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Home > How To > 5 unpopular knowledge of mobile phone
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5 unpopular knowledge of mobile phone

5 unpopular knowledge of mobile phone

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-24 4500 0

What we see on the surface is not necessarily the truth, but what we all agree with is not necessarily the truth. Life is like this, so is the mobile phone. A lot of people are easily confused by others. There are so many mobile phone parameters that some people think more is better. Is that really the case? Today we talk about some mobile phone knowledge; I hope it can help you.

 mobile phone

1. The bigger of the battery capacity, not the better

Many people may not think true of it. It is true that the size of the battery capacity is a major factor in determining the endurance. In theory, the bigger, the better. But don't forget that cell phone life is determined in many ways, such as hardware power consumption and system optimization. It includes screen power consumption, processor power consumption, system optimization of CPU, system background control, etc.


So the battery life is a systems project, and it's not determined unilaterally by the size of the battery. Look at the following market mobile phone battery test; it is not the battery life performance is good.

the battery capacity 

2. The higher of the camera pixels, not the better

Photography has become one of the most important functions on mobile phones. Many people who buy mobile phones pay close attention to this factor. Of course, there are many people who talk about pixel size. But here, I want to say that this statement is outdated, because the emergence of large-pixel cameras has changed this view.


I remember that the concept of large pixels first appeared on the front-end camera of Xiaomi Note. It used 4 million 2-micron large pixel photosensitive elements. The single pixel of the camera became larger, which meant that more light could be received and the picture quality was better. Increasing the size of a single pixel can improve the image quality more obviously than simply increasing the number of pixels. The noise of the photographs is less, the whole is brighter in dark light, and the details are more abundant. It can be said that 4 million large-pixel cameras produce better results than the other 8 million. Now with the progress of photography technology, more and more mobile phones have begun to use large pixel cameras. This unpopular knowledge has gradually become popular in the last two years.

3. The more the processor cores, not the better.

Competition for the performance of mobile phones has never stopped in the mobile phone industry, and one of the main factors determining the performance is the performance of CPU (processor). Since the advent of multi-core processing, many people are sure that the more the number of cores, the stronger, in fact, it is not.

 the processor cores,

Multi-core is only a design of processor. Its advantage is multi-task processing, but it is not the only one that affects performance. Processing, CPU frequency, CPU architecture and GPU architecture are the key factors that determine CPU performance.


For the simplest example, is Helio X20, the world's first 10-core processor interlocutor, better than Apple's A9 dual-core processor? Is Helio X25 produced by 20-nm process more powerful than Snapdragon 660 produced by 14-nm process? Facts tell us that this is impossible. So the core of the processor is not that the more the better.

4. The more signaling, not the better.

What are the two functions of mobile phones?


I'm talking about phone calls and Internet access. These two functions are the basis of the mobile phone. Generally speaking, the two signal icons in the upper right corner of the mobile phone are the signs to show whether they are useful or not. I can only say that, so think too young too simple!

The conditions that determine the quality of telephone and wireless networks are not only signal strength, but also connectivity, connection speed and other factors.


For example, the mobile phone signal is full, but the surrounding people are crowded. It is certainly not smooth to access the Internet by telephone, because there are many people who use it at the same time, it is easy to cause channel blockage. Another example is a wireless router whose own network is not very good. If you connect it to the full grid, your network will not be good. So the more signal lattices is not the better. It depends on the use.


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5. The higher the testing score, not the better.

If you buy a mobile phone and pay attention to the performance, I believe you will pay attention to mobile phone scores. Speaking of running points, I have to mention Xiaomi. When the previous generations of models came out, running points must be propaganda, of course, the result is sure to hang other manufacturers. Is that the higher the running score, the better?

the testing score

Of course it is wrong. Running points is the most direct way to reflect the sexual performance of mobile phones, but now users are more concerned about the comprehensive performance. How about the temperature when working? How about the endurance? How about system optimization?

Wrap up

Above is some cold knowledge about mobile phones, I hope it can help you. It is said that the mobile phone industry is like the sea, not to mention the layman consumers; even the industry personnel may not understand all the things.


What should I do? Simple to say, I still remember what Lei Jun once said: Xiami’s hardware comprehensive net profit margin will never exceed 5%. So you can buy things without knowing much knowledge about the phones.


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