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Home > How To > 5 ways to protect the original data line from damage
5 ways to protect the original data line from damage

5 ways to protect the original data line from damage

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-27 5684 0

The interface of the data line is particularly prone to rupture when the mobile phone is used for a long time. It's a pity that a good data line is so crusty and broken. Here are five ways to protect the important original data line.

the broken data line 

1. Adhesive tape method

This is a practical but slightly ugly method. Transparent glue is not good, easy to degum. It's better to use tape and tape wrapped in water pipes. Although wrapping up is a bit like a mummy, it is really easy to operate and use. But it's easy to degum after a long time.

2. Spring method

This method is very simple and easy to operate. A spring pen can be used to remove the spring. It is also the most adopted by netizens. Simply, take out the used ball-point pen spring. Then stretch it a little longer, slowly circle it into the data line, and then rotate and fix it.

Spring method 

3. Temperature method

The surface of the data line is colloidal, and it is easy to peel near the hot source, especially when the heat expands and shrinks. So please stay away from the heat source at ordinary times.

4. Gestures

When using the data line, please be gentle; do not operate in the most easily broken place. When unplugging the plug, please pinch the hard plastic part of the upper part of the line.

5. Heat shrinkable glue method

Heat-shrinkable rubber can be easily bought on the Internet. The principle is the same as that of tape, but this seems to be more reliable. Use scissors to cut the heat-shrinkable rubber in the shape of about six centimeters. Then the clipped heat-shrinkable rubber is put into the data line to prepare the lighter. The section on the line is heated by the lighter. When the heat-shrinkable rubber is close to the data line, it succeeds.

Heat shrinkable glue method 


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