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Home > How To > 5 practical ways to protect your kids on iPad and iPhone
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5 practical ways to protect your kids on iPad and iPhone

5 practical ways to protect your kids on iPad and iPhone

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-03-26 2296 0

Are you having some difficulties to protect your kid on his device? Kid’s influence on device has increasingly changed and their habits and manners occur to a young psychology leading to some risks. From this, Apple launched a parenting tool on iOs versions for controlling and monitoring kids on real time. So, if you want to use your Parental Control on your kid’s device, here are few steps.

Use Your Parental Control on Your Kid’s Device 

1. Protect with a screen protector and case

As a kid is renowned for being full of energy and dynamism, he may not take care of his iOS device properly and may suddenly accidentally drop off the device on the floor. By protecting with a screen protector and case, the absorption chock will be optimal by covering properly round-edges. His high protection will ensure a long lasting and durability of the device, so that your kid will fully enjoy his Application. Ultra-compact, thick and made of high quality material, the device won’t get any scratch, dust or water during use.

a screen protector 

2. Use Guided Access

Preventing your kid from switching Applications, it will only keep up same current page once you set up. By disabling volumes controls, keyboards and motion controls, your kid won’t be able to access on any other websites due to high restriction set. Became a popular parenting tool, it is used for preventing cyber-attack or fraud on iOs devices. Accessibility to webpages will be therefore reduced, but the monitoring and controlling will be constant. You will be able to set your settings as shown above:

Step 1. Go to your Settings

Step 2. Tap Accessibility.

Step 3. Tap Guided Access.

Step 4. Enable Guide Access.

Guide Access. 

Step 5. Tap and enter a passcode.

After you enabled guided access, you can fully control your kid by using Family Sharing, an iOS APP allowing sharing videos, music, and any other related content on share group. Featured with a protective option, you will be able to locate and prevent any missing device.

3. Download Family Sharing

Developed by Apple, Family Sharing is a share APP, by which you can download contents and store them in Family iCloud. By adding and sharing contact in the Cloud, family member will be able to track and prevent your missing device from another device. That is because your iOs device will appear in the single list, your device will pop-up in the share group for a complete monitoring and controlling.


Therefore, if you set strict boundaries to your kid by giving advices and add him in the Cloud, you will be able to know the latest tracking position of your kid's device and locate it accurately by clicking here. However, Family Sharing is not able to restrict and block Applications of your kid causing a lower protection on his device. By doing manually, you can disable and restrict your settings as shown above.

Family Sharing 

4. Disable and restrict your APP

Smart pushing notifications may tend to your kid to download unnecessary Applications on his iPhone or iPad causing a slow performance. By restricting and disabling Applications, his accessibility and influence on device will be lower by avoiding malicious programs. In other words, if you don't restrict and block necessary Applications, your kid's protection on device will be lower than normal. Because your kid creates a dopamine, he will constantly keep checking any other Applications and slide them by being happy. Therefore, to kid-proof efficiently, please follow steps above:

Step 1. Go to your Settings.


Step 2. Tap General.


Step 3. Tap Restrictions.


Step 4. Select In-APP Purchases, Deleting APP and Installing APP.

Deleting APP and Installing APP 

Step 5. Turn Off the three options.

By contrast, you will only be able to control internal programs and prevent your kid from danger. Nevertheless, external dangers won't be included and it is requiring alertness towards your kid. By setting strict boundaries between your children and you, electrical dangers will be avoided as shown above.

5. Prevent safety equipment danger

If you discover your kid is playing with a socket, or put it in his mouth, monitoring and controlling must be due to prevent him being electrocuted or suffocated. Nevertheless, main accessories released by Apple are safe for kids and are equipped with indicator lights, battery protection and wireless charging avoiding short-circuit. By improving suitable material and technology to kids, the risk level will be lower but your Parental Control may increase by unforeseen situations.  If you set therefore boundaries with your kid and teach efficiently the use, global safety of your kid will become predominant.

 Prevent safety equipment danger

Wrap up

To conclude, multi tools were developed for protecting your kid on iPhone and iPad. Internal and external precautions are requiring a constant monitoring and controlling to prevent risks and eventual dangers.


By acting as a kid, his manners are not fully well developed due to his young age and he can accidentally drop off the device anytime. By using a parenting tool though, you will set strict boundaries with him by using Apple iOS system or by preventing external risks. But not only limited to it, kid-proof on iOs devices can also be seen and described as a perfect safeguard protecting your kid from intrusive APP, cyber-attack, etc. Essential and protective for daily-life, your kid will therefore feel safer and fully enjoy his APP.


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