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Home > Buying Guide > What are the benefits of using a stress ball?
What are the benefits of using a stress ball?

What are the benefits of using a stress ball?

By  GB Blog Official 2017-08-30 6180 4

Is work stressing you out? Or do you spend way too much time behind the computer? A stress ball can help you relieve muscle tension, promote stress relief, improve blood circulation, prevent serious health conditions and more.

What is a stress ball?

A stress ball or vent ball is small round object that can help relieve muscle tension through squeezing and releasing. Stress balls are made of different types of material. The most common stress balls are the so-called beanbags or hacky sacs. In Australia, foam stress balls are more widespread while in China they are called Baoding balls. Some vent balls come with more entertaining designs like, for instance, the stress relief grape vent ball. The ball is made out of soft silicone material, is perfectly sized and comes with a short elastic string so that you can conveniently carry it in your pocket or hang by your desk for the time when you need to let some steam off.

How to play the stress ball?

As a stress-relief toy, the grape vent ball is here for you to squeeze. Whenever you are in bad mood, or want to reduce pressure, just squeeze the ball, you will see small "grapes" pop out - a cool visual effect and a nice tactile sensation to add to the therapeutic effect.

play the stress ball

The harder you squeeze it, the more "grapes" you will get. One, two, three…and more. Give full vent to all of your grievance and annoyance on this small toy. Once you release your hand, it will return to its normal shape immediately.

how to play stress relief grape vent ball

Meanwhile, it can be served as a yo-yo. Just put your finger in the ring up in the ball, and throw it to your fellow in a casual way. See what expression on their faces. Angry? Scared? No, it is funny. A little joke might help cheer up others around you.

stress relief grape vent ball as yo-yo

So, what are the key benefits of using a stress ball?

Stress relief

When you tighten your fist around a stress ball and then release it, the muscles in your hand first tighten and then relax. When you relax the muscles of your hand, the tension and stress in your body is also released. The stress ball's compact size and unobtrusiveness have made it a popular go-to desk toy. Squeezing a stress ball during a meeting or an important phone call also be highly beneficial for calming down your nerves.

Better mood

Squeezing a stress ball stimulates your brain, which, in turn, leads to the release of endorphins. Endorphins can act as sedatives, pain relievers and mood enhancers. Thus, if you are feeling a bit down, going a few rounds on the vent ball can help you feel better - a much better option to those Oreos, isn't it?

Treatment for hand conditions

If you spend a lot of time working on a computer (and who doesn't?), not only may your hands and wrists get tired, but you can also be in danger of more serious conditions like carpal tunnel. Regularly exercising your hands can be a good preventative measure and a way to relax your hands after a busy day of typing.

Boosts blood circulation and muscle training

The contraction of fingers and hand muscles increases blood flow to your fingers and wrist area promoting better blood circulation in your whole body. As stress balls come with different levels of resistance, they can also be used for light muscle training or rehabilitation after injury.

So, the next time you feel stressed out or tired, don't bury your feelings in sugary snacks or vent out on your loved ones. A few minutes with a stress ball can have you feeling relaxed, focused and ready to take on new challenges!


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play the stress ball


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What are the benefits of using a stress ball?
2017-08-30 By GB Blog Official