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Home > Buying Guide > What is a bicycle computer and 4 best bicycle computers on GearBest
What is a bicycle computer and 4 best bicycle computers on GearBest

What is a bicycle computer and 4 best bicycle computers on GearBest

By  GB Blog Official 2018-04-08 4060 1

Cycling is a great way to get fit, explore the city or the countryside or simply enjoy a nice day outdoors. This is why the sport has become increasingly popular in the recent years — and so have the gadgets assisting it. In this post, we take an up-close look at one of the most common cycling accessories — the bicycle computer.

What is a bicycle computer?

A cycle computer (or cyclocomputer, bicycle tracker, etc.) is a device that is attached to your bike to calculate and display useful cycling information like speed, distance, location, etc. Basically, it performs the same functions as the tools in the dashboard of your car.

Bike computers may come with different functionality: some are simpler and only perform the basic functions while others extend their features with wireless connectivity, personal health tracking and more. Bike computers can be wireless or wired and can also be complemented with dedicated apps.

bicycle computer

Depending on what type of functionality you are looking for, you may want a simple bike tracker like the SunDing SD or a professional computer like the GARMIN — or any of the options in between.

SunDing SD 568AE wired bicycle computer - $5.21

If you are shopping for your first bicycle computer, start with something basic, affordable and simple. Like the SunDing SD.

SunDing SD 568AE wired bicycle computer

This multifunctional wired bicycle speedometer will provide you all the necessary information for tracking your bike trip: speed, distance, time, temperature, calories burnt and more. The small LCD screen is well-made and comes with a quality backlight, so you will clearly see all the information even at night. Despite its very affordable price tag (just $5.21), the mini SunDing SD bicycle computer features a durable build and comes with water resistance letting you leave it on the bike even in less than favorable weather conditions.

SunDing SD 568AE water resistant wired bicycle computer

ELAH BT003 wireless bicycle meter tracker - $18.27

Next up is the ELAH BT003 bicycle meter tracker. The tracker uses the bike combo sensor, which attaches to your bike's chain and enables all the tracking.

ELAH BT003 wireless bicycle meter tracker

the installation of ELAH BT003 wireless bicycle meter tracker

The ELAH BT003 wireless bike combo sensor comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and this means you can easily hook it up to other gadgets via the dedicated app (MyWay Fit) and other popular fitness apps. To download the app, simply scan the QR code on the bike computer. The app lets you  transmit large amounts of data and share all your biking achievements with your friends. The computer lets you track current cycling speed, GPS position, heart rate, cadence, calorie consumption, time, distance and more and is compatible with both Android and iOS versions.

the multifunction of ELAH BT003 wireless bicycle meter tracker

Just like our previous tracker, the ELAH BT003 is water resistant and can be easily used on rainy days.

Multifunctional wireless LCD backlight bicycle computer - $25.88

If you are looking for a more comprehensive tracker, take a look at this multifunctional wireless LCD backlight bike computer.

Multifunctional wireless LCD backlight bicycle computer

One of the main highlights of the multifunctional LCD bike computer is that it's not only a bike tracker but also a personal one — it comes with a heart rate sensor and a heart rate sensor strap that will measure your heart activity during your cycling workout.

As for your bike trip tracking, you will be able to get detailed readings on the speed, temperature, distance, calorie consumption, etc.

the 3-in-1 function of Multifunctional wireless LCD backlight bicycle computer

Once again, the large screen LCD backlight 3 in 1 bicycle computer is water resistant and suitable for using in different weather conditions. The tracker is made from durable ABS material, sports a pretty large screen for its size and a quality LCD backlight ensuring a clear view of all the data readings during your night time cycling trips.

GARMIN edge 200 GPS IPX7 waterproof bicycle computer - $96.38

If you are an experienced cyclist and are looking for a top-notch bike helper — we have it right here. You are probably already well familiar with GARMIN GPS gadgets — and, quite expectedly, one of the main selling points of the GARMIN edge bicycle computer is the built-in highly sensitive GPS receiver chip for exceptionally quick positioning.

GARMIN edge 200 GPS IPX7 waterproof bicycle computer

The computer features a quality anti-glare display with several backlighting modes: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes and ON.

Another highlight is the IPX7 rating — this means that the GARMIN edge 200 GPS satellite positioning bicycle computer is completely waterproof and you will be able to cycle in the rain to your heart's content.

the waterproof feature of GARMIN edge 200 GPS IPX7 waterproof bicycle computer

What information will you be able to see on the GARMIN Edge? First, it's the aforementioned accurate GPS positioning. Second, the computer is capable of recording up to 1,000 laps and about 130 hours of cycling data. Third, there is the fun aspect of challenging cycling routes of virtual partners when you become a member of  GARMIN Connect Community.

the functions of GARMIN edge 200 GPS IPX7 waterproof bicycle computer

Bottom line

Looking for more cycling accessories for your next bike trip? You will find everything from bike computers and bike parts to helmets in our Cycling Category.

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