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Home > How To > Bluboo Maya Max smartphone troubleshooting guide
Bluboo Maya Max smartphone troubleshooting guide

Bluboo Maya Max smartphone troubleshooting guide

By  Zim Watson 2017-03-05 4743 1

When your Bluboo Maya Max phone cannot be charged, screen turns to black or flashes, or the GPS works not accurately, the screen cannot automatically rotate, here are the best solutions for you.

The problems contained in this passage are the high frequently asked questions from the Bluboo Maya Max smartphone users. We summarize them here and try our best to provide you the best solutions as we can. If you have also met these issues, have a look! We hope it does help you solve your Bluboo Maya Max phone problems.

Battery charging issues

● Use the Bluboo Maya Max smartphone original USB cable and charger to charge it.

● Change another appropriate USB charger (LED night light dual USB port wall charger) or USB cable to have a try. (Same electric output and input with the original ones.)

● Reset it to the factory state. Do remember to back up the files and data before the reset, otherwise all the data will be deleted permanently. After the reset, check whether it could be charged normally.

● The worst situation is that the phone's battery is damaged. Once all above solutions cannot solve this issue, we can sure this is the final reason. As this phone equips the built-in battery, so we suggest you to contact the after-sales service center for a professional help.

● Usually once the phone storage is too full (5 easy ways to free up space on Android) or the running memory is over used like up to 80%, the phone is easy to be dead, the screen will turn to black. Just shut off the extra / rarely used applications the problem will be solved.

● Viruses attacks. If it happened after you have installed some application recently, the possibility of a virus attack is high. Try to uninstall those apps, and then use a safety protection app to scan and clean your phone and kill the viruses.

● The most direct and simple way to solve this problem is to do a factory reset. After the reset, all the system errors and viruses will be removed. But do remember to back up the important data before you reset the phone.

● Maybe the phone battery has run out the power. Connect the phone to the power charger (travel power adapter wall charger) and long press the Power button for 30 seconds to wake the battery up, and then charge it for minimum 3 hours. After that, disconnect it from the charge and power on it to see whether it works.

● The other reason might be the battery is damaged or it has a quality problem that it cannot store the power. All the power input the battery will run off. Simply contact the after-sales service for help.

Screen / display issues

Maybe the phone has some system errors, or the hardware is broken. Try below solutions:

● Long press the Power button 30 seconds to force it power on. Once it doesn't work, continue next step.

● In the power off state, long press the Power button with the Volume + button to enter the phone's Recovery mode interface, choose Reset the phone. Then try to open it again.

● If you have flash the phone before, the ROM file may not suit your phone which may cause some bugs making your phone cannot boot or flash. Try to flash it with this ROM and the check whether it can start normally.

There are multiple reasons could cause this problem like system errors, ROM flash bugs, application compatibility, viruses, etc. You can try these solutions:

● Long press the phone Power button for 8 -10 seconds to reboot the phone and then check whether the problem disappears.

● If not, try to charge it with the original USB charger for minimum 10 minutes, and then boot it. Because maybe the phone has run out the battery.

● If you cannot enter the phone, or the phone cannot be powered on. In the power off state, long press the phone Power button and Volume + button together to enter the phone’s recovery mode. Choose Factory reset there, then wait until the procedure finishes and check whether it's OK.

● If you cannot enter the Recovery mode, in the power off state, long press Power button with Volume - button together to enter its Factory mode (the factory mode is Chinese). Use the volume button to choose "清除eMMC" option to delete all things from your phone, which is same as reset, and press Power button to confirm the selection. After the process, the phone will automatically reboot.

Flash the phone ROM. This is the last step you can do by yourself. But we suggest you ask for help from the local phone fixing store staff because flashing takes risks. If you install a wrong or inappropriate ROM your phone will experience another disaster again.

● Or you can contact the after-sales service for a one to one chatting. You can record a video to send to them, and they will give you the most reliable answer and solution.

● Please check whether you have turned on this feature: drag the shortcut menu from the screen top, tap the screen rotating icon to turn it on.

● If this situation just happens in some specific application like a video player application or game, try to use another smartphone to test whether it can automatically rotate. If not, it means the app doesn't support to rotate.

● If yes, try to reset your phone to check whether the problem could be resolved. Once all these solutions make no sense, you can take it to a local phone fixing center for a check and repair it. Or you can ask the after-sales service for help.

Sound & GPS navigation issues

● Check whether you have removed the phone's screen protective film, which will reduce the receiver's sound.

● Press the Volume + button to turn up the volume.

● Maybe the signal is not good in some places so that the phone cannot receive the signal so that the users cannot hear clearly. Move to the balcony or some open area to check whether you can hear clearly.

● If all these situations are eliminated, that should be a receiver broken issue. You can fix it in a local phone repair store or contact the after-sales service to send it back to the factory for a repair. But, it's actually a small problem, we suggest you to solve it locally, therefore, you need to waste the time and postage fee.

● Check whether your map is the latest one. If not, update the map data, otherwise, the GPS cannot navigate you to the right place or position you accurately.

● For most the phone GPS sensors, they can only work well in good GPS signal environments like the open areas and in good weather. It's hard to use them in underground buildings or metal crowded places like an underground parking garage. Also the rainy weather and thunder weather also reduce the signal strength. The GPS signal is hard to be detected in such conditions and also the metal cars will influence the signal as well.

● We suggest you to finish setting your GPS destination before driving, because in a static state, the GPS sensor can work better and the signal is more stable which could offer you a more accurate data.

● Choose an appropriate GPS mode: Enter the phone's Settings - Safe & location - GPS location service - Mode. Different modes have different focuses. Choose one according to your condition.


It supports: Latvian, Lithuanian, Magyar, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Burmese, Khmer, Korean, English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Croatian, Italian, Bulgarian, Kazakh, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Urdu, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese.

No, it doesn't. It only supports to charge through the USB cable and charger.

Hope this passage can help you resolve the Bluboo Maya Max smartphone issues.

For Gearbest customers: if the above solutions are still not able to resolve your issues, please contact us via ticket to the Support center. Once our staff has received it, we will deal with it as soon as possible. We are always here to help you.

Gearbest aftersales center: Support Center.

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