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Home > How To > 10 common issues of Xiaomi 70mai smart rearview mirror 
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10 common issues of Xiaomi 70mai smart rearview mirror 

10 common issues of Xiaomi 70mai smart rearview mirror 

By  Steve Lowry 2018-11-08 8968 0

Xiaomi 70mai smart rearview mirror has many function, then it will have many problems about using. This post we'll show you the solutions of 10 common issues of it.

Xiaomi 70mai Smart Rearview Mirror


First time using

The new user guide interface requires a QR code to be displayed online. Make sure the SIM card is inserted into your rearview mirror and that your rearview mirror is in a good position for mobile network signals. 4G networks may not be able to cover areas such as the outer suburbs or underground garages. If the SIM card has been inserted and is located in a good location on the network, the QR code still cannot be displayed or the account can be logged into the binding, please long press the power button of rearview mirror for 15 seconds to restart the rearview mirror.

Power on and off

Press the power button for 15 seconds.
No, to protect the battery, the car will automatically go dormant if it is not operated in 20 minutes.
Verify that the battery is plugged into it, which happens if there is no battery

1. Is it an original power supply accessory? This may be the case if the voltage requirements of 5V 2A are not met.

2. Is it exposed to the sun? After being exposed to the sun, it will start the self-protection mechanism and turn off automatically. When the temperature drops, the machine will work normally.

Music & FM

wma, mp3, wav, ogg, aac, flac, ape, m4a.
Automatic recognition and play.
It supports online music playback, can be downloaded to local, automatic cache, TF identification playback.

SIM card

You can use your own Chinese SIM card, you can buy traffic packet in app, and you can also connect phone hotspots.
The official SIM card is an Internet of things card that cannot be used on a regular phone and will be sealed; the SIM card for an ordinary phone can be used up to 70 miles.
If you don't charge, we will guarantee you the number for two months. After that time, the card will be automatically cancelled.
First, confirm whether you have passed the real name authentication, if not, please go to the real name authentication first; If the vehicle has passed the real-name authentication, confirm whether the network environment in which the vehicle is located is good; If you have passed the authentication and the network is in good condition, please long press for 15s to restart the dismounted machine.
The flow will not exceed, it will automatically close when it reaches the point; so there is no talk of arrears.

Desktop and display

This rearview mirror can be selected from three interface modes: automatic mode, daytime mode and night mode. In the automatic mode, the rearview mirror will automatically determine the appropriate mode. You can open the panel or change the interface mode under [more] - [Settings] - [display]. You can say "hello, Xiao mai", wake up Xiao mai and say "adjust the screen brightness to the day mode / night mode / automatic mode".
This rearview mirror can be selected from three interface modes: automatic mode, daytime mode and night mode. In the automatic mode, the rearview mirror will automatically determine the appropriate mode.

1. You can say "hello, Xiao mai", arouse Xiao mai and say "increase/decrease brightness" to adjust the screen brightness.

2. You can also open the panel or change the interface mode under [more] - [Settings] - [display].

Screen saver mode cannot adjust brightness; you can choose to close the screen.

Connecting setting

There may be strong signal interference in the current band. You can try again at another frequency.
It uses an FM transmitter to transmit the audio on the car according to the frequency you set. You can adjust your car FM radio to the same frequency, and then synchronize the audio of the rearview mirror to the car stereo for playing.
There are two ways to unbind:

1. Enter "my - my rearview mirror" in the 70 miles APP, select the rearview mirror you want to unbind, enter the details interface, and then click "... Select delete device.

2. Click "... "On the rearview mirror desktop "Then select the first card, enter the account interface, and click the unbind button, at which time you need to enter the security code.

The security code is 4 digits. Enter "my - my rearview mirror" in the 70-mile APP. Select the rearview mirror to be unstrapped, and enter the details interface to view the security code.
After the Bluetooth connection, the rearview mirror to ensure that the system volume of the phone doesn't affect the rear-view mirror, it blocks the audio sync protocol, and only when it opens the rear-view Bluetooth music, it opens the channel. However, some manufacturers will try repeatedly to reconnect their mobile phones when they cannot connect to the audio protocol, resulting in some problems in your WeChat and music playing on the mobile phone. If this affects your smooth use of applications on the mobile phone, it is recommended to disconnect the rearview mirror first.

System setting

Restoring factory settings removes the data stored in the machine, but does not remove the driving recorder from SD card.
You can check the IMEI number of the car in "setting-about" or my rearview mirror in the phone APP.

Phone and navigation

You can resynchronize by clicking on the phone page's resync contacts button; if you're using an Android phone, you can also check if you agree on the phone to allow Xiao mai to gain access to the Sync address book.
You can control the call by swinging left / right.
During navigation, you can simply say "View the full course." Xiao Mai will show you a preview of the full course of your navigation.
ou can look for a 5V/2A charging head, connect the type-c charging cable, connect to your home wireless network, and download the offline map using home Wi-Fi.

DVR, system upgrade and other issues

Normal video does not support manual deletion, if you really want to delete, you can format, or SD card inserted into the computer to delete the bulk.
Format is realized through the "format" button in "Settings-Application Settings-car driving recorder-SD Card status".
If the cigarette lighter is turned off, power will be switched on within 10s, and the firmware package upgrade will continue. If power is not switched on after 10s, the system will go to sleep, and the upgrade will be counted down after the next startup.
Failed to push the button:

1. The hot spot of the rear-view mirror is disconnected.

2. There is no stable power supply for the rearview mirror.

Failure in the upgrade process:

There is no stable power supply for the rearview mirror.

If the ADAS function is turned on, it will be calibrated automatically every time the rearview mirror is started, without requiring manual operation by the user. ADAS automatic calibration requires the user to maintain the vehicle speed above 30km for more than two minutes. ADAS can't be calibrated automatically when the vehicle is not moving. If the user's rear-view mirror camera angle deflection is very severe, it may cause automatic calibration failure. The user can also perform manual calibration in the ADAS settings and operate according to the operation prompts given by the interface.

Wrap up

Xiaomi 70mai smart rearview mirror has advanced driver assistance system ( ADAS ) that provides you with real time, relevant alerts about dangerous situations on the road. It adopted advanced driver assistance system includes LDW ( lane departure warning ), FCW ( forward collision warning ) and PVS ( proceeding vehicle starting ) .

For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Xiaomi 70mai Smart Rearview Mirror from us and still have problem after reading the user manual, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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