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Home > How To > 8 tips you must know before buying a car DVD player
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8 tips you must know before buying a car DVD player

8 tips you must know before buying a car DVD player

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 26272 1

The DVD player is considered an essential purchase for most discerning car owners. With diverse entertainment options, versatile functions, and ease of use, they’re a fantastic purchase for commuters, families, taxis, and more.

DVD players are invaluable for families with kids to make a long trip more enjoyable. However, with so many options available on the market, most customers can be overwhelmed. Our handy guide will lead you the right way.

1. Which type should I choose?

Car DVR players can be divided roughly into 5 types:

• In-dash DVD players

• Headrest DVD players

• Flip down DVD players

• Rearview mirror DVD players

• Portable DVD players

a) In-dash DVD players

A good choice for vehicles with limited room behind the front seats, these units can be situated in the center console in the front vehicle compartment. Be warned: these models may be distracting for new drivers during video playback. Two design options exist:

Double DIN head unit: Comes with a screen, amplifier, and a player. Takes twice the room of a 1 DIN due to the height. Just measure the dimensions before purchasing.

Single DIN head unit: Only taking half the space of a 2 DIN player, it delivers almost the same audio quality but offers different functions. As before, check the dimensions first.

In-dash DVD player

b) Headrest DVD players

DVD players can be set on the back headrest of driver and front passenger seats, as watching TV when driving is generally outlawed. Headrest DVD player models (available on GearBest) are ideal for business cars, and convenient for rear passengers. Together with generally first-class audio, the audio-visual experience is usually superior.


Headrest DVD player

c) Flip down DVD players

Mounted on the vehicle roof above the passenger seats, these can be ideal for video viewing however they have larger space requirements. Therefore, they are more suitable for commercial vehicles like an MPV or SUV, rather than smaller cars.


Flip down DVD player

d) Rearview mirror DVD players

These DVD players are usually quite easy to install on the car rearview mirror, being half-screen and half-mirror in size. The screen can also be turned off so that only mirror is visible, however the videos can be distracting due to the location and proximity to the driver.


Rearview mirror DVD player

e) Portable DVD players

Suitable for vehicle owners who want to create a unique and personalized driving experience, the units do not need to be affixed. Just plug the equipped power cable into the car cigarette lighter socket and start enjoying multimedia content.


Portable DVD player


When you come to shop a vehicle DVD player, there are 6 important factors that you need to keep in mind. Keep this checklist with you while shopping, and you'll be able to get the right one. They are the audio quality, screen size and resolution, format compatibility, GPS function, USB, memory card, battery life and power source.

2. How about the audio quality?

Audio quality is important whether it’s for video, or just to listen to music. Due to the enclosed vehicle space, power output matters: general output is 4 x 45W, good enough for playing rock and roll, R&B, or light music. Be sure to check the audio output when comparing DVD players. If the sound quality is comparable to a standalone CD-players, then it’s easy to recommend although it may be more expensive, such as the Ownice C200-OL-7957B Android car DVD multimedia player (under $400 on GearBest).


Ownice C200-OL-7957B Android car DVD multimedia player

3. How large size should the screen be?

DVD screens are available in many sizes. As a rule of thumb, the device should offer high resolution output for clear visibility and a physical size that fits into the available space without restricting vision. There are 2 screen types: analog and digital high-definition. The general analog screen is 240 x 240 or 480 x 240 pixels, however an HD screen is 800 x 480 pixels or higher. In terms of screen sizes, 6.5 and 7.0 inch screens (7.0 inch screen car DVD player on GearBest) are the most common size, generally available with 800 x 480 resolution for a good balance of quality and affordability. Also consider whether or not you require touch screen functionality – these can offer enhanced control and are a good choice if you have a higher budget.


7.0 inch screen car DVD player

4. What media formats are supported?

Various media formats exist, including audio, video, and picture formats. It is important to check file format compatibility for your multimedia. Many models will also have the ability to play DVD-R and DVD-RW (available on GearBest) along with any purchased movies you own. This consideration also extends to audio file formats and disc formats, e.g. CD, CD-RW, CD-R, and MP3. More supporting formats translate to more entertainment choices.


Various media formats DVD

5. Does it come equipped with GPS navigation?

GPS functionality (GPS car DVD player on GearBest) is one of the single most convenient car features, with the monitor providing a visual map of the route, while the car speakers deliver verbal turn-by-turn instructions.


GPS car DVD player on GearBest

6. Can I connect my USB devices or flash memory cards?

An SD card can hold a large amount of data for its small size. This makes it a convenient storage medium for your favorite movies and music. Many DVD players have an SD card slot, giving you significantly more multimedia freedom.


connect my USB devices or flash memory card to car DVD

7. How long will it last?

Portable DVD players can be powered in a variety of ways, including replaceable batteries. However, battery life can vary significantly based on the model, ranging from two hours to over five hours. Try to choose one with a battery life that lasts at least 6 or 7 hours, as this allows viewers to watch movies without having to continuously use the car’s power source.


battery life of DVD player

8. Will I get everything I need n the box?

There’s nothing worse than paying a lot of money for a vehicle DVD player, getting ready to install it, only to discover you need to buy extra components like TV tuners, wires, brackets, or other items. Some of the more common accessories are shown on the associated image.


DVD player accessories


Once you decide the functions you want with your DVD player, consider your available budget, including both the DVD player and any installation costs. Choose good quality brands and models with these features, such as Ownice or Junsun. If your budget allows, buy additional peripherals you may require.

Whether you choose a complex car DVD player with many features or a relatively simple model, your driving experience will certainly be enhanced and more convenient. A car DVD player is an especially good travel companion on long trips with family or friends, allowing your passengers to watch their favorite movies or programs while on the go. GearBest understands this, and provides an extensive range of leading brands and models at affordable prices – all backed by extensive warranties and guarantees.

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