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Home > How To > 360 smart door bell common issue and solutions
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360 smart door bell common issue and solutions

360 smart door bell common issue and solutions

By  Adan Flannigan 2019-07-29 7632 0

The 360 doorbell is newly launched by 360 IOT, which features visitor identification (Ai face recognition), front door push, stay alarm, remote videophone, ultra clear infrared night vision, forced release alarm, etc. Below are

360 doorbell 

1.How to install the doorbell?

360 doorbell recommended installation height 1.4 or high, may be mounted on the wall side of the door handle, door frame or the door; if metal security doors, mounted on the side of the security door is recommended to avoid WiFi signal is generated off-line isolated; 

Method 1: 3M adhesive

1.before use, tear off the protective film;

2.tear open the base 3M adhesive sticker;

3.follow the direction of the arrow on the base to paste;

4.the whole machine from the top down on the seat; the mobile app , open the demolition alarm in the settings.

Method 2: Punch method

Method 2: Punch method

1.In the place to be installed, paste the positioning sticker;

2. Select the 6 mm drill bit to punch, insert the expansion tube, and fix the base with screws;

3. Pull the whole machine from top to bottom to the base. On the face;

4. open the mobile app , open the demolitions alarm in the settings.

*The doorbell should be installed within 3 meters from the router

Disassemble the charging

2.How to charge?

1. Turn off the forced-removal alarm in the camera App setting;

2. Insert the card into the bottom disassemble port, and pull the doorbell from the bottom to the back plate to remove the doorbell;

3. Connect the doorbell to USB for charging, red light during charging. Steady on, the green light is always on after charging is completed;

4 , install the doorbell, open the app and turn on the forced release alarm again in the setting.

3. How to match the indoor ring and the doorbell?

● Connect the indoor ringer to the power source and press the doorbell to ring the alert tone. Press the music button and the volume +- button to pick the right ringtone and volume.

● If the room ring is not ringing, you can enter the pairing mode by long pressing the 5s pairing button. Press the doorbell again to complete the pairing.

4.How to invite family members to use?

● You can invite your family to use the WeChat or mobile phone number. You can check the video playback after logging in to your account . 

● If the family account has the call notification permission, you can answer it when someone rings the doorbell.

● V6.3.5 and above, in the APP settings. In ”Receive Calling Device”, you can open up to 3 accounts to receive call notifications. When someone rings the doorbell, the account that has the receiving permission can receive the call notification. To ensure the quality of the call, please remind the family.

● App upgrade to V6.3.5 and above.

The old version can be turned on in the APP settings to "receive the call device" to the local machine, only one device that supports the administrator account to answer, it is recommended to upgrade to the new version.

5. Where is the cloud record of the gift?

After the device is bound, the gifted 2 days cloud storage service has already been given, and the smart housekeeping will cycle to store the latest 2 days of message records.

6.  How to use the face recognition function?

When the doorbell scans into the face, it automatically recognizes the face and pushes a message reminder to the phone. You can open the phone app to group and remark the unmarked characters.

7.  How to set a quick voice reply?

● Method 1 : Open App- Settings, find “Door Ring Call Settings”, click “Quick Voice Reply”, long press to record fast voice reply;

● Method 2 : Live screen, click the quick reply icon in the lower left corner, and the voice reply in the pop-up Interface, click "Custom" to add.

8. How to send a quick voice reply?

● Someone presses the doorbell, the phone calls the page, clicks the bottom quick reply icon, selects the content to be sent, and clicks to send;

● Open the live screen, click the quick reply icon in the lower left corner, select the content to be sent, and click Send.

9. How to choose to detect the message reminder?

At present, the motion detection message has the following message notification methods, which are suitable according to the situation of the door:

● Someone immediately notices: When someone appears, they will notify you to check the abnormal situation at the first time;

● Someone will stay after 5s notice: When someone is When the door passes quickly, only the recorded video is not notified to you;

● Notification is only for a long stay: it will be notified if it stays for more than 15 seconds;

● Only record video is not notified: Recording but no message reminder.

10. How to use remote video calls?

● When someone rings the doorbell, it will send a call notification to the camera app . After receiving the call, the mobile phone will see the live video of the visitors outside the door, and can directly communicate with the visitors outside the door. The voice will be broadcast to the visitor through the outdoor doorbell;

● Open the doorbell real-time screen. Click the bottom call button to open the call channel. If someone outside the door can talk to the TA directly , the outdoor doorbell will broadcast the voice to the visitor, and click the call button again to close the call channel.

