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Home > How To > 5 worst ways to charge a phone
5 worst ways to charge a phone

5 worst ways to charge a phone

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-13 6784 0

I believe everyone has had this kind of trouble. After using the phone for a period of time, the cell phone suddenly goes out of power very quickly. When it is fully charged in the morning, it quickly lose the power in the afternoon. Battery university lists the top five myths about charging phones. Bad charging habits can hurt the phone's batteries even more, so if you want to extend your phone's life, you have to learn to charge in the right way.

1. Recharge after the phone is completely out of power?

According to the survey, smartphones now generally use lithium batteries instead of nickel-hydrogen batteries in the past, so there is no memory effect. Full discharge reduces the number of charging cycles and causes more damage to the battery. It is recommended that even if you can't charge at any time, it would be better to charge when the power is 30 to 40.

 Recharge after the phone is completely out of power

2. The phone is charged overnight?

Many people are used to charging their phones before going to bed until they wake up the next day, but in fact filling the phone all night will definitely damage the battery life, because the phone is in a high pressure state after it reaches 100%. Instead, it drains away the chemicals in the battery, although many mobile phone brands can now actively start the power failure mechanism when the battery is full, but according to the data, charging all night is a real problem.

3. The phone must be charged to 100%?

Many people like to charge their phones to full batteries before turning off the power supply, but fully charging the phone to 100 will put the battery in a high pressure state and put more pressure on the battery. In addition, charging cables and chargers of different products should be avoided as different plug power can affect charging speed, which can easily reduce battery life.

The phone be charged to 100% 

3. Charge the phone whenever if you can?

Short-term charging doesn't hurt the battery, even if it's just a few minutes, it won't have any impact, so get into the habit of charging your phone as soon as you can. In addition, there are a lot of mobile phone case models that are heavier and heavier on the market, which are not easy dissipate heat. For most batteries, too high temperature is the invisible killer that affects battery life.

4. Maintain as much as possible 65% to 75% of battery

According to the battery charging range, if the phone is charged when the battery is low, the charging cycle will consume more, so try to stay between 65% and 75%. If you really can't, you can also choose between 45% and 75%. In the end, it is really difficult to do so, so keep it between 25% and 75%. In fact, the lithium battery has the best working temperature to avoid keeping the battery too hot and too cold to prolong the battery life of the mobile phone.

Maintain as much as possible 65% to 75% of battery 

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