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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】 Google I/O: Except Android P, you have to know this!
【Tech News】 Google I/O: Except Android P, you have to know this!

【Tech News】 Google I/O: Except Android P, you have to know this!

By  Brielle Wilson 2018-05-09 2187 0

Google I/O conference 2018 still with AI as the core issues, released lots of black tech products, such as Android P, Google Assistant, new version Google Maps.
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Android P Beta version

It should be the most closely related message to the masses: Android P (Android 9.0) officially released its first beta version.


Android P logo

- Appearance changes

The most obvious change in Android P system is appearance, the original bottom of the three keys were canceled; the middle home key changed into a small "pill" shape; the left side of the return button temporarily got the reservation, but this button will be completely hidden where it is not needed. The original multitasking operation became a gesture on the home key. And if you drag the home button horizontally, you can also make a quick switch in the background task, which looks pretty handy.


Android P interface Android P interface 1


The volume Control Panel is also updated: Press the volume button to change the media volume by default. At the same time, it adds shortcuts on the top, so you can switch vibration and ringtone mode quickly, more in line with the user's using habits.


Android P volume Control Panel

- Android P helps to cure mobile phone addiction

The most interesting improvement is that Android P can help you to cure your mobile phone addiction. Android P will built with a "dashboard" application, the daily application of how long, what time is used, at a glance. If developers fit this feature, you'll also be able to see more detailed use of your information here to help you better understand your habits. 


Android P dashboard timer APP


The system also has built-in time limits and reminders function, you can set the time limit for each app. When setting time is over, not only notice reminders, but also the corresponding application icon into gray, to help you quit your mobile phone addiction. 


Android P can also help you put down your phone as soon as possible: if you use the Google Assistant to set sleep time, Android P will prompt you after the time, and set the phone to black and white mode, so you will lose interest with the phone just as fast.

- Power saving function

The new battery strategy learns your preferences through artificial intelligence, freezes apps you don't use in the background, and thaws out early when you might need it, without losing experience and saving battery power. Intelligent brightness regulation similar to, through the backstage study, the mobile phone can adjust the current screen brightness more precisely through the environment induction, it is more comfortable and easy to use than than the automatic brightness function.

- Intelligent intrusion prevention

As long as you turn your phone upside down, Android P will automatically enter the "Do Not Disturb" mode, only the designated contact to make the phone ring. If you want to be alone, you can turn mobile phone upside down.


Intelligent intrusion prevention

- Android P Beta version test participant

Beta version of Android P is open for testing, Xiaomi Mi MiX 2SOPPO R15 Dream Edition, VIVO X21OnePlus 6, Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus and Sony XZ2 all participate in this beta test.

Google Assistant New Upgrades

Google Assistant has made epic-level gains at the conference: now it can make a reservation for you.


Google Assistant make order


If you want to make an appointment for Tony teacher to cut hair, but found that the store can not place orders by phone, as long as say to Google Assistant, it will help you call the store, booking seats and time. 


From the Live demo, the whole communication process is smooth. Google Assistant generates machine voice has little flaw and a good understanding of what the human operator means.


Even if the person can't speak English, Google Assistant can understand person's meaning and complete the conversation. If it's the Starbucks store that supports online orders, Google Assistant can also remember your buying preferences. You just say "still the same", it will follow your habits to place order and ask you to confirm.


Google Assistant


Moreover, Google Assistant also updated 6 new voices, the new voice will be more resistant and natural than the previous version. At the same time Google Assistant also improved the fluency of dialogue, long dialogue no longer need to use "OK Google" to wake it up, and now a word can contain multiple control tasks, Google Assistant will intelligently identify the specific meaning of your command and accurate implementation. 


Google Assistant 2


Google Assistant also made some UI improvements, such as the summoning of air-conditioning can be directly on the phone to control the smart home, search results full screen display and so on, to make Google Assistant more convenient and practical.


Google Assistant control the smart home

New Google Maps for road nerd

Google Maps to add a new AR virtual navigation, lifting the lens can see the direction of the forward.


New Google Maps AR


If you go to a new city and can't find north, this function can be very useful. If the arrows are boring, Google Maps can also turn a fox to show you the way. The camera is aimed at the street and shows the location of the popular shops around. 


New Google Maps


Google Assistant will also add the Google Maps navigation function next. You can do a lot of complicated things by driving without your hands, and might make a lot safer to drive.

Ubiquitous AI

AI has invaded every corner of Google's product: Android P’s Global Search will use machine to learn and predict what you can do next, and display the shortcuts directly on your phone; the AI of Google albums can intelligently judge the quality of photos, one-click repair and special effects, and restore Black-and-white photos to a color version. Google's news application is a full access to the AI, will be real-time news translated into a few words of the briefing.


Ubiquitous AI

ML Kit Development Kit and new version of TPU 3.0

Google also offers the ML Kit Development Kit and the new version of TPU 3.0, a set of software and hardware set for artificial intelligence and machine learning. According to Google, the new version of TPU is 8 times the strength of last year. Beat Alphago, is running on the previous generation of TPU, and newer hardware is stronger. Developers will be able to easily use the power of the AI, and even directly using the machine learning model that has been trained well.


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