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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】 3 confusing points of Xiaomi 8
【Tech News】 3 confusing points of Xiaomi 8

【Tech News】 3 confusing points of Xiaomi 8

By  Brielle Wilson 2018-06-01 3119 0

On the afternoon of May 31, Xiaomi held a flagship product launch conference in shenzhen, and launched three new models including Xiaomi mi 8, Xiaomi mi 8 transparent explorer edition and Xiaomi mi 8 SE. Among them, the first two are equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 mobile platform, positioning the flagship market. The transparent explorer version makes the back cover of the fuselage transparent, showing the internal structure and components of the fuselage in a clear view. Xiaomi mi 8 SE launched snapdragon 710 mobile platform, positioning the middle-end market.
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At first glance, the new Xiaomi mi 8 looks like a "bucket machine", with both hardware and a relatively low price likely to trigger a desire for shopping. But it's clear that there's something to debate about this phone, because it is not perfect:


Xiaomi mi 8


1. Xiaomi mi 8 is excessively "borrowed" from iPhone X

Since the beginning of this year, a number of android phone manufacturers have adopted a notch full-screen similar to Apple's iPhone X for the sake of increasing the size of their screens, but if you think about it carefully, if you want to say that in the design of ID, from the front to the back, from the inside to the outside, you have fully "borrowed" the iPhone X, so it is Xiaomi mi 8.


Xiaomi 8


Xiaomi mi 8 is the first adopted the "Notch" full screen mobile phone of Xiaomi, you can see, it is not only the overall design style is quite similar with the iPhone X, even the "Notch" size of the forehead, compared to many other android manufacturers as much as possible to narrow the area, Xiaomi mi 8’ "big Notch" will give person a kind of abrupt on the visual perception of discomfort, but fortunately the "Notch" part can be hidden.

If others have only borrowed the iPhone X's face, the back of Xiaomi mi 8 has also borrowed. 12MP dual camera is designed to be arranged vertically in the upper left corner of the back, similar to the iPhone X. In fact, Xiaomi MIX 2s has already adopted this design, but don't know why Xiaomi mi 8 still persisted, it made me doubt my own aesthetic.

At the press conference, Xiaomi chairman leijun strongly recommended the champagne gold version of Xiaomi mi 8, saying that this specially made new color is suitable for both boys and girls. Although this statement is not false, this kind of light golden color is really relative to each other, but let a person always feel where has seen. Think about it, don't you? The color palette leijun refers to is 90% similar to that of iPhone 8, both in tone and intensity.

2. Xiaomi 8 supports 206 kinds of scene recognition, but is not new

Compared to Xiaomi MIX 2s, the main point of ascension focus is design and color matching, little differences in camera, both is 12MP, support four axis optical image stabilization.

At the same time, although compared with others, Xiaomi incoming artificial intelligence is slightly late some, but fortunately finally on this year's two flagship catch the shuttle bus, whether artificial intelligence Xiao AI voice assistant, or a full range of AI double perturbation. This time, the main AI feature of Xiaomi mi 8 camera is intelligent scene recognition. According to the official announcement, mi 8 supports the intelligent identification of 206 shooting scenes.

But little did they know that this feature, which Xiaomi touts as a bright spot, has long been nothing to say about other brands' phones. Taking Huawei honor 10 as an example, it benefits from the Kirin 970 mobile platform, supports intelligent identification of more than 500 shooting scenes, and carries out targeted optimization and education.

3. Xiaomi 8 transparent explorer version is special-interest

After Xiaomi mi 6 silver explorer edition, this time it brought mi 8 transparent explorer version, the fuselage back cover part adopts transparent design, therefore its interior structure and components can take everything in a glance, at first sight it can give person a kind of shine, but this feeling very much from its too special. However, due to its special features, the transparent explorer version of Xiaomi mi 8 is destined to be a niche product, which is hard to please the aesthetic preferences of the majority of people.


Xiaomi 8 transparent explorer version


In addition, according to leijun in the presentation of conference, Xiaomi 8 explore transparent version of the process is unique, so it is conceivable that in the following a long period of time capacity should be difficult to meet the market demand.

However, for any product, we should look at both the disadvantages and the advantages. Despite a lot of embarrassing things, Xiaomi mi 8 is still a "bucket machine". In the following three aspects, it even meets the psychological expectations of most people:

(1) dual frequency dual channel GPS positioning of L1 + L5

According to official introduction, Xiaomi 8 is so far the world's first support dual-band dual GPS smart phone, it is compatible with traditional L1 positioning at the same time, and the latest L5 positioning technology, dual frequency signal can be realized to work together, to the urban complex environment the positioning accuracy of ascension.

(2) full-function NFC

Second, Xiaomi mi 8 still supports full function NFC, and supports binding beijing-tianjin-hebei interconnection card. To be honest, Xiaomi has been doing a good job in expanding the application scene of NFC. According to Xiaomi official statistics, based on NFC technology "Xiaomi bus", is now supported 167 city bus card, but only recently to attention to the function of the iPhone, only fit the Beijing, Shanghai, two cities.

Although in terms of the present stage, the application of fingerprint identification scene and ease of use are far superman face recognition, but, after all, is the future of the trend of Times, and therefore do not have a mobile phone manufacturer hope to lose at the starting line, Xiaomi 8 is no exception.

(3) 3D optical structure "Face ID"

Xiaomi mi 8 transparent explore edition adopted 3D optical structure technology, this system by the infrared camera, flood lighting, dot matrix projection components. Official said the face recognition rate of Xiaomi mi 8 transparent explorer is 20 times higher than the general fingerprint identification, and better security.


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Wrap up

Xiaomi 8's cost performance and hardware configuration are relatively competitive at the same price, but too much face "bump" iPhone X ID design, fingerprint identification, and the characteristics of be exaggerated in AI, this all is embarrassing. Whether mi 8 is worth paying the bill or not depends on the ruler in everyone's heart.

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