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Home > GB Feature > New Gearbest logo: Dynamic new vision, stunning shopping experience
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New Gearbest logo: Dynamic new vision, stunning shopping experience

New Gearbest logo: Dynamic new vision, stunning shopping experience

By  Sophia Windsor 2019-02-28 7202 1

As Gearbest 5th year anniversary approaches, Gearbest aims to present a fresh new brand identity with a more simplified and energetic logo and slogan to global customers. What does the new Gearbest brand logo look like? What are the design inspiration and implied meaning? We are excited to share all these details with you.


Gearbest Shopping on Gearbest


As a global online shopping website, Gearbest has undergone 5 years of growth and become one of the leading e-commerce companies with over 40 million customers in the world. In these 5 years, Gearbest is committed to maintaining its original mission: passing the good and a quality life to the world. This year will be a milestone year for Gearbest in the following several years' development, so Gearbest wants to embrace it with something new, and the new Gearbest brand logo design is one of them. The new logo is designed to more clearly convey our core values and vision that have carried us so far. Let's take a detailed look at the new brand logo to gain a deep insight into the future development prospects of Gearbest.   

  Gearbest new logo poster

New Gearbest logo design inspirations

What's the direction of our new brand identity? How to best convey our brand concept in the simplest form? Around these questions, our design team decided to start from the following aspects:

First, retain the main part of the original Gearbest designs to maintain the brand consistency of the past five years.    

Second, redefine the basic tone of the original Gearbest logo to make it look brighter and energetic.

Third, project a clearer, simplified slogan to drive a modern vision of Gearbest.

New Gearbest logo design inspirations

New Gearbest logo finally came out

Thanks to the efforts and passion of our 17 dedicated designers who have made over 40 exciting and original proposals, the new Gearbest logo was born. It's a classic black-and-yellow smile icon transformed from the letter "G", which looks simple, cute and energetic.

New Gearbest logo finally came out

New Gearbest logo interpretation

You must be very curious about why the new logo are designed this way and what the meaning it indicates. That's what I am going to tell you.

3 colors on the new logo

The new Gearbest logo inherits the classic black and white color of its predecessor. On that basis, a more vibrant and contemporary color is newly added, and it's yellow. Each color shows different ideas:

White: simplicity, brilliance, and purity

Black: elegance, formality, and power

Yellow: positivity, cheerfulness, energy, and freshness

These 3 simple colors are a perfect combination to convey the mission of Gearbest: to deliver the very best experience, to showcase the highest level of professionalism to customers, and to help reinvigorate the positive energy that resides at the heart of every Gearbest visit.  

Smile icon on the new logo

As we mentioned above, the smile icon is evolved from the letter "G". It indicates Gearbest aims to be a place where all customers can feel inspired to shop at.

Text font on the new logo

Compared to the old one, the new Gearbest logo uses a text font with fewer edges, which suggests that Gearbest is a well-rounded brand enabling to offer even more options to global customers.

Brand slogan

According to the mission and characteristics of Gearbest, we set a short and impassioned slogan as Quality, Affordable, Fun.  

The "Quality" indicates the premium product quality;

the meaning of the quality on the new Gearbest slogan

The "Affordable" indicates shopping should be accessible to everyone;

the meaning of the affordable on the new Gearbest slogan

The "Fun" indicates the entertaining, enjoyable and engaging shopping experience.

the meaning of the fun on the new Gearbest slogan

New Gearbest logo variations

As we can see, the new Gearbest logo contains two main elements: the smile icon and text. In terms of the text, the font and space between letters cannot be changed and cannot be used alone without the icon.

The basic logo is the primary brand symbol of Gearbest, and it will be used in most cases. Beyond that, the new Gearbest logo can be used in conjunction with white or light color background. When the basic logo cannot be compatible with the monochrome application scenarios, the background color of the basic logo can be changed to black. In some particular cases when yellow is used as the Gearbest background color, there should be no frame on the smile icon. The following pictures show 4 forms of the Gearbest basic logo.  


Standard form

the standard form of Gearbest logo


Black background form

the black background form of new Gearbest logo


Yellow background form

 the yellow background form of new gearbest logo


Monochrome form

the Monochrome form of new Gearbest logo

New Gearbest logo application

The new Gearbest logo will be applied to a variety of scenarios, such as billboard, phone cases, shopping bags, etc. Once the new logo is officially released, you will see it anywhere about Gearbest.


New Gearbest logo printed on billboard

  New Gearbest logo printed on billboard


New Gearbest logo printed on phone cases

New Gearbest logo printed on phone cases


New Gearbest logo printed on shopping bags

New Gearbest logo printed on shopping bags

Bottom line

Do you like the new Gearbest brand logo? Personally speaking, it does look better than before. However, what Gearbest really want to show is not just the new logo design, but the idea of providing a better and happier shopping experience for every global customer. Do thanks for the past 5 years' company of our every excellent customer, we will try our best to provide you with more satisfied service and gorgeous products in the next 5 years, 10 years and more.

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