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Home > How To > Best tips for having a good night's sleep
Best tips for having a good night's sleep

Best tips for having a good night's sleep

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 1925 0

Cannot fall into sleep at night? Always wake up in the mid-night? These do influence our health and sure the daily work and life quality. In this article, we look at the critical importance of sleep, how it influences our health and quality of life, and share some practical tips on how to have a good night's sleep.
 Section 1. Why do we need to sleep?
 Section 2. 4 advantageds of sufficient sleep
 Section 3. How to have a good night's sleep?

have a bad sleep

Section 1. Why do we need to sleep?

To date, despite intensive and ongoing scientific research, there is no definitive answer to this perplexing question.

While not all of us are sleep scientists, we do know that when tired or sleepy, the drive to sleep is virtually irresistible. Once we have enjoyed sufficient sleep, we feel rejuvenated, more mentally alert, happier, healthier, and work more efficiently.

In short, it's vital to our quality of life: for our body, mind, and overall health.

At least, this could be regard as a basic significance of sleep, you agree?

Why do we need to sleep

Section 2. Advantages of enough sleep

Increase physical immunity

Dr. Bailey, a renowned immunologist from the university of Florida, conducted a hypnosis experiment on 28 people. Results show that the T lymphocyte and B lymphocyte count (the main drivers for immunity) increased even during hypnosis.

Increase physical immunity

Promote growth hormone secretion

Physiology research indicates that our brain can generally only compound the growth hormone, which can promote our body growing up, only during deep sleep. This is one reason why sleep-deprived teenagers can be developmentally stunted with delayed sexual maturity.

Improve working efficiency

The prestigious Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center discovered that, following sufficient sleep, a typist could increase their typing speed by an average of 15% to 20%, with an associated accuracy of 30% to 40%.

Improve working efficiency

Keep your skin smooth, ruddy, and resilient

The most active period of skin metabolism is at night. The blood supply is in the most sufficient situation when we are in the sleep. The skin blood vessels will all open at that moment to allow the blood supplying abundant nutrition and oxygen vital for skin restoration and slowing down aging.

Keep your skin smooth, ruddy, and resilient

Section 3. How to have a good sleep?

Want to have a good sleep, just follow the tips below:

have a good sleep

Tip 1. Create a good sleeping environment

● Reduce background noise. If you cannot avoid or eliminate the noise, for instance, the dog barking, noisy neighbors, traffic sound, or noise made by other family members, try to use a fan to dispersal the noise in summer or wear good quality earplugs. These ways can help you artificially reduce the noise.

● Keep your room in appropriate temperature. The temperature of your room will make effect on your sleep as well. The most appropriate temperature for a good sleep is about 18°c,Too hot or too cold can negatively impact sleep. Use a fan or the A/C if required.

● Remove mosquitoes. Especially in summer, there are always annoyed mosquitoes living in our house. We have to wake up because of the skin itch once be bit by them. Prepare the mosquito repellent or cover your bed with a mosquito net.

mosquito repellent

Tip 2. You need a comfortable bed

Essential for high quality sleep is a comfortable bed! To be specific, the ingredients: a soft mattres, a soft bed sheet, a soft pillow, and a soft quilt. Guaranteed Mr. Sandman every night!

make your bed comfortable for sleeping

Tip 3. Dos and Don'ts for sleeping well

drink milk before going to sleep

● Do develop a healthy, regular bedtime routine.

● Do more aerobic exercise during the day. Research shows this is better than sitting for long periods.

● Do take a cooler shower before sleep. French research revealed that a reduced body temperature leads to better quality sleep.

● Do drink milk. It has sedative properties and is especially useful prior to sleeping.

Don't use electronics at nightdon't drink coffee before sleeping

● Don't use electronics at night: exposure to light suppresses melatonin secretion, affecting your ability to fall and stay sleep.

● Don't drink coffee or alcohol at dinner; the former is a stimulant, while alcohol can only help you reach light, disrupted sleep (with a hangover).

have a good sleep

We spend a third of our life asleep, making it essential for our health and wellbeing – especially after a busy day at work or studying. To address, and even minimize, physical and mental exhaustion, good sleep is particularly important.

We hope this article has been useful to you, and have a good sleep!


For the purpose of this new article, the featured image(s) were sourced from the internet. For any issue, please contact us, and we will deal with the matter promptly.

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