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Home > How To > 4 types of phone screen display technologies: ASV, CBD, NOVA, Retina Display
4 types of phone screen display technologies: ASV, CBD, NOVA, Retina Display

4 types of phone screen display technologies: ASV, CBD, NOVA, Retina Display

By  Steve Lowry 2018-08-20 4031 0

As the supplement of screen material, display technology can enhance the display effect in a certain degree, making up the natural defects in display. ASV, CBD, NOVA, Retina Display, these refer to screen image display technology.


Screen display technology



ASV: Advanced Super View

ASV is the exclusive licensed technology of SHARP. It improves the response speed and viewing angle of TFT. And it can have a better image quality and wider  viewing angle while consume less power. Both Meizu M9 and Coolpad N930 adopt ASV screen.





NOVA is a new display technology currently and major pushed by LG. NOVA has three advantages over other screens:


a. NOVA consumes less power than other screens in the same brightness condition. In the same  indoor environment, NOVA can decrease 50% power consumption than common LCD screen.


b. NOVA is also called high-brightness display. According to LG official, the brightness of NOVA display can reach up to 700 nit, higher than that of iPhone 4 with 530 nit. It is the brightest display in market so far.


c. NOVA boasts higher pure white color, can display black and white prime color accurately. The display effect is much clearer.





However, NOVA display technology is put forward by LG, other manufacturers are seldom to apply it. Representative model is LG P970 Optimus Black with IPS material panel.


CBD: Clear Black Display

CBD is a kind of display technology for enhancing display effect in outdoors and major pushed by Nokia. As a matter of fact, CBD isn’t a completely new type of display technology like AMOLED. It’s actually a method to reduce reflections on the screen and improve visual image quality, especially outdoors.






CBD ensures that the blacks you see really are just that - black - which in turn enhances the contrast of the display and makes the whole screen much easier to see. This will be especially useful fo apps like Ovi Maps, which are likely to be used outside. Another useful feature of this technology is that the viewing angle of the device’s display is improved, so sharing pictures or other items on-screen will be a lot easier. Effectively, with CBD your device is able to provide a high quality image in any type of situation.


As a kind of display technology, CBD has essential difference with concept of screen material. For instance, NOKIA Lumia 800 adopts Super AMOLED material display, meanwhile it has applied CBD technology in the screen, thus making the overall display effect improved.


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Retina Display

Retina display is major put forward by Apple and it is a display technology based on IPS panel. Retina display boasts screens that have a higher pixel density, so a 3.5 inch screen can pack 960 x 640 resolution with pixel densities of 326 pixels per inch. In this way, users have an better and refined visual effect in the process of Retina display. Retina display technology is mainly applied in Apple devices, like iPhone, new iPad.



Retina Display


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