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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】 4K live weapon: JVC RY980 camera
【Tech News】 4K live weapon: JVC RY980 camera

【Tech News】 4K live weapon: JVC RY980 camera

By  Steve Lowry 2018-05-03 5014 0

Four defenses have always been a major feature of JVC's main camera products. The excellent protection performance makes JVC cameras more comfortable to use in various shooting environments. With the increasing popularity of 4K UHD specifications today, JVC has also introduced a new 4K quad-camera GZ-RY980. This time we will take a look at this new JVC new tough guy with 4K video shooting performance.

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UHD Blessed Four Cameras

More and more shooting devices are now adding video recording capabilities, and video resolution and technology are constantly improving. As a traditional camera manufacturer, JVC has introduced this new GZ-RY980 in the face of increasingly brutal competition today. In this era of 4K video cameras, JVC's new cameras also have 4K video shooting capabilities. In addition, under 1080p video shooting, they can shoot 120fps 4x speedup slow motion video. Whether it is the resolution of the video or the shooting function of the video, it is very comprehensive.


As a handy and home-use camera, the GZ-RY980 is equipped with an equivalent 30-300mm 10x zoom lens, and the lens also has a maximum aperture of f/1.8-f/2.8, so this DV is used to Shooting video can also provide good blur ability to support close-up video shooting. The new lens is also designed for 4K video shooting. The resolution of the lens is further enhanced, so a clearer picture can be recorded.


As the most important four-defense design of JVC today, this new GZ-RY980 also supports dust-proof, waterproof, drop-proof and low-temperature resistance, so this camera can be used in some extreme shooting environments. In addition, because of the camera's durable features, when you use your baby's subject matter at home, you don’t have to worry about some children’s violent behavior leading to DV damage. It can be said that whether outdoors or off-road is a very useful feature. Let's take a look at this new camera in detail.

Appearance classic handheld DV wind dual card slot design

As a hand-held DV model, the JVC GZ-RY980 continues its traditional design style of handheld home DV models. Looking at the overall volume, the new JVC GZ-RY980, which supports 4K video capture, is significantly larger in size than the JVC GZ-RY980 we were familiar with. Of course, this has a lot to do with the performance of the camera itself. The sensor of the new camera has been increased from the previous 1/5.6" to 1/2.3" and the sensor size has been significantly increased. Taking into account the 4K video shooting, It is still necessary to increase the body size to enhance the necessary performance such as heat dissipation.

RY980 filter size is 46mm, you can use this filter size under a variety of circular filters, so if you have certain requirements on their own video quality, you can choose related to such as CPL, variable ND and other filters To use with. Of course, the camera also has a standard tripod interface, which can be fixed on the tripod for shooting, so as to have a more stable picture.



The interface of the body, the camera has a standard USB interface (USB network card can be used), USB Type C interface, mini HDMI and mic interface. It is easy to have the necessary expansion and perfection of the recording function. In terms of storage, the JVC GZ-RY980 has a dual SD card slot so that video recording and necessary backup can be performed better.

In terms of endurance performance, the new JVC GZ-RY980 can achieve 4.5 hours of video recording endurance (in a 4K video recording mode, 1080p video can be recorded for 5 hours). The long-term recording capability can be said to be specific to DV models. Whether it is a mobile phone or a camera with a video shooting function, although it can have the same level of picture quality, it is apparent that the camera has a long duration in single video shooting. The obvious advantage is that it is more practical for many home users or outdoor players. For today's hot live broadcast, this kind of shooting equipment with both high endurance and high video compression rate can also be used for indoor and outdoor live video shooting.

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Generally, the general mobile phone-controlled photography equipment requires us to download the manufacturers' APPs for manipulation. However, the JVC GZ-RY980 only needs to be in the same local area network as the mobile phone (computer). It is possible to use the browser user. Somewhat complicated. However, these efforts are worthwhile compared to excellent live video quality. In general, the JVC GZ-RY980 is a DV camera that is easy to use from an operation point of view. It is easy for photographers to take pictures, whether it is a professional user or a camera.

K2 technology improves video performance

JVC added K2 technology to this model. This type of technology has been adopted by many recording studios, recording studios, and playback devices. This function can be turned on either in the MOV format or in the AVCHD format.


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JVC's audio technology guarantees excellent audio capabilities for reading audio. The sound is more clear. When we import the two materials into the post-software Premiere, the waveforms after turning on the K2 technology are more full, and several peaks are higher than those recorded when the K2 technology is not turned on. , the connection is also more complete.

Image quality performance UHD 4K adds clarity

The biggest difference of the JVC GZ-RY980 camera is that the new camera has 4K video recording capabilities. For 4K video, JVC equipped with a 1/2.3 inch 1.891 million pixel CMOS sensor for the new aircraft.

Let's take a look at the wide-angle end. As a handheld DV model, the JVC GZ-RY980 has a 30mm wide-angle viewing angle. Its 4K overall clarity of view is still good, and at 100% magnification, the basic picture details are still good. This is good for a model with 1/2.3" sensor.



At the 300mm telephoto end, the JVC GZ-RY980's picture quality is still maintained at a good level. The clarity of 4K video still reflects the advantages of 4K itself. However, it can be seen by shooting that the lens dispersion of the JVC GZ-RY980 still has some control, which is also stronger than many home video cameras.



In addition to the standard 4K video capture, the JVC GZ-RY980 camera also supports 4K time-lapse video. This is indeed a very good feature for some friends who like to use video recording to record the delay effect. From the time delay video of the actual shooting of the camera, the JVC GZ-RY980's delay video quality performance is also relatively satisfactory.




Overall, the 4K algorithm of the JVC GZ-RY980 camera is really good. While compressing to a lower bit rate to facilitate more video shooting, the video resolution of the camera is still at a very good level, and from our In terms of use, cameras can provide very good resolution both at the 30mm wide-angle end and at the 300mm telephoto end, so we can better shoot higher-quality and higher-definition videos.

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As the new flagship of JVC's Everio R series four-in-one DV, the JVC GZ-RY980 has a very significant improvement in video quality after it has 4K video recording capabilities. No fault in its series of flagship positioning, better protection, convenient network video broadcast function is a camera

As a handheld DV, the volume and weight of the JVC GZ-RY980 are still controlled at a relatively portable level. Therefore, for different target users, the new machine will not become a heavy carrying burden and will naturally win more. Multi-target user recognition.



In terms of picture quality, the new JVC GZ-RY980 camera has significantly improved image quality compared to previous models such as the GZ-RY670 when equipped with 4K video recording capabilities, and the sharper enhancement of picture sharpness makes the new camera more attractive. The user's attention. In addition, the volume control capability of JVC video is indeed commendable. The 4K bit rate of 70 Mbps recorded by the in-vehicle recorder not only guarantees good definition, but also ensures that the small volume is convenient for recording and recording of long-term video without preparing a large-capacity memory card. .These details of the design are very worthy of recognition.



In addition, the webcast function of the JVC GZ-RY980 can be said to be very commendable. The camera can directly install USB network card through USB interface for live video. When the live video can have higher compression ratio and smaller volume, it can minimize the demand for the live broadcast network and ensure the smoothness of the live picture. However, as a four-defense + live broadcast model, the unprotected opening of the back cover in the course of the live broadcast results in almost zero defense performance, which means that the four defense functions and live webcast cannot be run simultaneously. This is a pity, hopefully. JVC has a good solution in this area. But for today's increasingly live video broadcasts, this convenient live broadcast feature of the new machine can make the JVC GZ-RY980 a very good video solution.

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