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Home > How To > 8 unpopular functions of DJI drone
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8 unpopular functions of DJI drone

8 unpopular functions of DJI drone

By  Steve Lowry 2018-11-16 2848 0

The DJI drone that you bought for a long time, there are bonus scenes that you don't know. Today, I will share with you the unpopular features that most people don’t know but can greatly enhance the experience.

NO.1 Narrow distance perception

DJI’s obstacle avoidance features have saved countless nearly shattered drones and wallets of many people. But it can be a little embarrassing in some cases. Eg.


Narrow distance perception off


There was more than enough distance, but it could not fly because of the detection of obstacles on both sides. At this point, 90 percent of people would choose to close the obstacle step by step, fly past it and reopen it. When the "narrow range perception" is turned on, the angle of obstacle avoidance detected by the aircraft becomes smaller, and the plane can pass through it smoothly.


NO.2 Frequency shortcut key

After upgrading and returning to the plant, you sometimes need to reset the frequency between the remote control and the UAV.


Frequency shortcut key


 A page and a half are used to write the frequency steps on DJJ user manual.


NO.3 Spark turns over stop

In fact, the quickest way to stop spark is this:


Spark stop


NO.4 EXP adjust the feel of the hand

In fact, the feel of the UAV can be customized by you, using this EXP curve. Simply, if you push a rocker of the same amount, the larger the exp value, the faster the aircraft will be.

So, when a new girl comes to you to learn how to fly a plane, you can lower the EXP value properly; if you're in a hurry, you might prefer the high EXP feel.


NO.5 Histogram to see exposure

If you haven't touched photography, you probably haven't seen a histogram.

If a large number of pixels are stacked on the left side of the histogram, the image appears to have a "dead black" area without details; instead, pixels are stacked on the right-hand side of the histogram, indicating that the image has an area of white.


 Histogram to see exposure


So we can adjust the right side of the remote according to the histogram to ensure that the picture exposure is normal. This function is especially useful when the sun is strong and the screen reflects light.


NO.6 Switching 2.4G/5.8G Graph Transmission

Elf 4pro and other models offer 2. 4G and 5. 8G graphics channels. In ideal environment, 2.4G can fly farther, but 5.8G signal's penetration is better.

Moreover, there are a large number of devices in cities that use 2.4 G signals, so 2.4 G in cities is more likely to encounter graphical interference.


NO.7 Mavic contrast frequency

Previously frequency alignment required a pen to prod the frequency keystroke, now we do not need.


Mavic contrast frequency


NO.8 Electric sound

What if the drone fell into the woods / the drone dropped into the grass / somehow I didn't know where the drone was going?


Step 1. Find the position of the plane through the attitude ball.

Step 2. Find and turn on the "tune out" feature in the super covert directory.

At this point, the drone sends out a screeching every few seconds.




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