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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】 2nd AMD Ryzen released: CPU 2.0 battle era is coming
【Tech News】 2nd AMD Ryzen released: CPU 2.0 battle era is coming

【Tech News】 2nd AMD Ryzen released: CPU 2.0 battle era is coming

By  GB Blog Official 2018-05-02 2963 0

AMD and Intel are the two major CPU brands in the world. With the rapid development of technology, after the release of 2nd AMD Ryzen, the CPU competition between the two brands will become increasingly fierce.

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Intel behind another cold

At the end of March of last year, AMD released and went public with its ZEN architecture processor. Among them, the "Ryzen" in the face of the consumer market relied on excellent performance and high cost performance. Once it was on the market, it seized the original disadvantaged CPU market; AMD relapsed after years of silence. This boxing really hurts!


Not long afterwards, Intel quickly released the 8th generation processor and met it with the idea of ​​"6 cores for all citizens"; however, last week, AMD launched a 2 generation Ryzen processor after brewing for a year. Card vendors have also followed up iterative motherboard products.




As Intel's 8-generation processor continues to tear the CPU industry, AMD's "iteration" comes earlier than we expected, but from the point of view of the product's parameters, Intel may have been "scared."

Memories: Suppression and Counterattack

Regardless of Intel or AMD, 2017 is a significant year.

The listing of "Ryzen" has given loyal users more confidence, so the "Ryzen" has done everything. AMD has finally been able to significantly increase its market share in the high-end consumer market. The major domestic motherboard manufacturers follow Ryzen's follow-up speed very quickly; on the day of its listing, many motherboards of various types and versions were listed on the market, and the product positioning of these motherboards was also distributed in the introductory to mid-to-high-end market.


Due to Ryzen's, Intel last year exposed the 8-generation processor "Coffee Lake." This generation of processor is still based on the 14nm platform development. The pins also use the LGA 1151 configuration. At the end of last month, many models of the 300 series motherboards were available for users to choose, and the outcome was difficult for users to select the motherboard products.


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For the first time, Intel invested 6-core, 12-thread processor products in the consumer-grade i7 market. The upgrade of the 8700K compared to the 7700K is very impressive. As a whole, the entire processor is very sincere. The birth of 8700K is equivalent to investing in 5820K of LGA1151 version in the consumer market. Under the premise of boosting the frequency of 0.4GHz, it also maintains a "pretty" price.

Since then, the era of suppression and hanging has reached the market era of CPU 2.0.

Current: AMD or continue to seize the CPU market

Once, AMD's power shocked the entire industry, and this year its big move is not just the launch of the 2nd generation of Ryzen. AMD released a new generation of APU before China's new year, injecting a good dose of medicine into the entry-level CPU market. In the state of being listed about 2 months ago, there are not many users who choose the APU.



Ryzen 5 2400G

Ryzen 3 2200G

Core I5-8400

Core I3-8100

Main Frequency

3.6 GHz

3.5 GHz

2.8 GHz

3.6 GHz

Turbo Frequency

3.9 GHz

3.7 GHz

4 GHz

3.6 GHz











Computing unit






65 W

65 W








February AMD Launches Latest APU to Capture Entry-Level Market

Immediately afterwards, the "big cargoes" of distributors at the channel began a large-scale price cut. Although the rate was small, the industry also felt the "panic" brought by AMD.

At present, 2 generations of Ryzen processors have been on the market for nearly a week. We also went to the market to talk to the general distributors about the current sales of CPUs. More than 60% of dealers said that due to the limited choice of motherboard options, 2 Dai Ruilong does not have large-scale distribution and sale. After all, it has just been exposed and tested for the first time, and since the initial generation of Ryzen has sufficient supply of goods for sale and high user awareness, users are relatively mature with respect to the sales mechanism and product attributes. There are no large-scale purchases of second-generation products.


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Think about it too, the influence of the first generation of Ryzen in last year was too great. The news of the 2nd generation listing was not much publicized, and the stocks of the first generation are not impressive, but for the time being it will not be able to see who can replace the status quo, but almost All the dealers that were asked said that when the options are more optional and the iterations are completed, the 2nd generation Ryzen may continue to erode Intel and seize more market opportunities.


Outlook: Intel 9-generation CPU announced in advance

Intel's "early" listing under the AMD's 8th generation 14nm Coffee Lake, 10nm far away?


As early as the end of last year, the intel 9-generation processor was buzzed up, even if we did not get any "risk." However, according to the current situation, Intel’s 9700K listing this year is still on the agenda. Is it AMD’s "promotion"? I think more or less reason.

Industry data shows that in the first half of 2017, the AMD share in the CPU market share statistics increased to 31%, and the products selected by these users are also in the consumer-grade mid-range segment. In other words, AMD's threat to Intel in this market is huge. Intel's 10nm processor is only a matter of time. June in Taipei may be a good time.


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No matter who's green or yellow, it will lead to the success of the competitors. The strong performance and fair price are what the user wants. The more exciting and exciting the game is, the more it will stimulate the development of the industry. The ultimate benefit is DIYer.



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