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Home > Buying Guide > Valentine Gifts Girls Hate | Not so great ways to break up
Valentine Gifts Girls Hate | Not so great ways to break up

Valentine Gifts Girls Hate | Not so great ways to break up

By  Zim Yang 2017-02-09 1098 3

Guys pay attention! Never send your girlfriend / wife these disaster gifts on Valentine's day unless you want to break up with her.

Oh boy, Valentine's Day is just 4 days away, guys! You people who are head over heels in love are already preparing gifts for your beloved, right? I'm mightily jealous of you as I'm single. But, I'm also a kindhearted soul, so I'm here to give some sincere suggestions on choosing cool gifts – specifically what gifts you should avoid giving your girlfriend. Otherwise, you might as well book your slot on the Jerry Springer show now.

First things first: men and women think in different ways, men like to think in a straight and linear way, but a woman's mind is mysterious and complicated: the same thing might have a totally different meaning for her! So if you don't want to make your lady go crazy this coming Valentine's Day, you better follow the following advice and avoid The TERRIBLE gifts girls HATE!

WARNING: Don’t Give Girls These Gifts!!!

Electronic scale

Just what are you thinking when sending this item to a girl as a present?! For a girl, their weight is such a hyper-sensitive topic especially if/when a man is concerned. Sure, for you, it's just a practical item for her to use – but for her, she's thinking on a different wavelength from Venus, "Does he want to say that I'm overweight? He thinks I'm overweight! He doesn't love me anymore!" Then your relationship becomes more singularly tragic than anything Shakespeare himself could have come up with. Congratulations.

Seriously, buddy, are you looking for trouble?

Electronic scale

Razor / electric shaver / depilatory

Okay, this one isn't much better. I just can't believe that you choose this stuff as a gift… You know what does it means for a girl, especially from her boyfriend?

In her mind, she will misunderstand your intent: you're saying that she has more hair than Wolverine, her skin is not silky-smooth and perfect, and that's when the Cupid-inspired love grows colder than Iceman chilling in the North Pole. No, sir, please don't go there.

Do you really want to upset her? If not, then DON'T do it!

Gearbest electric shaver

shoes as Valentine's Day gift

Look, I'm not really sure about how it is outside Asia, but sending shoes in Asia is actually a curse between lovers. Because shoes mean walking: so when you gift shoes to your Asian gf/bf, you are making a statement of sending your lover away. I guess it's like buying them an empty suitcase with a smiley face.

If it's the taboo where you live as well, then no matter how pretty the pair of high heel is, she won't be interested in receiving them. Instead, she'd rather buy those shoes herself.

Diet / fitness product

You remember her saying she wanted to lose weight, right? Maybe all the time? Now, being an attentive and sensitive guy, it's obvious what the "perfect" gift is. Buddy, sorry to break it to you, but your amazingly insightful and inspired gift means something else. Hold on, while we fire up Google Couple Translate, the messages that your girl receives are:

"Am I fat?"

"Are you suggesting that I'm not slim?"

"You are not satisfied with the way I am, are you?"

Come on, don't be a nerd! She could say that she's fat, but you should never echo it. Never, never never buy a woman anything related to losing weight.

fitness product as Valentine's Day gift

Prank toy

Scenario: You tell your beloved princess that her Valentine's gift is already in her bag, it's a symbolic representation of your adoration and undying love. Then she happily stretches her hand inside the bag, and takes it out it. So, besides the eardrum-piercing stream, you can probably expect the slap to also break the sound barrier.

You think it was hilarious, like SNL-funny. For her, she's thinking, "You are such a douchebag, what a stupid dork. Get away from me right now!". Oh, well played, Chief. 

Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do – it's really an awesome gift for breaking up!

Wait, you don't want to break up? You love her? Then what's the logic of sending such a "unique" gift.

Girls hate horrible/disgusting things especially anything mildly related to horrific insects or freaky animals.

prank toy as Valentine's Day gift

Giant Teddy Bear

My dear dear friend, what age are you? It’s the 21st century, and a big stupid bear isn't going to cut it anymore. Maybe if you were both in kindergarten, then that might totally rock, bro.

But anything after kindergarten age and you have to be more creative than that.

And you know what else? A Hulk-sized teddy bear takes up a lot of space. You might as well start collecting rent from it. She won't place it in her wardrobe because she has actual clothes to put there. For most girls, the only possible location is the bed, and that would officially make you the dumbest man alive. Save yourself the grief, Casanova.

Giant Teddy Bear as Valentine's Day gift

Weird looking hat

I'm not a betting man but Las Vegas has good money that says the first idea that comes into her brain when she gets this hat is, "Are you OK?"

Yes, it is winter, and as her caring boyfriend, you want to take care of her and don't want her perfect face to be tarnished by bitterly cold winds. And that shopping website claims that this kind of hat is stylish/fashionable. And it's on the internet, so it has to be true.

Does she want to wear a mop on her head? If you are walking down the street and see someone looking like this, it will make less sense than the Twilight Zone. And if she goes shopping with it on? They'll think it's a robbery.

Please don't be that guy.

Weird looking hat as Valentine's Day gift

Cold Hard Cash

Ah yes. Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry gave some cash to Elaine as a thoughtful Christmas gift. And how did Elaine react? She got mad – like Bruce Banner mad.

We get it: you don't know exactly what she really needs or likes, you're afraid of buying her the wrong present. So you play the odds and think cash is a super practical and convenient way out – after all, she can use the money to buy anything she wants.

But man, it's so thoughtless and rude to her. She really won't be happy to receive it on Valentine's Day.

cash as Valentine's Day gift

Anything she doesn’t like

To be a diligent boyfriend/husband is never easy. You not only have to care about her, you also need to know her quirks and habits, and remember her preferences.

So if you do send her the one thing she has mentioned several times that she doesn't like, she would think you never listen to her, or always ignore what she says – either way spells bad news.

Sincere advice: Remember what she likes and dislikes to avoid relationship trouble.

Valentine's Day gift girls hated

I hope that my article help you prevent a Valentine's Day meltdown. But, for people who already want to break up with their girlfriend, these above gifts are perfect. To help you along, I’ve also included some purchase links for the perfect products here on Gearbest. You can thank me later!

But seriously, I do hope all of you have a romantic and sweet Valentine's Day with your lady or capture the heart of your dream girl heart on the day.

sweet Valentine's Day


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