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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】 Gaming TV will be the eye of a storm!
【Tech News】 Gaming TV will be the eye of a storm!

【Tech News】 Gaming TV will be the eye of a storm!

By  Brielle Wilson 2018-06-01 2251 0

As eSports industry more and more popular, AOC has brought more than one hundred 55G1X gaming TV, it is specially designed for host gaming player, optimized 4K TV products for game hosts. This is the first time the concept of "gaming TV" has been explicitly used.
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AOC pioneered the concept of "gaming TV"

TV and monitor also serve as picture output devices, and they have many similarities. Whether it is the transition from CRT to liquid crystal era or the increase of mainstream size under the trend of large screen, the two have formed a relatively tacit understanding on their respective development paths. However, with the rapid development of the eSport industry, the display industry was the first to discover the new world, and the development of eSport display gave the whole industry a new impetus.


concept of gaming TV


In the early days, there was no concept of eSport display, but a subdivision produced by the popularity of eSport industry. Benq is the first to put forward the concept of eSport display. In 2012, Benq teamed up with two of the world's top CS players to design the world's first monitor (XL2410T) with a refresh rate of 120Hz, ever since the player gives it a professional term - eSport display.


gaming TV 1


And in contrast, while console gamers have been on the rise, no TV company has ever launched a customized product for console games, until the AOC put forward "gaming TV" concept, to make the dream wake up numerous manufacturers in the industry. The marketing ideas and market competition focus of the early TV industry are completely focused on technology. The concept of gaming TV is an innovation that breaks the inherent rules. When we review the development path of e-sport display, we can see that the market of game TV is promising.

Gaming TV has a reason to be the eye of a storm

Although the concept of "gaming TV" was initiated and officially released by AOC, the CP form of "TV + game host" has been on the horizon since 2017.

At the beginning of last year, Sony with the aid of the prestige of A1 OLED TV, makes this TV with their own PS4 game host to bundling, and more preferential prices relative to buy separate, television has also improved the overall gaming graphics. SONY's sales strategy has not only raised concerns among playstation players about OLED TVS, but also boosted overall sales of its own game consoles. SONY's move could be interpreted as a spontaneous burst of gaming television.


gaming TV 2


Then, last September, Samsung announced a "marriage" with Microsoft, and Samsung's QLED TV became the official display device for Microsoft's Xbox One X console. Although Samsung does not make game consoles by its own, but still takes over the gaming TV market with SONY through cooperation with Microsoft, which shows how important this field is to the giant manufacturers.

Millions of players have been sold in Microsoft's Xbox store in the last 48 hours since the release of "Sea of thieves" this year, and PS4 sold 3.1 million copies in its first three days, it is enough to see that the host game is a piece of blue ocean, full of imagination in consumption upgrade environment. At the same time, in the context of consumer upgrading, players are increasingly demanding display devices, the sense of smell keen TV makers have to detect the trend of development, believe that AOC is not the only one puts forward the concept of gaming TV.


Sea of thieves

What kind of TV can be called gaming TV?

TV input delays and screen details are the biggest concerns for console gamers. If the input delay time of the game machine to the TV is high, it will cause the problem of delayed operation of the screen and cannot timely respond. Chip can not in accordance with the need of the game if the TV at the same time scene, adjustment and optimization, can cause the graphics is not clear, or detail lack precision, thus gaming experience will be discounted.


gaming TV 3


In view of the development path of eSport display, more targeted technologies may appear in game TV in the future. In order to meet the demand of high speed changes the display of the picture, for example, eSport display with high refresh rate, vertical synchronization (G - sync, Free - sync) such as image optimization technique, this part is not difficult to realize in the TV product promotion.

Secondly, the eSport display will provide functions such as one-click adjustment of display mode according to the characteristics of the game environment, and there will even be auxiliary devices such as shortcut adjusters to improve the user experience. This part is concerned with the differences between PC games and host games in computing, imaging, experience, etc. With the performance of the current TV chip, it is fully capable of controlling specific game environments and details.


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