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Home > GB Feature > 【Tech News】MagicBook: HONOR's first laptop
【Tech News】MagicBook: HONOR's first laptop

【Tech News】MagicBook: HONOR's first laptop

By  GB Blog Official 2018-04-25 2875 1

On April 19, HONOR officially released its first laptop product in Shanghai, the HONOR MagicBook, which is a 12-hour long battery life. It is equipped with the MX150 graphics card, the mainstream of the eight generations of Intel chips and other configurations.

HONOR MagicBook

HONOR MagicBook as the HONOR of the first high-performance thin and light laptop, is glorious formally enter the laptop market, it is a continuation of the product brand as an Internet brand, is committed to meet the needs of young people. In the relatively traditional and mature industry of PC, HONOR adopts trendy design, powerful performance, intelligent experience and reliable quality to create a portable, smooth, good heat dissipation, low noise and cost-effective laptop for young people.

Young-oriented, beautiful and worthy

In terms of appearance, the MagicBook is very light and thin, with the narrowest edge width of only 9.6mm, and the thickest part of the fuselage at only 15.8mm. The front (A side), back side (D side), and keyboard side (C side) of the HONOR MagicBook are all metal bodies, and each side is simple and atmospheric. Thanks to the screen and structural technology that HONOR has accumulated on the mobile phone, the MagicBook 13-inch body is stuffed into a 14-inch screen with a very narrow border of 5.2mm and an 81% screen ratio. Super vision experience. Using 1920 * 1080P full HD display, equipped with 16:9 widescreen display, so that the details can be rendered to life, the vivid picture.

HONOR MagicBook

For many users, computer screens often appear on the head of the fluorescent light, can not see the screen and other issues, HONOR MagicBook also intimately using the anti-glare screen, it can diffusely reflect the glare of light. At the same time when used at night, it can open eye protection mode to effectively filter out harmful blue light and relieve eye fatigue.
In addition, the HONOR MagicBook has a large opening and closing design that can be opened up to close to 180°. It can be used to stand on office with the HONOR MagicBook, share it with friends, or watch TV shows on the sofa. In the light and thin but without affecting the experience, it also uses a full-size keyboard for desktop computers, a moderate 1.3mm key range, and the distance between the keys and the keys is closer to the fingertip movement distance, which makes the typing more comfortable.

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For use in the evening or in dark weather, the HONOR MagicBook has two keyboard backlights with three levels of lightness and darkness. Adjust the brightness according to the situation. An independent FN button is set on the keyboard, which makes it easy to switch between various function buttons, and adds a microphone mute switch, a computer housekeeper shortcut and a Wi-Fi switch shortcut, and one-click activation for ease of use.

Young-oriented, unstoppable performance

HONOR MagicBook is equipped with the latest eighth-generation Intel chip. It is equipped with an eighth-generation Intel® CoreTM i7-8550U processor, four cores and eight threads, and 14nm advanced process. The CPU performance is even stronger, and the performance is 40% higher than the previous generation. Whether it is image processing or document processing, it is very quick and responsive. This time also released the HONOR MagicBook i5-8250U version.
In addition, the HONOR MagicBook features an NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 graphics card with up to 2GB of GDDR5 high-speed memory that delivers up to 4x the performance of integrated graphics, enabling easy processing of multiple tasks, video entertainment, and more.

HONOR MagicBook

HONOR MagicBook machine uses 8GB dual-channel memory, configure 256GB SSD, dual-channel memory is more advantageous than single-channel memory in read and write speed, and power consumption is lower. The high performance of laptops also depends on superior heat dissipation design. HONOR MagicBook uses a more efficient "gorge effect" thermal design. Increase the size of the fan, increase the copper coverage area, and specially designed fan grooves to form a unique gorge effect to accelerate the air intake and accelerate the cooling efficiency.

In the endurance, HONOR MagicBook is equipped with a 57.4Wh high-density battery, can put in such a large-capacity battery in the body down to 15.8mm, but also HONOR reflects the excellent architecture technology. HONOR MagicBook can achieve continuous playback of local 1080P video for 12 hours, or browse the web for 12 hours, or processing documents for 13 hours, and can easily deal with business travel and other long-distance travel and entertainment needs.

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Paying attention to the HONOR of the user experience. The MagicBook is also a product that is carefully tuned with the Golden Ear and equipped with the Dolby Atmos® Sound System. The Dolby Atmos® Sound System combines custom speakers and software to bring superior audio through the PC. High-bass and crossover speakers and meticulous 4000+ output holes, along with Dolby Panorama, allow sound to linger around and above you, making you feel like you are in a story scene. HONOR insisted that in a light and compact space, four loudspeakers were placed, two tweeters sounded upwards, two subwoofers uttered downwards, and high and low frequency divisions made the sound layered more clearly, creating powerful music for the users. system.

Young-oriented, experience incredible

In the Internet experience, for most people, using a laptop to be unable to connect to the Internet is a very bad experience. HONOR continues to work hard on technological innovation and user experience, and it allows users to enjoy MagicBook as soon as they use it.

HONOR MagicBook

HONOR MagicBook boasts 2*2 MIMO dual-antenna Wi-Fi. The network is extremely user-friendly. It can effectively capture signals and increase the speed of the network. Even if users are in the corner of home or even wear three walls, they do not have to worry about wireless Internet signals. Poor problem. This is thanks to HONOR's 360 degree interference protection inside the laptop, which minimizes signal interference. In order to increase the connection success rate and online experience of honoring the MagicBook in each home, HONOR even tested the compatibility of more than 200 Wi-Fi routers on the market, and also included the routes that had been withdrawn from the market 7 years ago.

In addition, in terms of software experience, HONOR MagicBook and HONOR Mobile also support Magic-Link Smart Connect. When the mobile phone and the computer housekeeper are paired for the first time, the two can be automatically connected again to realize one-touch transmission, and the transmission speed can reach 1 G every minute. HONOR MagicBook automatically locks the screen when you leave the laptop with your mobile phone, protecting your privacy at all times. The Magic-Link connection mode of the Magic MagicBook also enables automatic backup. This feature will be launched on May 31st.

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In terms of boot time, HONOR MagicBook innovatively uses the fingerprint unlocking method of Honor mobile phones to the laptop, so that the glorious MagicBook has a fingerprint identification power button, and only 7.6s is needed to log on. HONOR MagicBook is also pre-installed with Microsoft's genuine Windows 10 operating system and genuine Office software. It can be used for life in the active period and bring more beautiful experiences to users.

At the same time, MagicBook uses standard USB-C interface, supports PD3.0, SCP charging protocol, and can quickly charge mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Only need to carry a lightweight charger of 155g.

Young-oriented, unbreakable quality

In terms of quality assurance, HONOR has always insisted on creating reliable quality and reputation. MagicBook is no exception. It has been tested at the factory before it leaves the factory. Even the design of the product's performance is a glorified engineer's test of a variety of products on the market, and ultimately makes a laptop more suitable for young people's daily use needs.

HONOR MagicBook

The long battery life alone is light and thin, with the most cutting-edge chip and graphics card configuration, thin body and simple and beautiful appearance, with long battery life durability, but also has a powerful audio and audio listening experience, will give users a better Experience is a rare and good partner for work and entertainment.

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