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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】 3 top brand phones | Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 vs. Meizu 15
【Tech News】 3 top brand phones | Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 vs. Meizu 15

【Tech News】 3 top brand phones | Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 vs. Meizu 15

By  Brielle Wilson 2018-05-04 6131 1

In China, Xiaomi, Huawei and Meizu is three top phone brands, today, we chose Xiaomi mi 6, Huawei honor 10 and Meizu 15 for comprehensive comparison. You guess, what will happen?
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3 big brand smartphones matchups

If you look at the time of the release of these three mobile phones, it seems to be unfair to Xiaomi mi 6, but after adding the price reference, it seems that is fair.

Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15

Announced date and price

Announced Date
Price (in China)
Xiaomi mi 6
2017, April
4 + 64GB
Huawei honor 10
2018, April
6 + 64GB
Meizu 15
2018, April
4 + 64GB


The three mobile phones have their own characteristics. The performance of Xiaomi mi 6 is still not bad now. Huawei honor 10's photographed function adapts AI technology. Meizu 15 is a small test chopper made by chairman Huang Zhang. If you have more than $350 in your hands and don't know which one to buy, it's fine to look down.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 back


The collision of traditional screen and notch full screen

Look at the appearance, because Xiaomi mi 6 is released last year, so did not keep up with this full screen tide, Meizu 15 is Huang Zhang's well-polished phones also has adopted a full screen. Only Huawei honor 10 is typical of this year's heterogeneous screen design - notch design.

- Forehead comparison

It can be seen that the forehead of Meizu 15 and Huawei honor 10 is relatively narrow, and Meizu 15 front camera adopts a centered design. The front camera of Huawei honor 10 is on the left side of the handset. The top border of Xiaomi mi 6 is wider. In addition, Huawei honor 10 provides a choice to hide notch screen for those do not like it , which is worthy of praise.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 forehead

- Bottom comparison

In the chin area, the design of the three smartphones is also different. Among them, I like the Meizu 15's small home button most, it adapts pressure feedback sensor, the effect is comparable to iPhone 7. Huawei honor 10's hidden Home button is also quite good, ultrasound fingerprints also let we can unlock it when your hands is wet. Xiaomi mi 6's pre-fingerprint is common.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 bottom

- Rear camera contrast

The position of the rear camera of the three mobile phones is also different. Among them, the Meizu 15 is a portrait design, and the lower ring is a flash. Huawei honor 10 and Xiaomi mi 6 are horizontal, because Xiaomi mi 6 does not use a full screen, so the top of the phone has ample place for camera.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 rear camera

- Right side comparison

Comparison of the left side of the phone, Meizu 15's right side of the body is slightly different, Meizu 15 is the power button and card slot and the other two phones are the volume and power buttons.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 right side

- Left side comparison

Meizu 15 is the volume key, the other two phones are dual card dual standby card slot. It is worth noting that from this point of view, it can also be seen that all three mobile phones use a curved surface technology, in which Xiaomi mi 6 and Huawei honor 10 are double face glass + metal middle frame, and Meizu 15 is a metal body, its "Antenna belt" is also a small creative.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 left side

- Interface comparison

All three phones use the USB Type-C interface. Xiaomi mi 6 gave up its 3.5mm headphone jack, Huawei honor 10 and Meizu 15 have reservations. From this angle, it can also be found that the body thickness of the Meizu 15 is the thinnest.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 interface


The design of three mobile phones has its own characteristics. Each mobile phone has its own highlights, such as the rear of Xiaomi mi 6, the camera is not raised, the Meizu 15's pressure-sensitive Home button and the antenna belt, the Huawei honor 10's Aurora-colored body and so on.

Screen: 1080P LCD and OLED

Screen parameters:

Screen Matetial
Xiaomi mi 6
5.15 inch
1920 x 1080
Huawei honor 10
5.84 inch
2280 x 1080
Meizu 15
5.46 inch
1920 x 1080


Only Meizu 15 uses an OLED screen, the other two are the LCD screen. About screen size, Huawei honor 10's screen is the largest and Xiaomi mi 6 is the smallest. In addition, all three phones have a resolution of 1080P. However, due to Huawei honor 10 uses notch full screen, the length is longer than the other two models.


