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Home > How To > About Arduino, you need to know these things.
About Arduino, you need to know these things.

About Arduino, you need to know these things.

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-12 1795 0

Today there are many ways to get access to Arduino's development board online. But before you buy the Arduino development board, check out Arduino's open source background.

In order to keep with the open concept, Arduino's official team decided to use Creative Commons (CC). Under the CC license, anyone is allowed to produce and sell copies of the Arduino development board without paying royalties to the Arduino authorities, or even obtaining an official license from the Arduino, except to specify the contribution of the Arduino and retain the name Arduino. So there are two development boards on the web: one is an official development board published by Arduino, and the other is a clone board designed and sold by other manufacturers using the Arduino team, they are all legitimate products.

Creative Commons (CC) 

The Arduino development board is a big family. there are dozens of different development board listed on the Arduino websiteーSo which development board to choose?

Arduino development board big family 

Many of the friends who read this article are new to Arduino, and if so, the first development board for almost all Arduino enthusiasts will be Arduino Uno R3. The development board is arguably the most cost-effective product, and arguably the most suitable for beginners to learn how to use it.

Arduino Mega

The Arduino Mega development board is similar to Arduino Uno, but its size is twice larger than that of the Uno development board. If you develop a project that requires more pins than Uno to control external devices and collect sensor data, Mega can meet your needs. Besides, Mega has more hardware serial interfaces to communicate with more external speaker lines. Of course, more functions mean that the price of Mega is also higher than that of Uno. So whether to choose Mega or Uno is still based on the specific needs of your project.

Arduino Mega 

Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano plate as the name implies, his size and weight is only about 1/3 ー Uno. Even though the Nano is small, it's a big deal. In addition to having the same core micro controller (Atmega328) as Uno, the Nano has slightly more pins than Uno. If your project has size and weight requirements that make Uno unsuitable, the Nano is a good choice.

Arduino Nano 

The above development boards can be said to be the most popular products of the Arduino family. In addition to these, the Arduino family has many other products, which can be used in the development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and image recognition and others are better at the Internet of Things. But in these areas, we're not really pushing you to use Arduino, because there are products in this area that are more cost-effective and functional. That is the product we want to introduce to you.


NodeMCU is an open source software and hardware development environment, and one of the Arduino development board's biggest rivals in the Internet of things (IoT) field is the NodeMCU development board because of its support for WIFI. NodeMCU is similar in size to the Nano. It was not developed by the Arduino team, but we can use the Arduino IDE to develop it. And he also has a genuine "China core" one ESP8266. Therefore, no matter in terms of performance and price, NodeMCU is more worthy of being spent by our maker friends in the development of Internet of things.


Raspberry pi

We don't need to say much about raspberry pi. We just need to search it on the Internet and we will find a huge amount of information. Here we will briefly describe our experience with raspberry pi compared to Arduino. If the project you are developing is artificial energy, the cloud computing and image recognition are areas to consider. So it's not that the Arduino development board isn't as good as the raspberry pi, it's because in these areas, there are far more raspberry pi resources available online than the Arduino development board.

Raspberry pi 


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