more quickly and covers more surface. Of course, try to be cautious, since this type of device brings more chances of cutting when the blades are straight on the heads and not respect the curves of the face.

Regarding this last point, the rotary does consider the area of ​​the jaw and jaw thanks to its circular shape, also having easier access and flexibility to reach small and difficult areas. Another point in favor of this razor is that it emits less noise than that of blades, since it uses less power. However, this will depend on the brand and model you prefer.

As you can see, although each of these types of shavers has its pros and cons, choosing the one that best suits you will ultimately depend on your personal needs, the use you want to give and the time you spend shaving.

electric shavers for men 

Just as with any other electronic gadget, when it comes to electric shavers, you'll have an abundance of choice. To most regular men among us, it may be difficult to know what to look for when picking your new shaver. Things to keep in mind include the type of blades used, how many blades it supports, whether it is comfortable to use, and if it can be easily cleaned. Besides all the gimmicks and features the razor has to offer, the price also plays an important role. Nowadays, the best electric shaver can cost several hundred dollars. But does this really have to be this way?

Below, GearBest has selected the best electric shavers that treat you to a professional-grade shaving experience without breaking your bank. They are comfortable, easy to use, and offer an outstanding experience no matter your skin type and density of facial hair. From now on, you can always enjoy a clean-cut look day-in-day-out without breaking a sweat.

Best Electric Shaves in 2019

1. Xiaomi Mijia Rotary Shaver - $37.99

With the Xiaomi Mijia rotary shaver, Xiaomi, once again, proofs to deliver high-quality electronics at an affordable price. This highly compact and lightweight electric shaver allows you to easily shave and trim your facial hair. Thanks to its IPX7 waterproof design, this men's health gadget is suitable for both dry and wet shaving alike. Use it in front of the mirror or while taking a shower; with this compact rotary shaver, you'll always enjoy a clean-cut face.

the Xiaomi Mijia rotary shaver 

By supporting three rotating dicyclic knife blades, this electric shaver from Xiaomi cuts through the thickest of facial hair. It features deep cleansing technology to keep both your razor and skin clean and smooth. With an impressive cutting speed of up to 3.9m per second and convenient 360-degree floating system, you can be guaranteed that it will cut the hairs even at the most difficult to reach spaces of your face and neck. The electric shaver itself features a high-end steel body which gives it a premium look and feel. With its built-in lithium battery, it treats you to an impressive cutting time of up to 60 minutes straight.

the three rotating dicyclic knife blades of Xiaomi Mijia rotary shaver 

2. FLYCO FS362EU Electric Shaver - $24.99

If you're looking for a straightforward electric shaver that delivers a comfortable shave experience, this beauty from FLYCO is perfect for you. This electric traditional rotary shaver is simple to use and delivers a smooth and thorough shaving cut no matter your skin type. With a price tag of merely $ 24.99, you simply can't go wrong!

FLYCO FS362EU Electric Shaver 

With the latest 3D floating technology, this compact electric shaver keeps the cutting heads in close contact with your skin. This offers a fast, smooth, and efficient shave experience. The razor sharp blades effectively cut through any type of facial hair, leaving you with a smooth and soft clean-cut result. The double-track blades furthermore allow you to easily shave curved surfaces such as your cheeks and neck. Along with an integrated pop-up trimmer, this electric shaver is perfect for trimming your mustache and sideburns. Whether you're looking for a full clean-cut or simply wish to trim your beard - this affordable rotary shaver is guaranteed to do its job.

the latest 3D floating technology of FLYCO FS362EU Electric Shaver 

3. Xiaomi Mi Home Portable Shaver - $36.99

What sets this little beauty apart from other electric shavers has got to be its unique flat and pocket-sized design. Not only does this design make your shaver easy to carry along, but it also gives it an extremely sleek and premium look. This makes it the perfect electric pocket shaver to carry along on holidays or upcoming business trips abroad. Thanks to its ultra-powerful high-density Li-ion battery, you can use your razor for up to 30 days straight for a 3-minute shaving session. Whenever you're running low on juice, it can be easily recharged via its USB-C port.

Xiaomi Mi Home Portable Shaver  

The razors of the Xiaomi portable shaver have been crafted out of high-hardness 60HRC Japanese steel. This premium material delivers a precise, smooth, and comfortable cut. The geometric construction of the foil shaver has been inspired by the wings of a dragonfly. Not only does this construction offer an ultra-comfy touch, but it also gives your shaver a unique look. By reaching speeds up to 7800rpm, this electric shaver won't skip a single hair on your face. Use it at home, on vacation, or during a business trip - with the Xiaomi Mi Home portable shaver, you'll always look at your best.

The razors of the Xiaomi portable shaver 


4. Alfawise RHC5000 Electric Razor - $9.99

If you're looking for the ultimate way to shave and groom your facial hair, this electric shaver is a must-have gadget for you. With its thin blades and revolutionary grooming technology, the Alfawise RHC5000 electric razor has been designed specifically to create well-cut facial styles. You'll be able to effortlessly trim your beard and mustache in order to get that one and only cut that perfectly matches your style. Thanks to its compact, lightweight, and cordless design, you can conveniently use it no matter where you are.

Alfawise RHC5000 Electric Razor 

This highly precise electric razor is perfect for regular shaving, trimming, and shaping your beard or sideburns. Thanks to its anti-allergy design and ultra-smooth cutting blades, you can comfortably use it no matter the type of your skin. The electric razor treats you to three different cutting speeds that are able to trim any type of facial hair. Along with its IPX4 waterproof design, you can use this razor for both wet and dry shaving alike. With this remarkable razor at your side, you'll enjoy clean-cut and well-groomed facial hair every day of the week.

IPX4 waterproof design 


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