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Home > How To > 4 steps to 3D print a Halloween Jack O' Lantern pumpkin
4 steps to 3D print a Halloween Jack O' Lantern pumpkin

4 steps to 3D print a Halloween Jack O' Lantern pumpkin

By  GB Blog Official 2017-10-27 3122 3

Skip the traditional and messy pumpkin carving this Halloween and indulge in a techy and creative process of 3D printing your own Halloween pumkin lantern/Jack-O'-Lantern.

A fun project to work on with the whole family, 3D printing a Halloween pumpkin lantern is relatively easy and will also be a great opportunity to pick up a set of new skills that are sure to come in handy in today's tech-inspired world. So, let's get started.

Halloween pumpkin lantern

In this how to post, we take things easy and let you choose your own difficulty level for some of the design steps: you can download a ready-made design, convert your drawing into a 3 model or get serious with design software and make your own pumpkin lantern entirely from scratch.

What do you need to print a 3D pumpkin lantern?

● A 3D printer (naturally). Note that the size of the lantern you will be able to print depends on the print area of your 3D printer.

Anet A8 3D printer

PLA filaments or ABS filaments of any color (though we do recommend going with the classic orange).

● Computer

● Design software (like Cinema 4D) — if you choose to design your pumpkin from scratch by yourself.

● An app that will convert your simple sketch into a 3D model (like Imprimindo3d).

● Great mood and a great team!

How to 3D print a Halloween pumpkin lantern?

Step 1. Create your own pumpkin lantern custom design / use a ready-made design.

create pumpkin lantern custom design

(a). If this is your first 3D printing project, we do recommend going with a finished design — it will save you loads of time and let you get started with the fun 3D printing process right away. There are a variety of Halloween 3D print designs available online. Simply download all the needed files and input them into your 3D printing software (like Cura). Make sure to set the right sizing to match your needs with the printer's capabilities.

(b). If you want to complete at least part of the design process yourself, you can start by creating a simple drawing in any image making program (like good old Paint) and then use a 3D converter app (like Imprimindo3d) to turn your drawing into a workable 3D model. This could be an easy way to add fun elements into your design — for instance, you can 3D carve your family's or friends' names into the pumpkin, add accessories like glasses and hats and more.

(c). If you want to go all in and create your very own 3D printed Halloween lantern model from scratch, you will need to be well-familiar with design software (like Cinema 4D) and your creative process will start by building a scene and creating the 3D shape of your future lantern. We will not get into the design details here, but you can get some helpful tips on how to make your own 3D pumpkin lantern model in this Instructable.

Step 2. Once your 3D image is ready, upload it into your printing software, set the dimensions for your Halloween lantern, insert the filament into the feeder and push it gently through. Now, you are all set to print.

Step 3. Hit print and get ready to be patient: depending on the size of your Halloween pumpkin, this may take a while.

Step 4. Once your 3D printed Jack O' Lantern is ready, feel free to get even more creative. You can use fun LED lights to decorate it from the inside, paint the outside, add spooky accessories and more! Check out our Halloween section for more fun ideas for this year's Halloween decorations.

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