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Home > How To > BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone battery & charge issues
BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone battery & charge issues

BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone battery & charge issues

By  Zim Watson 2017-07-14 6291 3

The BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone won’t work if the battery cannot be charged. Also, the phone will only work for a short time if the battery consumes fast or cannot be fully charged. What’s wrong? And how to solve?

BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone battery & charge issues

 The battery draining too fast.
 The phone won't charge.
 The phone won't charge fully.


The battery draining too fast.

How fast your phone's battery is draining surely depends on how you use it. If you have a number of apps running in the background all at the same time (GPS, cellular data, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.) - this will lead to your phone losing charge quickly. Your display brightness settings can also affect how quickly your battery is used up. Prevent quick battery draining by trying the following:

● Turn off the functions you rarely use.

● Turn down the screen's brightness manually or set the screen brightness to the automatic adjusting mode.

● The battery could not have yet been activated. To activate the battery continuously use the phone until the battery is run out and the phone powers off automatically. Then fully charge it. Do it several times.

● Clear the battery's memory:

A. Power on the phone and charge it.

B. Once the charge finish notification appears, pull it out from the charger.

C. Power off the phone and then connect it to the charger to charge it again until the screen shows the "charge completes" notification.

D. Disconnect the phone with from the charger, power on the phone and power it off immediately when the system loads.

E. Charge it again until the fully charged notification pops up.

F. Long press the Power button and Volume Plus buttons together to enter the phone's Recovery mode. Choose Recovery -- advanced -- wipe battery status. 

● If all these methods fail, there must be something wrong with the phone's battery or related components. Contact the after-sales service for more help or return it back to the factory for check and repair.

The phone won't charge.

● Make sure you are using the phone's original charger. A different charger may have a different input/output causing the battery to no charge fully.

● The power charger's pin could be oxidized if it has been used for a long time. So you use an eraser to clean the pin, then try to charge the phone again. Alternatively, the charging port of the phone could be oxidized, you can use a cotton swab with anhydrous alcohol to wipe the port. Let it dry and try charging the phone again.

● Charge the phone for a minimum of 10 minutes and then boot it. If this doesn't work, press the phone's Power button three times and then hold it for 10 seconds to turn it back on.

● Or keep the phone connected to the power source, press the Power button for 30 seconds to activate the battery, then release the button. Charge the phone for some time and then boot again.

● The USB cable to charger could be damaged. Try using another cable or switch to a new charger.

● If none of the above works, there is probably something wrong with the phone's USB charging port. Take it to a repair shop or contact the after-sales service to send it back to the factory to repair.

The phone won't charge fully.

● Use the BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone's original USB cable and charger.

● Try using a different original USB charger to check if yours has been damaged.

● The battery could not have been activated yet. To activate the battery continuously use the phone until the battery is run out and it powers off. Then, charge the phone fully. Do this several times.

● The worst case scenario is that the phone's battery is damaged. As the BLUBOO Xtouch comes with a built-in battery, the only solution here is to take it to a repair shop. If the battery needs to be replaced, contact the after-sales service center for suggestions.

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For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone from us, but the post above doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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