We also tested the brightness, saturation, and color temperature of the screen quality of these three phones.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 screen test


It can be seen that in terms of brightness, it is indeed consistent with the first impression, and Xiaomi mi 6 has the highest brightness, while in the color gamut, the OLED screen Meizu 15 is more dominant, and the color temperature is also closest to Asian eyes, but these three phones support adjustment of color temperature, so this has little effect.

System: Three domestic UI

In terms of systems, these three are equipped with their own Android-based deep customization system.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 UI


Xiaomi mi 6 is equipped with a MIUI 9 stable system based on Android 8.0, and MIUI 9 has a flat interface style. Xiaomi's UI developer should be regarded as the predecessor of most domestic manufacturers. In terms of comprehensiveness and simplicity, Xiaomi mi 6 mobile phones are worthy of a good evaluation.


Huawei honor 10 is equipped with an EMUI 8.1 system based on Android 8.1. EMUI currently does a good job in terms of fluency and functionality.


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Meizu 15 is equipped with a Flyme system based on Android 7.1.1, Flyme should be one of the first few UI to launch and receive the most. So either functional or sexuality is doing very well, and the functions that are needed daily can be found in the system.


From the system point of view, i prefer the design of MIUI and Flyme, but if you are a business person, need more comprehensive function, EMUI may be more appropriate. In addition, adapting to a new system requires learning costs, so what system is your old mobile phone? Choose the same system will be better to get started.

Photographing: Just see photo

Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 photo

It is not difficult to find that the Huawei honor 10 with AI is quite pleased with the color performance, the color is rich, and it is in the night scene also performed well. Meizu 15 performed better in the night scene, with better noise control and pure pictures. Xiaomi mi 6 has been flat in all aspects. Had to be lamented, a year's time, the mobile phone camera can progress so much.


Xiaomi mi 6 vs. Huawei honor 10 Meizu 15 picture

Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Xiaomi mi 6 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile platform, which is the flagship processor last year. The Snapdragon 835 platform has a total of eight Kryo 280 cores with a maximum frequency of 2.45 GHz and is extremely brutal. In addition, Snapdragon 835 has a reduction in volume and power consumption compared to Snapdragon 821.


Huawei honor 10 is equipped with a Kirin 970 AI processor, Kirin 970 uses the A73 architecture, advanced 10nm process technology, it consists of four large cores and four small cores, with a maximum frequency of 2.3mi 6 GHz. The same four Cortex-A73 cores are processed with the same AI application tasks, the new heterogeneous computing architecture has about 50 times the energy efficiency and 25 times the performance advantage, which means that the Unicorn 970 chip can complete AI calculation tasks faster and with less energy consumption.


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Meizu 15 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile platform, which is currently a core of a large number of high-end mobile phones commonly used. Snapdragon 660 mobile platform is a follow-up product of Snapdragon mi 653. It integrates 8 Kyro autonomous cores with the highest frequency up to 2.2GHz, with Qualcomm Adreno 512 GPU can achieve strong performance. Compared to Snapdragon 653, the Snapdragon 660 achieved a 20% increase in CPU performance and a 30% increase in GPU performance.


In the same way, we carried out security tests on these three phones.


AnTuTu Benchmark


From the running point of view, Xiaomi mi 6 equipped with Snapdragon 835 and Huawei honor 10 equipped with Qilin 970 have slightly upper hand. Combining the positioning of these two processors, positioning the mid-to-high end of the Snapdragon 660 is slightly worse on the run, but this does not affect the operation of large games.

Battery test

Xiaomi mi 6 with a 3350mAh battery, Huawei honor 10 is 3400mAh, Meizu 15 is 3000mAh, these three machines have different protocols for fast charging. We first test the charging speeds of these three phones: separately discharge them completely, and then use the official charger for a 30-minute charge test to get the percentage.


30-minute charge test


As you can see, Huawei honor 10 has the fastest charge rate, filling 60% of its power within 30 minutes. Next, we will fully charge the three smartphones and carry out 5-hour heavy battery testing, including video playback, Wechat, Weibo, game playing and so on, can simulate the strength of normal people's daily use.


Battery standby time test


From the test result, Huawei honor 10 is slightly ahead of Meizu 15 and Xiaomi mi 6 on the battery standby time. However, these three phones have little difference. After all, they are smaller mobile phones, and the battery capacity is already the limit. In general, Huawei honor 10 is commendable for its charging and battery life.


Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone 6GB RAM 128GB ROM

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