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Home > How To > Beyond Epic: what can YOU buy on Cyber Monday this year?
Beyond Epic: what can YOU buy on Cyber Monday this year?

Beyond Epic: what can YOU buy on Cyber Monday this year?

By  GB Blog Official 2016-11-12 1153 1

It's a dilemma for online shopping everywhere: what can I buy during Cyber Monday? It's just so hard to decide!

Keep calm and enjoy your Cyber Monday

Every year Cyber Monday comes around to give a big promotion, analysts say it could be the biggest online shopping day and... here it comes – again! However, this year can (and should) be different: get prepared, take advantage of it, and get your plan ready. Do not buy blindly or buy something worthless.

But for those who have no plan to buy, we're here to help!

More creative than Minecraft

For something totally unique and cool, look no further than a futuristic 3D Printer Pen. Trust me, this is the height of cool.

3D Printer Pen

Ultra compact and novel, this portable 3D printer is pen-shaped, so it's easy to carry and operate. Just follow three simple steps to get printing:

● Connect a power supply

● Insert the printing filament

● Begin to draw your masterpiece!

What's more, the 3D printer pen doesn't require any fancy software, you can literally start showing off your creativity immediately with your hands. And it's incredibly affordable at the same time.

Make it personal

Create something personal and cool with your lover, both of you can develop your passion for DIY, brainstorm and share your ideas – it's a great way to create mementoes to display.

Maybe you can get some practice for the real thing and print a 3D ring for your loved one!

3D pen as a gift

A 3D pen is literally also one of the single most unique gifts you can give someone.

1. It makes a great gift even for seniors

It has some really great benefits:

● It allows them to stay active mentally;

● It effortlessly engages their imagination;

● It helps them to unleash their creative potential.

2. 3D printing is a truly unique talking point

Your family and friends will learn about this innovative and fun. You can freely discuss and share your ideas and imagination, and get inspired for future projects.

For those who love animals or traveling, you can create 3D models of favorite pets, vacation hotspots, and even recreate photographs. The only limit is their imagination.

3. It's an awesome educational gift for children

Because the minds of children are still being developed, 3D printing helps to develop their natural curiosity3D printing and creativity. Unlike adults, children have incredibly active imaginations and are much more willing to explore ideas.

3D printing is perfect to stimulate their imagination with fun creations that they can see time and time again. Over time, it's also possible to create a personal portfolio so they become inspired and encouraged to continue with further efforts.

So what are you waiting for? Don't you think the 3D printer pen deserves your purchase?

Note: Don't overdo it – it's not a substitute for quality time! Remember to spend time with your family and kids should only play with 3D printing after homework!


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