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Home > How To > 10 common user errors the most vapers will meet in e-cig
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10 common user errors the most vapers will meet in e-cig

10 common user errors the most vapers will meet in e-cig

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 93449 3

Have you ever encountered the situations listed below when using your personal vaporizer? If so, welcome to the club, and let's see how to solve them.

10 common user errors the most vapers will meet in e-cig

1. "No Atomizer" or "Check Atomizer"Check Atomizer

No atomizer / check atomizer alert: when the device does not detect an atomizer, the OLED screen will display "No Atomizer" or "Check Atomizer".

◆ Check the 510 electrode of your tank. Most of the devices have self-adjusting 510 connectors, but some have manually adjustable ones. It means that you need a screwdriver to adjust the 510 pin up or down, according to your atomizer.

◆ If the atomizer has an adjustable 510 pin, you need to adjust it according to your mod.

◆ Check your coil / resistance wires to see if they are loose on the inside.

◆ Please do not over-tighten the tank on the mod. Otherwise, you may damage the 510 center pin.


2. "Atomizer Low"Atomizer Low


Atomizer low alert: when the resistance of the atomizer is smaller than the lowest resistance of the device, the OLED screen will display "Atomizer Low".

◆ It means that you should change to another tank with a compatible resistance. Please read the user manual carefully and make sure the atomizer is right for your mod.

◆ It can also mean there is a short in the coil, a poor resistance reading, loosely seated coil, or faulty 510 connection on the device.


3. "Atomizer Short"Atomizer Short


Atomizer short-circuit protection: when atomizer short-circuit occurs, the OLED screen will display "Atomizer Short".


4. "Device Too Hot"/"Too Hot"Device Too Hot


Temperature alert: if the internal temperature of the device is over the supported temperature, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display "Device Too Hot". This means you have used the mod for too long, and you should shut it down and wait for some time and then power on again.


5. "Check Battery"/"Low Battery"/"Weak Battery"Check Battery


Low batt ery alert: when the battery voltage is below the allowed voltage of the device, it will display that kind of message.

◆ If you continue to press the fire button, the device shows "Lock" and will not work. We suggest you to change another set of batteries first. It is recommended to use high-rate cells. Or recharge the batteries to reactivate.

◆ Please try to take out the batteries and tighten up the screw.


6. "Imbalanced"Imbalanced


Imbalanced alert: when the difference between the maximum and minimum cell voltage is equal or greater than 0.3V, the OLED screen will display "Imbalanced" after inserting the USB cable.

◆ Then please take out the cells to charge or replace with freshly charged cells. You can download EScribe software (click here) to activate the battery to balance.

◆ Otherwise, you should change the cell. We suggest you to change to batteries with the same parameters.


7. "Over Xs Protection"Over Xs Protection


Over X seconds protection: the device will have some protection for safety use. When the power button is pressed for over the supported time protection, the output will shut off and the OLED screen will display "Over Xs Protection".


8. "Temp Protection"Temp Protection


Temperature protection: in TC mode, if the actual temperature of coil reaches the set temperature, the device shows "Temp Protection". You can set an higher temperature.


9. "Check USB"Check USB


Check USB alert: when the voltage of the USB charger is equal or greater than the supported voltage, the OLED screen will display "Check USB" after inserting the USB Cable or vaping.


10. "Charge Error"Charge Error


Charge error alert: when no current is detected in charging state, the OLED screen will display "Charge Error".


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