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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】 5G helps you be the "Ready Player One"
【Tech News】 5G helps you be the "Ready Player One"

【Tech News】 5G helps you be the "Ready Player One"

By  Brielle Wilson 2018-05-11 2601 0

Build "Oasis", 5G first, this is the main reason why the movie "Ready Player One" after so hot, VR only speculation concept has not taken action.
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5G helps us become the "Ready Player One"

The first 5G International standard version will be officially released in June 2018, when the world's major telecom operators, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, mobile equipment manufacturers and other industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises, according to the 5G international standards, the official exhibition, open 5G commercial network deployment.


5G helps you be the Ready Player One


Two years ago, Qualcomm launched a new X50 baseband chip. One year later X505G Modem chipset achieves the world's first officially released 5G data connection in the 28GHz millimeter wave band. Specifically, this 5G chip, theoretical download speed can reach 5Gbps, conversion speed can reach 625mb/s, far more than fixed broadband network speed, become Super Mobile fiber.


According to the "China Broadband Rate status Report" data show that in the fourth quarter of 2017, China's 4G access to mobile Internet, the average download rate reached 2.3mb/s, that is, Qualcomm X50's theoretical download speed is currently 271 times times the speed of our internet, to build "Oasis" provides a sound basis for the connection. 


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In order to advance the 5G technology as soon as possible, Qualcomm in the United States has several independent network simulation experiments to verify. One of the simulations, a hypothetical 5G new network (California State) in San Francisco, was surprisingly well received, with 1 of the equipment tested. 4Gbps download speed, and 5G theoretical peak difference of less than one-tenth.


At this year's MWC 2018 show, Qualcomm has brought us the actual application of X50 5G modem. In practical application, the peak value of X50 5G modem can reach 4.39Gbps, and the speed in the whole display process has been kept above 3.50Gbps.The first is speed, according to the United States Qualcomm on the MWC2018 show, 5G transmission speed is very fast, 4.5Gbps maximum downlink rate enough for people to see on the phone 8k@120fps Super HD spread, which is what VR needs; in terms of latency, the minimum latency required for VR devices is 20ms, 5G delay is at least 5ms.


5G modem


For example, 4G network, although its speed for us now is already very quickly -- 100mbps, the ideal situation to see 1080P video completely will not appear in Carrington. However, only 1080P does not appear in the cotton, when looking at the 2K resolution of video, 4G speed is somewhat stretched (2K is only the minimum resolution of VR).


5G network


In the 4G network, the various obstacles faced by VR have miraculously healed in the 5G network phase.


Not only on the Internet, Qualcomm's latest processor Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is also dedicated to the optimization of VR technology.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform supports two 2400x2400 pixel displays while displaying images with the highest support for 120fps frame rate. Also Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform has added rendering and eye tracking technology, which can achieve better performance by reducing GPU rendering load.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 845


About GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform use Adreno 630 GPU, it can make the original edge display more clearly, without weakening the overall performance of the situation to show more exquisite and delicate picture, but also through the rendering of polygons to bring additional strong effects.


In general, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is a great help to VR in terms of both performance and graphic computing capabilities.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform also supports indoor space positioning (Room-scale) Six Degrees of Freedom (6-dof) and real-time positioning and map construction (SLAM), without cables or additional space sensors, can be immersed in the virtual world to avoid obstacles in reality, and "Adreno visual Focus" Significantly improve visual quality, to give you a clearer and more realistic visual experience, so that reality and virtual without boundary.

5G mobile phone is an "oasis" in sight

The movie "Ready Player One" gives us a vision of the upcoming 5G, but 5G is not a VR but a mobile phone.


At CES this year, to meet the increasingly complex RF requirements of gigabit LTE and the future network, Qualcomm has released its RF front-end (Rffe), where Google, HTC, LG, Samsung and Sony mobile pone have cooperated with Qualcomm, which will use its RF front-end (Rffe) in the future.


Gearbest CES 2018 mini banner


At the beginning of 2018, Qualcomm and Lenovo, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and other well-known mobile phone manufacturers announced the "5G pilot program", expected to be launched in 2019 to meet the new 5G (NR) standard mobile phones. That suggests all flagship handsets released in just one year's MWC2019 will support a new 5G network of hundreds of mega-broadband.


