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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】 Vivo X21 screen fingerprint version in black and gold is releasing
【Tech News】 Vivo X21 screen fingerprint version in black and gold is releasing

【Tech News】 Vivo X21 screen fingerprint version in black and gold is releasing

By  GB Blog Official 2018-04-24 2010 1

In the first half of this year, the screen fingerprint technology became the focus of the mobile phone industry. The stunning appearance of the vivo X21 attracted many people's attention. Now vivo brought us surprises again, micro blog officially released the X21 black gold screen fingerprint version, black gold color also added a new side violin line design, full of highlights.

Vivo X21 black gold screen fingerprint version

The X21 black gold version interpret"black gold aesthetics"

Different from the young fashion represented by the Vivid X21 black diamond, aurora white, and ruby red, the black gold color gives us a low-key luxury feeling. We can clearly see the different design concept of vivo from the X21 black gold screen fingerprint version. The fuselage of black gold version with calm black panel, continue to use the full view display design, with 6.28 inch size, 19:9 full screen, for our wide and shocking visual experience.  

Compared to other versions, the X21 black gold screen fingerprint version uses black as the core color of the body. After the black is sublimated by 3D glass and Aurora Micro Arc technology, the light shows a clear luster, making the black more pure and more mysterious.

In the middle frame part, the X21 black gold screen fingerprint version joins four gold-plated violin lines in different planes, and is streamlined at the top and bottom through the sports car headlight design, leaving the antenna, earphone hole, USB hole, speaker and card slot in a hidden space. At the same time, the volume button, power key on the right side of the fuselage, dual camera frame, and vivo logo are decorated with gold, to highlight the luxury style of the black gold fingerprint version.

Similarly, the back of the X21 black gold screen fingerprint version is  unique too, 3D glass flashed dazzling in the light, improvisation with various light angles. When the pure, low-key and restrained black shines with shining golden lights, vivo uses the "Black Gold Aesthetics" to bring us an unprecedented luxury temperament, which also makes the X21 Black Gold Screen Fingerprint more attractive.

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It is reported that the X21 black gold screen fingerprint version was inspired by the evening of Helsinki. In Sweden's night ferry, the deck of the ferry stays up to night and day with the joy of symphony and champagne. When the line shines on the four strings of the violin, four dazzling lights flash. The vivo designer inspirational flash and realized this light with four flashes of light in the design concept of the X21 Black Gold Screen Fingerprint.

Can black darkness and gold shine blend perfectly? The X21 black gold screen fingerprint edition gave us the answer with the new "Black Gold Aesthetics". The two styles with great differences in color matching but very harmonious on the X21 black gold screen fingerprint edition, and the natural high-end atmosphere arises spontaneously.

Vivo X21 black gold screen fingerprint version

The screen fingerprint and jovi makes it full of connotation

In addition to the design of "Black Gold Aesthetics", the phone also boasts cutting-edge technology. This time, X21 black gold screen fingerprint edition has added screen fingerprinting technology. As the ultimate unlocking solution for the full-screen era, users can unlock and pay in a more technological sense (currently support Alipay and Wechat payment), you can enjoy the unique charm of cutting-edge technology. At the same time, the screen fingerprint technology also reduces the phone body cut-out, which also creates a beautiful appearance of the X21 black gold screen fingerprint version.

The X21 black gold screen fingerprint edition is also equipped with a Snapdragon 660 AIE processor. It has developed the latest generation of Jovi Smart Assistant. Jovi AI is very mature, with five smart cameras, game modes, smart scenes, smart screens, and driving modes. Functional modules help you manage your work and life better.

For business people who focus on efficiency, Jovi can intelligently integrate information encountered up to 13 specific scenarios in daily life, including weather alerts, planning routes, parking search, and express delivery information. The information presented at the widget, and the system will also notify you at the right time, greatly improving your efficiency.

"Black Gold Aesthetics" brings a business-like appearance design, screen fingerprint technology and Jovi complements each other, to meet the needs of the majority of business people for efficiency, both inside and outside the repair show the high-end quality of the X21 black gold screen fingerprint version.

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From the fashion cross-border business, vivo uses a unique "black gold aesthetics" concept to bring us a high-end business phone, in order to meet business people's demand for "fast", it also comes standard with a 6GB+128GB memory combination. With the screen fingerprint technology and Jovi, the using experience of business people is enhanced.

On the basis of maintaining the core experience of the X21 screen fingerprint scanner technology, the black gold color scheme further enhances the temperament and style of the product, and we believe that it will lead the new trend of color matching once again.

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