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Home > GB Feature > GearBest CES 2019 promotion: best consumer electronics offered at a slashed price
promotion CES SHOW
GearBest CES 2019 promotion: best consumer electronics offered at a slashed price

GearBest CES 2019 promotion: best consumer electronics offered at a slashed price

By  GB Blog Official 2019-01-04 3815 0

CES (Consumer Electronics Show), one of the biggest tech event of the year, will kick off on Jan.8 in Las Vegas. It’s a notable global stage for showing top-notch tech and innovative products. We are very proud that 3 of our GearBest brands and their products will be presented at the CES 2019, for which we have mentioned in a previous post. This time, we mainly introduce the CES promotion on GearBest.

To celebrate the much-anticipated tech event, GearBest specially held a grand CES promotion. It's not only a simple promotional sale, but a collection of the most excellent GearBest exclusive brands. Some of the brands may be familiar to you, such as Alfawise, Gocomma, Utorch, while others may not. Now, let's show you around more details about the brands and their promotion information.

GearBest CES 2019 promotion

The GearBest CES 2019 promotion offers a big discount for top 12 GearBest exclusive brands and their products. Here is a brief overview about it.


CES 2019 promo products
Promo code


Alfawise is a relatively young company that is mostly known for its lower cost option of the bestselling Creality CR-10 DIY 3D printer — the Alfawise U20 DIY 3D Printer.

CES promo product: Alfawise U20 large scale 3D printer

The Alfawise U20 is a large scale DIY printer and a less expensive clone of the Creality CR-10.

Alfawise U20 large scale 3D printer


● Large printing volume: 300 x 300 x 400mm. While most even bigger printers offer an engraving area of 260 x 260 x 350mm, the U20 gives its users space for bigger projects.

● 8.2 inch full color touch screen: the colorful display ensures vivid and easy navigation and offers an interactive platform for curating your creative projects.

● Filament Run Out Protection + Resume Printing Function: the U20 is meant for both beginners and experienced printers and, thus, comes with two important security features. Filament Run-Out Protection makes sure your project does not get messed up if you suddenly run out of filament and Resume Printing Function protects your printing project in case the printer suddenly loses its power supply.

 Modular design and 5-minute assembly: the printer comes pre-assembled and it will only take you a few minutes to hook up the frame to the rest of the components.

CES promo product: Alfawise S60 Window Cleaning Robot

The Alfawise S60 is a robotic cleaning devices designed specifically for window cleaning.

Alfawise S60 Window Cleaning Robot


 Vacuum pump: the S60 uses vacuum pads located under its cleaning paddles in order to attach itself not only to glass but also other surfaces like tiles.

 App control: you will be able to control the vacuum cleaner as well as switch between the various cleaning modes though the dedicated app available for both iOS and Android devices.

 Remote control: for those who prefer a more conventional way for taking charge of the gadget, you can also use the cleaner's remote control, working on 2.4G wireless barrier-free connection.

 AI functionality: thanks to the developed navigation technology, the A60 can detect window frames and other obstacles along its way and calculate optimal cleaning paths for maximum efficiency.

 Anti-drop algorithm: the A60 comes with a safety mechanism that will prevent it from falling in case the battery runs out and a heavy-duty rope that will provide an extra level of protection.


Gocomma is a company specialising in making home appliances, compact travel gadgets, smartphone accessories and more.

CES promo product: Gocomma BT - S2 1000m Bluetooth Headset Motorcycle Intercom

The BT-S2 is a Bluetooth motorcycle intercom for a clear and reliable wireless communication while riding a bike.

Gocomma BT - S2 1000m Bluetooth Headset Motorcycle Intercom


 1km long distance communication: when equipped with the headset, bike riders and passengers will be able to communicate with each other even at long distances.

 Hi-Fi stereo sound: the headset uses Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR and ensures quality sound even in  strong wind and when driving at a high speed.

 Hands-free communication: it's important to keep your hands on the wheel while driving — and the BT-S2 headset lets you make and receive calls and listen to music without taking your hands off the wheel.

 Waterproof and sunproof: thanks to the effective protection against the elements, you can wear the headset both inside and outside the helmet.

● Large battery: the motorcycle intercom comes with a 400mAh built-in battery and will hold enough power to give you 6-10 hours of non-stop use when fully charged.

CES promo product: Gocomma Wireless Smart WiFi IP Camera 

The Gocomma smart IP cam is a mini security camera for home or office.

Gocomma Wireless Smart WiFi IP Camera 


 720P HD live video: the cam produces  high quality footage and clear and sharp images.

 15m night vision: thanks to 18 IR-cut sensors, the cam lets you see for up to 15 metres into the dark.

 Motion sensor: the camera's motion sensor detects nearby movement and if and when the movement is detected, it will snap a photo and send it to you.

 Convenient access from anywhere: you will be able to access your videos and imagery from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.


Utorch is a company specializing in various types of lighting: from tactical flashlights to smart voice controlled home lighting.

CES promo product: Utorch UT30 Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light

The UT30 is an independent smart ceiling light that can be controlled with voice, via an app or connected to a smart home system.

Utorch UT30 Smart Voice Control LED Ceiling Light


 App and voice control: you will be able to turn the light on and off, change colors and modes, etc. via an app or by giving voice commands (the light is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home).

