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Home > How To > 3 factors that affect your drone flight time
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3 factors that affect your drone flight time

3 factors that affect your drone flight time

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-22 5646 3

Flight time is a significant factor when buying or building a drone. Different drone mean different flying time. How to calculate it quickly?

There are many influencing factors, the most common are battery capacity, discharge rate and average amp draw.



1. Capacity of the flight battery

On the package you can find the specification about battery capacity  given in milliamp hours ( mAh ).


But when calculating the flight time, we need to covert this specification into amp hours ( Ah ), which simply means dividing by 1000. So for example, 1200 mAh  is equal to 1.2 Ah.



2. The battery discharge rate

Lithium polymer batteries are widely used in the radio control industry. They can be damaged if they are fully discharged.


In order to maintain the battery life, make sure your LiPo battery doesn’t go below 20 percent of capacity during flight.


3. The average amp draw

You need to know the all up weight (AUW) of your drone. You can find this information from the motor or propeller configuration.


For instance, if your aircraft has an AUW of 2kg each motor will have to produce 500g of thrust in order to hover.


What’s more, if each motor draws 4amps to produce 500g of thrust, then your average current draw will be 16amps.


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