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Home > How To > Answers for JXD 509W quadcopter transmitter & SD card issues
Answers for JXD 509W quadcopter transmitter & SD card issues

Answers for JXD 509W quadcopter transmitter & SD card issues

By  Zim Watson 2017-05-23 5109 0

The transmitter cannot control the JXD 509W quadcopter? Only can control it through the phone? There supposed to be a SD card slot as the user manual shows, but actually not? The answers are here.
Answers for JXD 509W quadcopter transmitter & SD card issues
 The transmitter cannot control the drone.
 There is no SD card slot on the drone camera.

JXD 509W quadcopter

The transmitter cannot control the drone.

Some users said their JXD 509W quadcopter cannot be controlled through the transmitter, only they can control it through the phone WIFI. This matter usually happens due to the following three reasons:

1. The quadcopter doesn't pair well with the transmitter.

Before to fly the drone, you need to pair it with the transmitter, otherwise, the transmitter cannot control it. The correct steps to pair them are:

● Connect the power cables of the drone and the battery.

Connect power cables of JXD 509W quadcopter and its battery

● Switch the power button to the ON status to launch the drone, the indicator will flash quickly.

switch JXD 509W quadcopter's power button to ON status

● Install 4 grains of 1.5V AA battery into the transmitter.

● Power on the transmitter, you will hear two "beep" sound, its indicator will light.

● Move the left joystick to the top, the drone indicator will flash slower.

● Then move the left joystick to the bottom, you will hear one "beep" sound, and the drone indicator will stop flashing but keeps lighting.

Now the two devices are connected successfully. Please check whether you have done these operations.

2. The battery of the transmitter will run out.

This is easy to understand. When the battery will run out, the signal strength that shot by the transmitter will be weak, so that it cannot control the quadcopter as normal.

Simply change the new battery for the transmitter, the problem will be solved.

change new battery for JXD 509W quadcopter's transmitter

3. The transmitter is broken-down.

When all the above two reasons are eliminated, and because the phone can control the drone, so the drone's signal receiver is fine, so there is only one reason left - the transmitter is truly broken-down. Why it becomes broken is complicated to explain, maybe you have dropped it on the floor hard, or the circuit or signal shooting parts are loosened or damaged, etc.

Please take the quadcopter and transmitter to an RC toy shop to check and repair. Or directly contact the after-sales service for more advice.

There is no SD card slot on the drone camera.

Some users fed back that the on the user manual of the JXD 509W quadcopter, there is a SD card slot on the camera, but in fact, there isn't. Why?

Actually, this user manual is not only for the JXD 509W, but also the JXD 509G quadcopter. If you have read the user manual carefully, you will find the name of the manual called Instruction Manual of 509/509V Quad-rotor. Those are the versions in China, the international versions are 509W and 509G. The 509W is the WIFI version, while the 509G is the picture transfer version.

Through the two quadcopter look almost the same, the transmitter and the camera details are different. You can see the difference of the transmitters of them, and the camera distinction.

difference of transmitters of JXD 509W and 509G quadcopterSD card slot of 509G

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For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the JXD 509W quadcopter from us, but the guide doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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