 Adjustable brightness and color temperature: create the atmosphere you want by adjusting modifying brightness and color warmth to your liking.


 Great as a night light: in the Moonlight Mode, the UT30 generates soft warm light that won't e intrusive even as you sleep.

 IP50 dustproof: thanks to the sealed design, the ceiling light is insect-proof and dust-proof.

 Fast installation: the light comes with an installation kit and a simple manual — and it should not take you more than 5 minutes to mount it.

CES promo product: Utorch Z1 3D Holographic Display LED Fan Advertising Machine

The Z1 holographic display fan is one of the latest technologies used in display advertising — it projects a 3D image into the air.

Utorch Z1 3D Holographic Display LED Fan Advertising Machine


 Great visuals: compared to traditional advertising stands, the holographic LED display presents your content in a more interactive way.

 Plug-and-play: simply upload any black background video into the display and your image will be “airborne” in seconds.

 Multiple formats supported: MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, GIF, JPG and PNG.

 Clear image with 3D effect: the display's 224 LEDs produce incredible detail and create stunning 3D effects.

● Long life and environmentally-friendly: the LEDs can be used for 100,000 hours, which translates into about 11 years of use.


Excelvan is a young and  innovative company best known for its diverse line of portable smart projectors.

CES promo product: Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector

Excelvan Q2 is a mini toy projector for kids. It comes with projection function and 2 built-in HiFi speakers, which is perfect for kids to play games, watch movies and animated cartoon, listen to music and learning, etc.

Excelvan Q2 Kids Toy Projector


 Multifunctional edutainment gadget: watch videos, listen to music, play games and more.

 1080P Full HD playback: get a clear picture, vivid detail and 16.7 million displayable colors.

 Two built-in Hi-Fi speakers: the projector offers quality stereo sound, which will be great for your children's singing or dancing activities.

 Super compact: the projector measures just 3.94 x 4.02 x 4.33 inches and is very easy to move around.


FLOUREON , founded in 2011, offers a broad range of charging and surveillance gadgets as well as PC and smartphone accessories.

CES promo product: FLOUREON 8CH 1080P Security Cameras DVR Kit with 1TB HDD

The FLOUREON DVR Kit consists of four security cameras and a high definition video recorder.

FLOUREON 8CH 1080P Security Cameras DVR Kit with 1TB HDD


 1080P Full HD: the high definition cameras provide clear and accurate video footage both day and night.

 Night vision: thanks to the 36 IR-cut LED lights, the cameras can “see” in the dark for up to 20 metres.

 Motion detection: the cameras will detect movement and, if it is detected, report to you via email.

 IP66 water and dustproof: thanks to strong protection against the elements, the cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

 Access from anywhere: the kit supports 8 channel simultaneous live viewing via smartphone, cloud uploading and HDMI output.


Diggro specializes in smart wearable products: watches, fitness trackers, sports earbuds, home appliances and more.

CES promo product: Diggro DI10 Smart Sports Watch Fitness Tracker

The Diggro DI10 is a waterproof smart fitness tracker.

Diggro DI10 Smart Sports Watch Fitness Tracker


 Functional fitness tracker: know how many steps you've taken, how many calories you've burnt, the distance you've covered, etc.

 Call reminder: pair the fitness tracker with your phone and receive timely notifications about incoming calls, messages, social media updates, etc.

 Long standby time: with the 290mAh button cell, the smart fitness tracker guarantees 12 months on standby.


Suaoki is a company specializing in automotive, solar power and laser measurement fields.

CES promo product: Suaoki G500 Power Station

The Suaoki G500 is a portable power station meant as a mobile power supply for camping trips, emergencies, etc.

Suaoki G500 Power Station


 500Wh mega capacity: the 1377, 00mAh battery  G500 can a regular smartphone (90+ hrs), or power a laptop (45+ hrs), small appliances (mini refrigerator, speaker, projector) and more.

 Three ways to recharge: you can power up the portable battery through an AC wall outlet, a 12V cigarette lighter socket from your car or with a solar panel (not included).

 Pure sine wave inverter: the G500's sine wave inverter is ideal for sophisticated devices like CPAP machines or high-end speaker systems.


Inlife specializes in household, personal care, lighting and health products.

CES promo product: Inlife 60W 110V Electronic Soldering Iron Kit with Carry Case

Inlife's electronic soldering kit includes a 60W soldering iron, 5 extra soldering tips and other accessories.

Inlife 60W 110V Electronic Soldering Iron Kit with Carry Case


 Heats up quickly: the soldering iron adopts upgraded inner ceramic technology that ensures quick heating in just two minutes.

 Adjustable temperature control: the iron is equipped with a controlling knob that lets you conveniently adjust its working temperature.

 Efficient heat dissipation: the iron comes with four ventilation holes that help it radiate heat quickly and effectively.

●​ Multiple assistant tools: there are six double-sided soldering assists in the kit for pressing, scraping, cutting, brushing, hooking and more.

Bottom line

Despite the promotional brands and products above, you can also learn about the exhibition of our 3 GearBest exclusive brands on the CES 2019. If you are convenient to go to the exhibition venue - Las Vegas, welcome to visit our products exhibition in booths 61013, 61112, 61015 and 61114.



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