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Home > How To > All you need to know about your fidget spinner bearings
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All you need to know about your fidget spinner bearings

All you need to know about your fidget spinner bearings

By  GB Blog Official 2017-06-08 8763 6

The father of Android is making a new phone and smarthome OS, Apple is working on a Siri speaker and Nasa is flying a probe to the Sun - but all the online world seems to care about is how to find the best fidget spinner. Hey, we're not here to judge - we're here to help! With this quick post we hope to answer all the questions you may have about fidget spinner bearings.
All you need to know about your fidget spinner bearings

There are a lot of questions circulating online about fidget spinner bearings: from material to size - everyone wants to know which ones to get and how much they matter. Or do they matter at all?

It all comes down to what you are using the spinner for. Let's take a closer look.

Transparent Fidget Spinner

Bearings are typically made of one of the 4 materials:

- stainless steel, like this ABS Fidget Spinner.

stainless steel bearings

- all ceramic: white or black ceramic balls and races, like the champagne colored spinner.

- part/hybrid ceramic: ceramic balls + steel races.

part/hybrid ceramic bearing

- SIN4 (silicon nitride): top of the line material for bearings, better performance than standard ceramic bearings.

So, what type of bearings should you go with? It all depends on what you are looking for in your fidget spinner.


1. Is spin time important?

Though you will find plenty of videos on YouTube comparing fidget spinner spin time, the truth of the matter is you probably won't spend your time spinning your fidget toy on the table and watching in for several minutes non stop. More than that, most modern spinners, even in the cheap category, will spin for at least two minutes - and that's plenty of time for most people. Read more on how to select a long spin time spinner here.

However, if you do want to go for a fidget toy with more stamina, here are the factors to consider when choosing your bearings:

- Bearing size

The golden rule is: the smaller the bearing, the longer the spin. The smallest bearings currently used in fidget spinners are R188s. These bearings are only 12.7mm in diameter and have less contact with bearing races than other models - resulting in less rolling friction and thus longer spin time. All R188s bearings are made of stainless steel.

Another popular size is 608s. These are larger at 22mm in diameter and quite pricier. Made of full ceramic or hybrid material, they allow for a smoother more stable spoon.

- Bearing design

Generally, if spin time and speed are your primary considerations, you will want the bearings with no lube or shields - both of these will slow the spinning down. With that said, shields will help keep the dirt away from the bearings.

- Bearing material

Things get very simple here. Go with SIN4 ceramic bearings for the longest possible spin time. Stainless steel bearings offer the shortest spin time.

Note: Just talking bearings here. Spinner design and weight distribution will also play a significant part in how long it will spin for.


2. Check if the bearings are removable

Some users may emphasize the need to take out and clean the bearings once in a while - which is useful but may not have a big impact on the fidget spinner's performance overtime. If you do choose to clean the bearings, you can use simple rubbing alcohol and blow them dry with some cool air (hair dryer on a cool setting).

Another reason why it's good to have removable bearings is if they break. Rather than getting a new fidget spinner, you can simply pop out the broken bearings and replace them with new ones, like these hybrid ceramic and stainless steel bearings or the classic stanless steel.


3. Audio effects: yes or no?

If you prefer your fidgeting quiet, then it's a good idea to go with stainless still or hybrid bearings. Ceramic ones tend to make quite a bit more noise. On the other hand, if you actually prefer a fidget spinner with some sound effects, you may go with cageless ceramic bearings instead.

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