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Home > How To > Android Masterclass | Easy steps to fix frozen or dead Android phones
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Android Masterclass | Easy steps to fix frozen or dead Android phones

Android Masterclass | Easy steps to fix frozen or dead Android phones

By  Zim Watson 2017-02-02 69062 1

Briefly state the reasons that make an Android phone frozen or dead, and guide the users how to fix the frozen or dead Android phone by specific steps.

Android phones are great but sometimes even your trusted handset can freeze or become unresponsive. Keep calm and read on: we're here to tell you how to quickly and efficiently resolve these types of issues.

 Easy steps to fix frozen or dead Android phones

4 Reasons Why Android Phones Freeze

1. Installed app is not compatible with phone OS

When we install incompatible apps, they can conflict with your phone's processes; this can not only lead to software errors but, on occasion, even increase the CPU heat.

2. SD card data reading error

Opening corrupted files, APKs, or application files stored on external media such as an SD card can freeze your phone.

3. Viruses or malware

This is one of the more common situations, and is dependent on your phone's installed security. Downloading and installing unofficial APKs, or clicking on compromised links both mean damaging code or backdoors are loaded on to your phone.

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4. Bugs from inappropriate ROM installation

Android phones are great for customization and flashing ROMs, however flashing the incorrect, incompatible, or poorly coded ROM containing many bugs can all significantly impact your phone's stability. In the worst case situation, your device can even become bricked requiring you to re-flash the correct ROM or re-install a stable, official firmware OS version.

How to fix a frozen or dead Android Phone?

1. Plug your Android phone into a charger.

Use the original power charger to charge your Android device, or use its original USB cable to connect it to a powered-on computer. Carefully observe whether there is any charging confirmation on the phone screen or not – a phone that cannot be powered on might also be caused by a drained battery. Wait for several minutes into the charging process, before trying to reboot the phone. If this doesn't work, try the following steps.

Plug your Android phone into a charge

2. Switch off your phone using the standard way.

Press and hold the power button until the power menu is shown. Select the "Power off" option to shut down the frozen phone. If this does not resolve the phone's frozen state, proceed to the next step.

Switch off your phone using the standard way

3. Force your phone to restart.

If your phone does not respond to the Power Off action, you can try to force it to restart. Most Android smartphones can be forcedly rebooted by long pressing one of the following combinations below for about 10 seconds to enter the phone recovery mode – then select the "Restart" or "Reboot" option.

a) Power Button + Volume +/- Button together

b) Power Button + Home Button together

(The exact key combination varies between different Android phone models.)

 Force your phone to restart

4. Remove the battery.

If you can't force your phone to reboot via a software method, you can resort to more physical steps. For a removable battery Android phone, take out the battery and re-insert it after 10 seconds, then power the phone on again;

Remove the battery

However if your phone has a built-in battery, wait until the power completely runs out and the battery is drained. Charge your phone and try to power it on.

If this step is still not effective in turning your phone on, move on to the next step.

Note: If your phone is freezing whenever you run a certain app, it proves that the app is causing your phone system to crash. Remember to force stop and uninstall any incompatible apps and check your phone with a security app to kill viruses/malware after you successfully restart it.

5. Perform a factory reset if your phone cannot boot.

If your phone cannot be turned on, the factory reset is an effective way to fix this problem. However, bear in mind that all your phone data will be deleted.

► Make sure your phone is in its powered-off state, or you will be unable to enter its Recovery mode.

► Press and hold the following button combinations from a powered-down state to enter Recovery mode until the Android boot menu appears.

The method to boot into Recovery mode depends on your specific Android phone model, but it will be either:

Power and Volume - OR Power, Volume +, and Home

► Select either the "Wipe data and cache" or "Factory reset" option. And then select "Yes" to confirm it.

Wipe data and cache

► If the touchscreen is non-responsive, use the physical Volume + and Volume - buttons to operate the menu and press the Power button to confirm your choice. Once the factory reset process has completed, the phone will automatically reboot.

If using the Recovery method cannot solve this problem, then move on to the next step.

6. Flash your Android Phone.

► Search for the following search string in a browser: your phone's "brand" + "model" + "flash guide" to search for the corresponding flash guide for your phone.

Flash your Android Phone

► Download the corresponding ROM online according to the flash guide.

► Carefully follow the guide step by step to flash your Android device.

7. Seek help from professional phone engineer.

Unfortunately, if flashing cannot resolve your dead Android device and it still cannot be turned on, the final step is to seek professional help from your phone's flagship store. Consult a professional engineer to fix it.

Effective Suggestions:

1. Do not just simply search a phone flash guide during your phone flash; for better results, search for the exact phone brand + model flash guide to prevent incorrect OS versions and compatibility issues.

2. A video flash guide is always much clearer and easier for you when flashing an Android device.

Xiaomi redmi Note 4 flash guide

3. Using a reliable smartphone flash tool is also strongly recommendable.

Xiaomi redmi note 4 flash tool

4. Seek assistance from a professional phone master during the phone flashing process if you're not confident in completing the steps.

5. If the repair fee is excessively high, it probably makes more sense to change to a brand new premium Android phone. We have three stellar recommendations to bring you right up to the current state of the art.


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