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Home > How To > 8 easy care tips for your action camera
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8 easy care tips for your action camera

8 easy care tips for your action camera

By  Matthieu Andre 2018-09-13 3271 2

Have you ever wondered what causes those mysterious spots that appear in your photos or videos? If you are constantly switching lenses during photo shoots or recording videos with your action camera, a proper care is required by the following 8 tips.


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1. Use a lens cleaner

The lens of the action camera is one of the most delicate parts, and hence a general cleaning with a lens cleaner and regular inspection can prolong the life and provide the highest quality of images. It can be done by using distilled water or pure alcohol with a lens tissue.

using a lens cleaner 


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2. Store your battery

If you are not using your action camera for a while, take out the battery from the compartment and isolate it. It will save your battery against permanent damages, such as a heat temperature, a short-circuit, a slow performance or a battery draining and leaking.

storing your battery 

3. Protect your micro SD card

A micro SD card is extremely sensitive, and to prevent data corruption on your action camera, an exceptional care must be due by protecting with a storage box or protective case. It will deliver the speed, capacity, durability, and quality you need to make your journey a great adventure.

protecting your micro SD card 

4. Use a clean action camera bag

Taking good care of your action camera with an action camera bag will increase its lifespan and enable you to enjoy your favorite hobby or profession without worrying about technical problems, scratches or damages.

using a clean action camera bag 

5. Wear a waterproof camera case for your action cam

A waterproof camera case can protect your action camera from all the elements. Offering a great protection to your action camera outdoor, it comes with various shapes and sizes to improve your experience and security. Remember to pack it carefully if you want to get the highest performance and quality of images.

wearing a waterproof camera case for your action cam 

6. Use a blower

During the use, your action camera may be inevitably covered with dust, which will not only cause damages to your camera, but affect the quality of your shooting images or videos. Then, the blower is a good tool to remove the dust.   

using a blower 

7. Keep your action camera on only when you need it

Keeping your action camera continuously on may cause some damages and overheat. The battery will not only decrease in efficiency, but also will start to degrade and decrease in capacity. Therefore, remember to turn off your action cam when you don't use it.

8.Keep the cap on your cam lens

Last solution, remembering to put the cap back on the lens is the most practical and common protection. It will protect your lens from all the elements in case of humidity, temperature, liquid, dust, scratches, etc.

keeping the cap on your cam lens 

Bottom line

Hope these 8 tips will help you prolong your action cam's life and ensure you are ready to shot every memorable moment with high quality images for your next day.  


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