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Home > GB Feature > 4 Android TV box accessories actually worth buying
4 Android TV box accessories actually worth buying

4 Android TV box accessories actually worth buying

By  GB Blog Official 2016-11-25 4539 0

You picked out the best Android TV box for yourself, but you're only halfway done.No matter which device you pick, you're going to need accessories.

We've prepared a list of the top 4 essential accessories.

Some may not work depending on what box you have – most are universal, all are amazing.

1. High-Gain Wi-Fi Antenna

If your streaming player can't seem to keep up, a bad Wi-Fi signal could be the issue. Video takes a lot of bandwidth, especially if you're trying to stream 4K video from Netflix or YouTube.

Add a high-gain antenna to your router or your TV box (or both) to boost your signal and get extra throughput. If your box has removable antennas, you have some good options.

2. High-Speed SD Card


Your TV box usually comes with either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, that's actually not much – you're going to want extra space just in case.

SD cards are the most common type of storage. But be careful: most of the memory cards are basic, low-budget ones that retailers like Best Buy and Walmart will put on sale really cheap.

They'll get the job done, but they are not designed for high speed data transfers that you need for high resolution video or images.

We recommend a high-speed SD card, these are common for digital SLR cameras or 4K video cameras. The brand you pick usually doesn't matter; generally Samsung, PNY and SanDisk are all solid.

3. External USB 3.0 Hard Drive

If you need more storage than an SD card, and a good price, try an external hard drive.

There's two important things to consider:

A. Portability

This depends on how you view your media. If you've got a collection that you want to watch on several different TV's, then a portable hard drive is recommended; you may also want to look at a home NAS (Network Accessible Storage) so anyone at home can view the media, but that's more advanced.

B. Speed

We recommend a USB 3.0 hard drive for speed. If your TV box has USB 3.0 ports, and you want to stream 4K video, choose the USB 3.0 option – if not, you'll be limiting yourself to lower resolution videos.

4. HDMI Switch

This handy hub takes one HDMI port on the back of your TV and gives you additional ports to plug in your other devices. In fact, you can get consumer-grade HDMI switches with two ports all the way up to eight ports.

One thing to watch out for: there's a difference between an HDMI Switch and an HDMI Splitter.

◆ HDMI Switch: allows multiple devices to share a single port and switch back and forth depending on what you want to watch

◆ HDMI Splitter: splits the same signal from your device out to multiple TVs or monitors.

Be careful you're buying the right one for what you want to do.


For the purpose of this article, the featured image(s) were sourced from the internet. For any issue, please contact us, and we will deal with the matter promptly.

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