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Home > Buying Guide > Top 5 10000mAh power banks - portable phone charger
Top 5 10000mAh power banks - portable phone charger

Top 5 10000mAh power banks - portable phone charger

By  GB Blog Official 2018-10-08 8249 0

These days, staying connected to the world is not a luxury, but simply a necessity. And while our everyday gadgets like smartphones and tablets do come with more functionality than ever, it’s getting harder and harder for their built-in batteries to handle the arrival of yet another new feature. Here’s where the handy power bank come in. In this post, we take a look at the best 10,000mAh power banks to keep your tech working longer.

1.Truth of Power Bank

There are a variety of models of different brands and the range of prices is really outrageous. Also, in order to sell more, many stores are lying about the power and autonomy of the batteries and lead to negative comments from the users. Some seller not say that they lie to sell and deceive their customers and they say that the sellers are not well informed of the operation, for that reason then we have listed the typical questions and answers to make you have more information about power bank.

(1)Where are the external batteries manufactured?

The vast majority of batteries like all other electronic products, are manufactured in China.

(2)How do i charge my power bank or external battery?

You can charge your power bank or external battery just like you do with your mobile phone charger. It has a mini usb input that you can connect with your mobile phone cable and light. You can also charge it with another external battery.

(3)How long do I have to charge my external battery or power bank?

That depends on the REAL Capacity of your external battery. If your battery has 1500 mAh it will logically take less than if you have an external battery of 12,000 mAh. A part of that will also depend on whether the charges to the home network (220V), from the USB port of your laptop or if you do it with another battery. Batteries usually have an indicator to warn you when it is charged.

(4)Why does it not always take the same time to load my external battery or power bank?

The charging time of your power bank or external battery depends on several factors, temperature, level of charge, support, time the battery has, etc ... for that reason it does not always take the same time to load.

(5)What is MAh?

MAh means the milliamperes of consumption per hour. The capacity of the batteries is measured in mAh. The more mAh, the more autonomy the battery will have.

(6)My 12000 MAh power bank can charge 8 times battery of my phone 1500 mah?

This is one of the typical lies or mistakes that sellers make and it causes the logical anger of the client that is made with a power bank and then they realize that it is not true. In order to really calculate how many times you can charge your mobile you should do the following operation:


That is to say:                        12000 X 0.8 X 0.8 / 1500 = 5.12 (YOU CAN CHARGE 5 TIMES YOUR MOBILE BATTERY)

(7)What is the health of the battery?

The health of the battery is the state of your battery. The capacity of your battery goes down more and more over time. For that reason the battery of your mobile does not last so long after having used it for 6 months. Depending on the quality of the battery some tend to lose autonomy much faster than others.

(8)What is PCB?

The PCB means the plate where the control chips go. The more quality the more times you can charge the battery and the less autonomy you will lose over time.

(9)What is the difference between 18650 and lithium batteries.

The size of the 18650 is fixed. The size of lithium polymer batteries is flexible.

The power of the 18650 is greater. Polymer batteries are much safer.

The price of 18650 is lower. Lithium polymer batteries are more expensive.

The autonomy of the 18650 is lower. Polymer batteries discharge more slowly.

The useful life of 18650 is less. Polymer batteries have a longer life.


(10)How many mah have the batteries 18650?

The 18650 batteries usually have 1300 mAh at 2200 mAh

(11)What is the actual capacity of the external batteries of the market?

The external battery using 1 bat 18650 are from 1200 mAh up to 2600 mAh The external battery using 2 bat 18650 are from 2500 mAh to 4400 mAh The external battery that uses 3 bat 18650 are from 3750 mah to 6600 mAh. So, the one that uses 8 batteries of 18650 the result will be between 10400 and 14400 mAh.

(12)There are power banks in the marking that have 18650 batteries of more than 2200 mah?

Yes, but they are very expensive.

(13)Is it true that power bank or that are brand are safer than generic?

Completely false. It is many brands are buying external batteries to factories in China that sell generic and simply put their brand. After that, the brands sell them more expensive.

2.How to choose Power Bank?

power bank

(1)Capacity of power bank

The power bank capacity, which ranges from 2000mAh to more than 10,000mAh , and it's important to note that they are all 3.7v, so if you're charging something which isn't 3.7v you need to convert Whether it's enough or not. Capacity is discounted during charging, for example the iPhone's battery is 1420mAh, but if you want to fill it once, perhaps 2000mAh's power bank is enough.


