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Home > How To > 9 easy tips to make your smartphones run faster
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9 easy tips to make your smartphones run faster

9 easy tips to make your smartphones run faster

By  Matthieu Andre 2018-08-29 4225 2

Feel crazy about the bad smooth and speedy performace on your smartphones? Altough almost all smartphones will have such problems after using a period of time, you can also do something to improve your smartphones running speed. The following 9 easy tips will help you speed up your smartphones.


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1. Uninstall unnecessary applications

Recent applications on smartphone may take up storage space on a device. Maybe you think you will use them at some point, but if you are not using them and experiment storage issue, that is recommended to uninstall APPs.

uninstalling unnecessary applications 

2. Simplify your home screen

The first thing you unlock on the device is the home screen. Generally, most device makers have their home screen but there are various third-party alternatives and Google's own Now launcher in the Play Store. They all have in common widgets. If you feel your phone is running slow causing a poor performance, in order to speed up your device, remove unused widgets and live wallpapers, and replace your home screen by a static image.

simplifying your home screen 

3. Update the latest version

Updating the latest version may fixes bugs and contains general improvements, security fixes which help the phone run faster. Essential phone updates are automatically synchronized by Wi-Fi. But smartphone users need to check it before downloading if they want to avoid a bad experience. The latest version can be checked in Settings or in the Play Store.

updating the latest version  

4. Clear out cached data

If you still experiment storage issue or don't want to uninstall Applications, you should clear out cached data. Indeed, cached data will help the Application to load faster. It will optimize the speed of your device and ensure the maximum of efficiency during the use.

In case your smartphone may store data's from Applications that are no longer in use or even have been deleted previously, please follow the steps to clear out cached data:

Step 1. From Settings, tap APPs then pick your APP of choice

from Settings, tap APPs then pick your APP of choice 

Step 2. Tap the storage heading

taping the storage heading  

Step 3. Tap Cached data

taping Cached data 

Step 4. Tap Ok to Clear cached data

taping Ok to Clear cached data 

After cleaning, you won't lose your data's.

5. Perform a factory reset on smartphone

If you want to remove all your data from your device and have extra storage space, a factory reset is the best solution. This will erase all data from your phone's internal storage including for example google account, system and APP data. The most effective way to speed up your phone is to wipe everything and start again. To perform a factory rest, please follow the steps but make sure you back up data's before erasing.

Step 1. Tap the Settings App on your smartphone

taping the Settings App on your smartphone 

Step 2. Tap on Backup and reset

taping on Backup and reset 

Step 3. Tap on Factory data reset

taping on Factory data reset 

The device will be reset and ready to use after it completes the mandatory Factory reset.

6. Turn off auto sync applications

Updating applications may get your smartphone slower, take a lot of data and eventually lead to a battery drain. Operation software updates all the time, causing an impact on performance of device. To optimize the speed on smartphone, it is advantageous for users to disable auto sync APPS. Click here to see how to turn off the automatic app updates.

7. Transfer data to a memory card

Most of smartphones are equiped with a slot for SD card. But before installing the SD card, it is better to analyze and check the storage in the device. If you have a large volume such as media files containing music, transfer all your data's to an external memory. In this case, you will save space and your phone will run faster.

8. Turn off GPS

By turning off the GPS location, you will not only save your battery power, but also you will optimize your device. Preventing safety, please follow the steps if you want to disable the GPS:

Step 1. Go on Settings

Step 2. Tap on Location by changing the position of the switch

taping on Location by changing the position of the switch 

9. Reboot the phone

Last solution, a simple reboot by "power off" the device will allow you to clear cache, but also to close all running frozen applications which cause issues. This is without doubt one of the most effective solutions to speed up the smartphone and improve the performance.

The verdict

To conclude, people will generally "power off" their phone first and restart again before finding the best alternative. That will help to solve most common issues.Nevertheless, keeping a phone running fast can be a challenge. Depending on the storage space you need, make sure you check the application before downloading it. If you are running out of space, optimize your phone by transferring data's to a memory card, clear cached data or even perform a factory reset. In this case, you can freely enjoy your application on device.


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