11. When can I view the screen outside the door?

● When someone at the door or someone rings the doorbell, you can view the ”Outdoor Screen”. The video doorbell automatically records the video that someone passed in front of the door.

● When there is no one outside the door, the doorbell is in a power-saving state and you cannot view the screen outside the door. (If you need to view the screen at any time, you can search for 360 video doorbell D819 model)

12. How to set a new ringtone?

Open Camera App- Settings - Screen & Sound - Outdoor Ringtone, click "Custom Ringtone" to enter all ringtone pages, click the ringtone to listen, click "Select" to set the new ringtone, and the next time someone rings the doorbell, it will take effect.

13. How to update the firmware?

Open the phone app , open [Settings] and slide to the bottom "Firmware version" to check if it is the latest version. Since the new version will be upgraded, please upgrade to the latest firmware version.

Do not power off during the upgrade

14. Is the doorbell safe outside?

● the App open tamper alarm:

After binding door, openable tamper alarm setting, if the door and the backing plate will separate to the user mobile push demolitions alarm message. The user can turn off the settings autonomously (after turning on the forced-disarming alarm function, once the situation occurs, the doorbell host is directly taken down, the doorbell will also emit a sharp alarm sound and the alarm sound that puts the doorbell back to the original place; the mobile APP will also pop up Doorbell is demolished.

● Doorbell tampering, anti-theft, and destruction:

Tamper protection: Whether it is made of original 3M glue or fixed on the wall of the expansion screw, the fixing strength is high, it is difficult to remove it, and it takes a certain time. ;

Anti-theft: stealing is against the law, the doorbell is a security device, steal process will trigger an alarm bell, recorded video to mobile phones cloud catalog, favorable case to trace;

vandal: camera thieves or vandals would serve as a warning When the door is removed, the doorbell will make a loud alarm sound, and it will push the alarm to the owner's mobile phone, which will serve as a deterrent and stop function; and the doorbell will be bound to the account, even if it is stolen.

● Stolen paying service guarantee:

The doorbell can receive the stolen payout service for free within 30 days of activation. If the doorbell outdoor unit is stolen during the service guarantee period, the relevant materials will be provided and approved, and a new doorbell will be awarded for free.

15. How to convert video resolution?

When there is a scene to view the real-time picture, you can change the definition to HD or smooth in the lower right corner of the screen. The video recorded after the change is successful will be recorded with the latest set resolution.

16.What is the meaning of the 360 doorbell indicator?

● After the doorbell is turned on, the default green light flashes and goes off after connecting with the base station.

● During the charging process, the red light is always on.

● The charging is completed, the green light is off;

● When the doorbell and the signal base station are disconnected, the green light flashes;

● When the link is normal, The indicator light is off;

17.What is the meaning of the 360 doorbell signal base station status indicator?

● When the connection power is turned on, the green light flashes and enters the configuration state.

● Always blue light indicates that the device normal line;

● The green light flashes when configuring;

● The green light flashes when offline;

● Red light when a firmware upgrade;

● Base station electrical connection green light;

18.The difference between the smart card recording and housekeeping card recording?

The recorded video will be automatically saved in the card, and the video captured by the doorbell will be stored. There is no 24- hour recording, and it is not supported to select the time period to record the smart housekeeping: after the video recording, the video is pushed by the server human figure recognition.

19.How to enable the family to answer the call permission?

In the "Set the doorbell call permission" in the APP settings, you can open up to 3 accounts to answer the call notification

20. Can't receive the message reminder?

● Check if the notification in the APP is enabled

● check if there is open home do not disturb

● Whether to open the call notification permission

● The special mobile phone lock and keep alive method.

21 . How to update firmware?

● Putting the file into TF card root In the directory, insert the base station, press the set button

● Plug in the power, light red light means to start the upgrade, release the set button, wait for the red light to turn off the green light and automatically restart, the bright blue light means the line is

● In the setting. Firmware version can check whether it is the latest version, because the new version will have the function upgrade, please try to upgrade to the latest firmware version.

22. When offline, take the log method?

●When the device is offline, etc. , remove the TF card. connected to the computer , the TF written to the card LOG folders .

● The TF card is inserted into the base station apparatus

● After hearing the beep , remove the card

● The LOG folder compression transmission

Not to restart the base station , in the event offline Don't restart after waiting for the situation.

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