April 11, 2018, the United States Qualcomm Joint Vivo conducted a 5G application demo, demo video includes speed display, download test, upload test, online video playback test, high-definition 3D video Live test, and many other aspects.


About speed test, low delay is less than 5ms under 5G environment, the uplink rate reached 162Mbps, downlink rate reached 1420Mbps; Download a 1.2GB movies only need 8 seconds, can be called fast speed; upload 9 copies of files the total size of 225MB only 11s; online video playback test, 2K video online playback no pressure, almost no need to wait; 3D video live test, measured from the network part of the delay of less than 5ms.


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Fingerprint Recognition


Many people will think, my mobile network speed is fast enough, 5G mobile phone close to 1420Mbps of the speed of a normal person does not seem to mean much. On the contrary, in addition to surfing the Internet faster, with faster downloads, better quality video calls, we can experience unprecedented visual enjoyment, such as online viewing Super High-definition video and 360 degrees of the present live.


At the end of 4G, with the decrease of flow rate, there have been live video platform bucket Fish, short video app quick, vibrato and so on, 5G will introduce panoramic camera, 360 degrees full freedom to customize your HD live, football, concerts or the Olympic Games, let us use mobile phones can enter the "oasis" half a step.

In the real world, 5G makes you the "Ready Player One" 

Back in the "Ready Player One" movie, we always believed that the screen might meet with the product in 2045. Just as the communicator in the 1966 Star Wars coincides with the first mobile phone of 1974, the 1968 "2012 roaming space" film tablet computer and the 2010 God tablet computer for a long time, based on the reality of the "Oasis" is not a castle in the sky.


When we were still using bulky desktops, our slim notebooks turned out to refresh our understanding of "computers", and when we were still using Nokia's clunky Symbian system, iOS and Android sprang up and led us into the smartphone age.


Technology is like a fast-moving high-speed rail, when we see its shadow, we think it is far away from us, it will take a long time to open, but in the moment it was caught off our side, towards the distant future. 


Gearbest 2018 Best Android Phone


5G -- This technology high-speed rail, as if on the distant horizon, seemingly very far away, but in fact. In the efforts of Qualcomm, operators and many manufacturers in the next few years we will be able to enter the "Oasis" to become the "Ready Player One." 


Technology is to be satisfied with the quality of life, and in the "Ready Player One", we see the bizarre VR world behind the real environment is on the verge of collapse, people can only escape the bad reality through the virtual world.


5G helps us build an "Oasis", but that doesn't mean it can only be used to play games. In real life, the technological revolution brought about by 5G has more positive effects, for example, do you think it is just for the delay of online games? In fact, there are a wider range of applications, such as the automatic driving technology from the movies down the screen, to become a reality with the help of 5G.


In March this year, China Mobile completed the first 5G-V2X automatic remote driving and driving test in the new area of the new area, which realized the operation of starting acceleration, deceleration, steering and so on by 5G remote control 20km, and the network delay remained within 6ms.


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With the removal of automatic driving, 5G high speed and low latency also gave a strong effect for telemedicine. Matt Grob officer of Qualcomm says 5G makes telemedicine possible and medical personnel can diagnose patients remotely. Thanks to the independent deployment of NR base station, the service based next-generation core network and the QoS technology based on business flow, emergency vehicles in the process of transporting hospital staff have high speed and low latency of real-time communication, but also to ensure that patients with X-ray and video and other high Bandwide image real-time transmission to the hospital. Allows the patient to make a general judgment about his condition on the way to delivery.


As mentioned above, 5G is the advantage of high speed and low latency, in these two innate advantages of the blessing, I believe that with the full spread of the 5G network, telemedicine can usher in a new spring.


In general, the arrival of 5G is not just a game that allows us to get a higher sense of immersion, but also to improve our quality of life-eliminating the macro-level of telemedicine, unmanned driving, and our real life aspects, such as real-time voice translation, real-time text translation, and real-time collaborative editing. 


So, not only the "Oasis" of virtual world, 5G can also help us become "Ready Player One" in reality.


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