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Home > How To > 5 insider secrets to fly the Xiaomi Mi Drone like a Pro
5 insider secrets to fly the Xiaomi Mi Drone like a Pro

5 insider secrets to fly the Xiaomi Mi Drone like a Pro

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-05 6464 7

Just got your Mi Drone? Get the inside scoop on how to fly like an ace RC pilot. Whether you’re a beginner or medium level pilot, this handy guide will get your flying skill up to speed, to get the most out of your trusty Mi Drone!

1. Regularly inspect your Mi Drone

Always remember to perform regular inspections before you take the drone to the air. The right pre-flight routine can save your drone from burning-off, and also get you focused for flight time.
• Charge the battery up to 100% before flying to maximize flight time.
• Check the drone and RC transmitter are both charged.
• Make sure there are no missing or broken parts.
• Ensure the propellers are securely mounted on the motors (undamaged and not worn).
• Calibrate your drone before taking off.


2. Ensure the controller board is in good condition

The RC controller is a critical component allowing precise flight control with varying degrees of sensitivity to perform aerial flips, hovering and flight manoeuvers. Always ensure the transmitter is clean with no dirt or obstructions for optimum control and feedback.

3. Fly in clear, outdoor areas

Choose an open, unobstructed area for safe flight! For maximum safety and to get the most from your drone, follow these tips:
• Go to a park or another area with wide open spaces.
• Stay away from roads, trees, streetlights, and utility wires.
• Keep away from people (especially children) and pets.
• Avoid power lines, cellphone towers, or other large structures.
• Check how strong the wind is; avoid flying if the drone is affected.

4. Don’t overstress the quadcopter

Overworking your drone can cause serious, long-term damage, ultimately wearing out the motor and other components, leading to increased failure rate. To maximize the service life, avoid the temptation to either use multiple batteries to extend flight time, or fly, recharge, and fly immediately.

5. Fly no higher than 400 feet

Under FAA guidelines, the maximum altitude allowed for flying commercial drones is 400 feet. Even though the Mi Drone is flight-capable above 800 meters, you should always retain visual line of sight at all times to maintain orientation.

BONUS TIP: know the local policy in your country

The United States FAA requires all drone users to register their UAVs online with the government before taking to the sky (this applies to drones exceeding 55 pounds). However, different countries have different policies about UAVs, always ensure you comply with the regulations in your own country.

The sky's the limit

Follow our 5 essential tips (accumulated from years of drone flying) to get from beginner to ace pilot in record time! We're confident you'll love flying the incredible Xiaomi Mi Drone as much as we do!

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