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Home > GB Feature > Pay a small deposit, get massive growth! GearBest 11.11 Sale Event
Pre-order massive growth sale
Pay a small deposit, get massive growth! GearBest 11.11 Sale Event

Pay a small deposit, get massive growth! GearBest 11.11 Sale Event

By  Wouter Wargerink 2018-11-09 2345 1

Pay a small deposit in return for a massive discount on all your favorite products. During this year’s 11.11 sale event, GearBest offers countless discounts for you to enjoy our best products for cheap!

This year's single's day, once again, marks the biggest online shopping event in the world. Nearly all companies around the globe are giving massive discounts and it goes without saying that those of you shopping at GearBest won't be left behind! During the 11/11 sales period at GearBest, you can participate in countless promotional events that allow you to get your favorite electronics for cheap. Get ready to treat yourself to the best products at the lowest prices.

By far the largest promotion during our 11.11 sales event is our "Pre-order Massive Growth'' promotion. During this promotional event, you can turn a small pre-paid deposit into a massive discount. That's right! All you have to do is place a pre-order by means of a small deposit and in return, you'll receive a royal discount on the total price. By doing so, you'll be able to turn a humble deposit of $5 or $10 into a massive profit!

pay a small deposite, get massive growth on GearBest 11.11 sale

How does it work?

The rules for participating in our pre-order massive growth event are easy! In fact, everybody can participate and all it takes is a minor deposit of $5 or $10! This deposit has to be paid in full during the pre-heat period, which lasts from the 5th of November, 2018 (07:00, UTC) until the 10th of November, 2018 (07:00, UTC). Once your deposit has been received, the amount of your discount will be locked and you are guaranteed to receive the product at the promised price. But this is not all!

Those of you who place their pre-order by paying a deposit early on during the event can enjoy even bigger savings through our "deposit expansion''. This FREE bonus increases your initial deposit and thus lets you enjoy an even larger discount that, in some cases, can be double or triple the value of your original deposit! Other possible benefits that can be enjoyed through our deposit expansion award include priority delivery. Please note that the type of award and the exact amount of the deposit increase differs per product.

Once you have placed your pre-order and have paid the deposit, it is important to remember to pay the remaining balance in time. This second part of the payment has to be made during the main sales period, which lasts from the 10th of November, 2018 (07:00 UTC) until the 14th of November, 2018 (07:00 UTC). Failure to pay the remaining amount during the main sales period will see the original deposit retained and the order canceled. To make sure that you won't forget to pay the second payment, a kind reminder will be sent out to you via message and email. Please note that, for the final payment of the balance, GearBest points and other types of coupons can not be used. However, to make things easier, we accept a broad range of different payment methods both online and offline. The final price paid for the item of your choice includes both the deposit and second payment.

Example: If the original price of a product is $100 with a discounted price of $90 for a $5 deposit, this is how it works:

● Pay your $5 deposit during the pre-heat period. (Nov.5 - Nov.10)

● Pay the final payment of $85 ($85 = 100-5-10 ) during the main sales period (Nov.10 - Nov.15)

● So the final price paid for the product is $90 ($5 deposit + $85 final payment)

Note: the discount only applies to the item cost. It excludes any additional tax fees, shopping fees, and insurance fees.

As you can see, by paying a minor deposit, you can enjoy a major discount on the final price! During our pre-order massive growth sales event, massive discounts will be given on a wide range of our latest products and electronic gadgets including phones, tablets, computers, appliances, LED lights, outdoor equipment, toys, beauty products, and a whole lot more! For more details and an overview of all the participating products, please head over the GearBest Main 11.11 Sale page.

GearBest smartpone sales

Please note that, during the entire sales event, GearBest reserves the right to amend the guidelines for the current payment scheme. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Support Staff at any time. 

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