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Home > GB Feature > PIMAX 4K VR Headset
PIMAX 4K VR Headset

PIMAX 4K VR Headset

By  Daniel Camilo 2017-01-06 3479 0

Virtual Reality really came of age in 2016. The technology hit critical mass with several new devices that really made it practical and commercially successful, after years of frustrating developments before. With a lot of attention focused on the aforementioned devices, players have been trying to gain their own space in the ever more competitive VR landscape as well. This is where the PIMAX 4K VR comes in...

PIMAX 4K VR appearance

The Best of the PIMAX 4K VR

The PIMAX may be introducing itself as the outsider and more discretely than others, but it brings in some very strong arguments to become the VR headset of choice of many PC users out there. The first more obvious difference is the initial price point which can go as low as less than half of its main competitors. Secondly, and as the name implies, the PIMAX 4K VR enables 4K resolution. Meaning, it has a 4K display built in the headset that displays a resolution of 3840 x 2160 at 8.29MP, which translates to a very high 806ppi (pixel per inch) – for comparison sake, the iPhone 7 display has a 326ppi.

PIMAX 4K VR appearance

What those previous numbers mean in practice, is that the PIMAX 4K has one of the best screens in any VR headset available today, and image resolution is crystal clear, being totally devoided of the dreaded screen door effect that is so common in other similar devices. To watch movies or any other video content, the PIMAX is arguably the best VR headset in the market! Plus, a pair of detachable headphones are included in the package, really making it perfect for a comfortable and state-of-the-art audio-visual experience.

Some Things to Take into Consideration

While the PIMAX 4K VR does have one of the best displays on any device of its kind on the market, it must be noted its refresh rate is of only 60Hz, translating into 60fps (frames per second) action on screen. While users might get used to it (or not even notice it), the difference is very noticeable when playing games, since both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift can run and display games at 90fps, which is the kind of framerate necessary to avoid screen tearing and "ghosting" effects. Besides, and since we're on the subject of gaming, the PIMAX does not include a gamepad, so either you use your mouse and keyboard, or you'll have to buy a gamepad separately.

Also, and probably the biggest draw back for gaming with the PIMAX, is the lack of positional tracking on the headset, which is a requirement for some of the most popular VR games out there. Even if not required, it will limit the experience in some of the games.

Finally, the PIMAX does not have physical controls to adjust the IPD and lens focus, instead having that option only via software, on its own platform, the PiPlay. Which lead us to software and content...

PIMAX 4K VR appearance

PIMAX Games and Content

A new patch drive was recently made available for the PIMAX, and you will want to make sure to check and download all updates available once you set up your headset before getting started with anything else. Among other things, the patch made the PIMAX fully compatible with SteamVR and its extensive catalog of games.

The PIMAX has its own native content platform with its own respectable amount of content (the PiPlay), but if the goal is to play games on VR, you will want to use SteamVR as well. The "trick" to make sure the PIMAX works seamlessly with SteamVR, is to first open PiPlay on your computer and keep it open and only then access to SteamVR. Still, check out the settings on the PiPlay, in particular for the IPD and lens focus adjustments.

To learn more about the PIMAX 4K VR and how it stacks up against other headsets, read this article from the GearBest blog. If the PIMAX is the headset you're looking for, just go ahead and get it right here!

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