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Home > How To > 10 seconds to make your Android phone run quickly
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10 seconds to make your Android phone run quickly

10 seconds to make your Android phone run quickly

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-29 7322 1

Are you still worrying about the slow operation of mobile phones? Still looking at the so-called memory cleanup strategy on the Internet? Don't you find it annoying to keep cleaning up memory? Come on, here we’ll teach you a little trick. In 10 seconds, you can make your phone run quickly, crushing the Apple phone without pressure.

 ways to make your Android phone run quickly

1. Operation process

First, enter the mobile settings, pull to the bottom, find the developer tools, and then pull down to find the three options: window animation zooming, transition animation zooming, animation program length adjustment.

developer options 

Click on it and zoom all animations 0.5x to close. If the default value of these items on your phone is 1x and you don't have the option to turn them off, then keep that value to a minimum.

After adjusting the values of the three options, exit to the desktop, close the screen of the mobile phone, and reopen it. At this time, a miracle appeared. The old clamping machine was running like madness. It is really a surprise!

2. Reverse operation

Now, the Android phone runs so fast. Don't worry about it getting stuck. If you want to experience the cochlear speed again, you might as well repeat the previous operation, find the three options, then set the value to the maximum, and then exit to enter the mobile phone system again.

At this time, you will find that the speed of mobile phone operation is super slow, 10 times slower than before. Don't panic. The mobile phone is not broken. Just adjust these values to the lowest or turn them off again.

What on earth is the reason for such a huge difference in the speed of mobile phones?


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3. Turn off the special effects

Rendering special effects lead to it. This little trick is not worth mentioning. Some veteran players may have known it for a long time, but many people still haven't noticed the details. In addition to memory and Android reasons, in fact, the special rendering of mobile windows and operating interfaces also affects the speed of mobile phones to some extent. If all these special effects are turned off, the speed of the mobile phone will naturally go up.

This is actually a choice between speed and effect. If you don't care about the rendering effect, you can turn off the special effects. Because if the special effect value is not very high, the naked eye cannot distinguish, but can significantly slow down the speed of the system.

Turning off these special effects is not harmful to the mobile phone. It also has no toxic side effects. If you need it, please feel free to use it.



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