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Home > GB Feature > GearBest summer DIY video contest is kicking off - Join and win the grand $1000 coupon
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GearBest summer DIY video contest is kicking off - Join and win the grand $1000 coupon

GearBest summer DIY video contest is kicking off - Join and win the grand $1000 coupon

By  Sophia Windsor 2018-06-05 5003 2

The exciting GearBest summer DIY video contest, with the theme of GearBest Tools, will begin on Jun 4th and end on Aug 20th. Whether you are a skillful craftsman or a clumsy DIYer, you can join it. More importantly, you have the chance to win generous prizes, such as the coveted $1000 coupon.

GearBest Summer DIY Video Contest Activity Time: Jun 4th - Aug 20th  


Gearbest your best shopping choices


GearBest summer DIY video contest rules

To ensure your DIY video being eligible for the prizes, you must follow the contest rules below. And you can also click the "HOW TO ENTER" button on the promotion page to view the rules.

How to enter page

Top winner's prize

First, let's talk about your top concern - prizes. As we have mentioned, the prizes are very generous. We prepared 3 big prizes for the final top 3 winners:

The 1st prize: $1000 coupon

The 2nd prize: a Geeetech A30 Aluminum Profile Desktop 3D Printer worth $429.99

The 3rd prize: a Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer with WiFi Module worth $239.99  

  the prizes for final top 3 winners

How to join the contest?

That's very easy. Just need 7 steps to make it.

Step 1: Purchase one or more tool(s) on

Step 2: Do some DIY works with the GearBest tool(s).

Step 3: Record your DIY video.

Step 4: Upload your DIY video to YouTube (your personal YouTube account), and fill in your video title starting with "#GBTool" . Then publish it.

Upload your DIY video

Step 5: Get as many video likes as possible.

Step 6: GearBest will pick out the top 3 winners whose DIY videos get the most Likes according to the YouTube rank. And you can also CLICK HERE to view your published videos and the rankings.  

View your published videos and the rankings

Step 7: We will contact the prize winners and hand out prizes.

winning prizes

Contest rules

1. The YouTube video upload time is 09:00 UTC (Jun 4 – Aug 20, 2018 inclusive). Contest winners will be announced on Aug 21, 2018.

2. The valid video title must begin with "#GBTool".

3. There must be at least one tool in your DIY video purchased on GearBest during the promotion time, e.g. a 3D printer, accessory, or even a wrench.

4. We will check whether participants have purchased the DIY tool(s) on GearBest during the promotion time; if we can't find your order at the stipulated time, you won't be eligible for a prize.  

Haven't bought any tools from GearBest yet? The following GearBest tools collection will offer you many choices.

GearBest tools collection

Here, we provide a variety of tools from the common screwdrivers to high tech 3D printers with budget prices, so you will find most of the tools you want.


This is the first part that I strongly recommend to all of you. As some hot tools are specially provided here with 50% off. We just put 2pcs items on the shelf each time and will update it every day. So do not hesitate if you find what you want here, or it may be sold out in the next second.

50% off deals on GearBest summer DIY video contest

Flash Sale

Haven't found your favorites in 50% OFF DEALS? The following Flash Sale provides you more choices. What's more, you will save big bucks, as the flash sale price is much cheaper than the original price. For example, the flash sale price of Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit is only $19.89, while its original price is $39.79. Besides, please note that the flash sale time is limited, the stock is limited as well, and the nice price may just appear once. So do grab your favorite tools as soon as possible.  

the flash sale on GearBest summer DIY video contest

Hand Tools

Hand tools are indispensable in our daily life. For example, you can't remove a screw (even it is very small) with your empty hand, but a 25 in 1 Screwdriver Wallet Kit with just $4.29 can help you easily solve all the unscrewing problems. And there are also many other hand tools, such as wrenches, lock picks, tweezers, etc.

the hand tools on GearBest summer DIY video contest


Measurement & Analysis

Sometimes, we need some measurement tools to help us measure the distance, clearly see the extremely small things or observe the internal pictures of objects, or test the blood pressure, and so on. Well, what you want is just right in the Measurement & Analysis zone: Laser Rangefinder, Microscopes & Endoscope, Testors & Detectors, Multimeters. Just find the tool you want according to the categories.  

the measurement & analysis on GearBest summer DIY video contest


Arduino & SCM Supplies

If you want to be a maker in Arduino or SCM area, the Arduino & SCM Supplies is a right place for you. Here you will find everything you need to help tackle your creative projects, such as Rasberry Pi, Other Accessories, Kits, Boards & Shields, etc. And more importantly, you will easily get these supplies without spending a huge amount of money.

the arduino & SCM supplies on GearBest summer DIY video contest


Power Tools

If you are an electrician, or a welder, or a maintainer, you must have a look at the Power Tools. There are all kinds of drills, power drills, soldering supplies and other related accessories. Quickly open your toolkits, find what you need, and buy your favorites, and you must be very happy to get a powerful assistant.   

the power tools on GearBest summer DIY video contest



Still don't know what tools to buy? The Recommendations may give you some ideas. In this part, we will list some most useful and common tools for you, such as the Password Lock for Suitcase, the Repair Tool Set, etc. So you can choose some necessities for your convenient daily use.

the recommendations on GearBest summer DIY video contest

3D Printing

It's a 3D era! And the 3D printers have gained wide popularity among DIYers, designers, artists, and companies, etc. So, are you finding a good 3D printer? Just hang out in our 3D Printers zone, in which a variety of 3D printers are carefully picked out. Which one do you like? You will find the satisfying answer here, whether your focus is on the quality, price, or the print volume, or others.

the 3D printing on GearBest summer DIY video contest


Despite this, there is also a special promotion for top 3D printers and e-tools, in which you will enjoy up to 30% off. And I also advise you to come in and have a look at it.    

the top 3D printers and e-tools on GearBest summer DIY video contest

Bottom line

Wow, we have introduced so many tools for you, and we are sure you can find what you need and like. But don't forget your ultimate goal - join GearBest Summer DIY Video Contest and win the big prize! Here one important thing to note again is: you had better carefully read and follow the contest rules so that your DIY video works are eligible for the prizes.      


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