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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】2 well-know air purifiers under $945
【Tech News】2 well-know air purifiers under $945

【Tech News】2 well-know air purifiers under $945

By  GB Blog Official 2018-04-28 3369 0

Allergic symptoms make people suffer, an efficient air purifier can play an important role at this time. If you have $789 to buy an air purifiers, two air purifiers below will be your great choose.

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Philips AC5660 air purifier

The AC5660 is a new flagship air purifier that Philips introduced in 2017. Compared to the previous two generations of flagship products (AC6608 and AC8622), the AC5660 has a smaller size and does not take up much space.

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This purifier adopts double-side air inlet design. The same composite filter is provided on both sides of the machine to bring better adsorption effect. Up to 600m3/h of particulate matter CADR and up to 300m3/h of formaldehyde CADR make it easy to purify in the face of a variety of indoor pollutants.

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Philips has always been committed to creating a more perfect indoor air purification experience for its users. Philips Air Purifiers are equipped with AeraSense Smart Sensor technology to provide more accurate air quality monitoring and display values. The PM2.5 mass sensor used in the R&D professional laboratory can effectively reduce the probability of false display of air quality compared with the ordinary infrared LED air quality sensor. The more accurate air quality monitoring allows the user to always know the air quality around them.

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Philips uses innovative technology to bring a comprehensive solution, super clean, clean effect at a glance, so that every room, every family member can breathe healthy air.

LIFAair Air Purifier LA500

The next recommendation is LIFAair, an air purifier brand from Finland. The CADR A value of the LIFAair LA500 smart air purifier is up to 450m3/h, and the formaldehyde CADR is also 137m3/h, making air purification so easy.


Gearbest: air purifier

The red alert of the week gave us a glimpse of the power of the fog and made more people have new requirements for respiratory health. LIFAair has always been well-known for its excellent industrial design and excellent purification performance. This product meets the new national standard. All requirements have a good purifying effect on indoor pollutants.

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Such a high CADR value is attributed to its internal double-conformity filter, which uses two H12-class HEPA filters to effectively remove PM2.5, while externally filling nearly 3.5kg of LIFAair's special acid-resistant activated carbon to strongly remove formaldehyde.

Gearbest: air purifier

The brushless DC external rotor motor from Nidec in Japan makes this cleaner more quiet and energy-saving during operation, avoiding noise pollution, and will not affect the user's normal rest even if it is used at night; it can also be more intelligently controlled by the indoor environment. Based on air quality control air volume, excellent design and superior purification performance, this all-intelligent air purifier allows you to enjoy clean air without hands.

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