Capacity of power bank


(2)Power bank weight

A more than 10000mAh power bank is about 500g, you may already have more than 1 kg notebooks in the bag, paper and pen, Kindle, some cosmetics and toiletries, etc., more than 500g may be the last straw breaks the camel, which cause your shoulders can't bear the weight, and you need a backpack which can support the weight of 3kg, than transfer the weight to the hips. So, consider your needs, just enough. Don't go for too much capacity and ignore the weight.


power bank weight

(3)Electric core


The electric core, which used to be 18650. It is said that it is not good. As for how it is not good, opinions vary. But if you start using a lithium-ion battery cell right now, which is going to be a little bit better than the 18650 one. As we all know, the batteries have a life span. It's going to be 300 cycles, if your power bank which is equipped with second - hand electric core may soon be out of date, and that capacity will be compromised.


(4)Input and output ports

If you have two or more devices, it is best to choose a power bank with two output ports. And, if you have an iPad or Android tablet, you'd better choose one with two output ports, because one of them will be a 2A export. Generally one of them is 1A, the other one is 1.5A or 2A, depending on the capacity. If you plug in the power bank and watch a video or play a game, the charging speed cannot even catch up with your power consumption that would be terrible.


Input and output ports


Generally, the mobile power supply can only accept the charging input of 1A, and the input speed is discounted. The input of 1A cannot be fully charged with 1000mAh in an hour. In addition, some power banks are equipped with a 220V plug, so you can save the charger and charging line and plug directly into the socket.


(5)Pass through function

Pass through function, which means it can be used to charge power bank while charging other devices from the output port.

Wrap up


So, seriously analyze your needs. If you only charge your phone and you can charge it at work and at home every day and at night, then you only need to have enough capacity to charge your phone once or twice. This kind of power bank is about 100 grams of weight, which is lighter.


If you are traveling and have an iPad, you can consider power bank above 10000mAh. Use your phone and iPad every day, and plug in a power bank pack to recharge. At night, the iPad charger is plugged into the socket, the Micro USB cable is connected to the power bank, and the two ports of the power bank are respectively connected to the phone and iPad to charge them. The next morning when you woke up, all the devices were fully charged.


3.Best 5 power banks(portable phone charger) in 2019

(1)Original Xiaomi Power Bank, type-C

Very few of our gadget lists go without at least one mention on a Xiaomi  product, and this list is not an exception. The Original Xiaomi Power Bank will give your gadgets 10000mAh of extra life all in a slim and compact shape.The power bank comes equipped with a bidirectional quick charge for an even faster performance and you will be able to charge and discharge simultaneously. The LED lights on the speaker indicate its charging status - an easy way to see how much juice you have left. Note that the Original Xiaomi Power Bank works with type-C USB slots, making it perfect for charging the latest smartphones. Make sure to get an adapter if your gadgets come with a micro USB slot.

Original Xiaomi Power Bank, type-C

(2)CHUWI M - 10000 10050mAh Power Bank

Another one in our series of super capacity power banks is the CHUWI M - 10000. Coming with 10,050mAh, the power bank is capable of charging even the most demanding of your gadgets several times over. And quickly too - thanks to the Qualcomm 3.0 Two-way Quick Charge. At the size of only 103.5 x 22.8 x 60.9mm, it's very compact, easily fitting into your pocket and convenient to use on the go. With multiple protections (temperature, short circuit, overcharge, etc.), this 10,050mAh power bank is safe to use and and easy to carry. What's more, the  CHUWI M - 10000 comes in several bright colors in case you want to brighten up your day with a not only practical, but also fun accessory.

CHUWI M - 10000 10050mAh Power Bank

(3)Onda N100T Plus 10000mAh Power Bank

The Onda N100T Plus lets you charge a variety of gadgets with its 2-in-1 cable with a micro USB and USB Type-C connectors. As with all the power banks in this list, you have 10,000mAh of power to go with your gadgets and the 2A output current will make sure all your tech is charged super quickly.Once again, the power bank supports charging and discharging simultaneously and comes in a relatively small frame, easy to take around and use on the go. The model comes in several colors, including the fashionable rose gold.

Onda N100T Plus 10000mAh Power Bank

(4)INNOANTS Smart T8 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank

If you are looking for something simple and efficient, there is no going wrong with the INNOANTS Smart T8. The 10,000mAh power bank comes in the classic gray aluminum alloy housing and a round edged design. With a 2A high speed charging, you can have all your gadgetry working in no time. You have your LED indicators for battery status and multiple built-in protections including impact resistance.

INNOANTS Smart T8 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank

(5)HILLO POWER Z2 10000mAh Power Bank

Last but not least, there is the HILLO POWER Z2 10000mAh power bank, a  nice compact device coming in the extra durable titanium alloy shell. The 10,000mAh power bank comes with dual USB output ports, status LED indicators and an easy-to-hold frame that is perfect for use on-the-go.

HILLO POWER Z2 10000mAh Power Bank


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