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Home > How To > BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone GPS not working?
BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone GPS not working?

BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone GPS not working?

By  Zim Watson 2017-07-21 2809 1

Serious BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone GPS problems troubleshooting guide! If you met GPS troubles, have a look.

BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone GPS not working

In this post, we are focusing on one serious BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone GPS problems - the GPS takes a long time to receive satellite signals, and always lose the signal, making the GPS app not available to work. Let's see why the problem happens and how to solve it.

For most the phone GPS sensors, they can only work well in good GPS signal environments like the open areas and in good weather. It's hard to use them in underground buildings or metal crowded places like an underground parking garage. The GPS signal is hard to be detected in such conditions and also the metal cars will influence the signal as well. So simply move to an open area to use the GPS app.

Also, as mentioned above, the weather affects the GPS performance as well. The rainy weather and thunder weather will reduce the satellite signal strength. So in this condition, it's normal the GPS not working well.

If the weather and environment is good, but the GPS still cannot work well, the most possible reason should be the phone's cellular data internet is not good. Please turn on the 4G network to provide your phone a faster and stabler internet, so that it can receive the GPS signal better and more stable.

But if the above reasons are all eliminated, the only reason is the phone's GPS module hardware is damaged. In this condition, the only way is to take it to a phone fixing shop to check and fix. But if the problem is very serious that some components need to be replaced, we suggest you to contact the after-sales service for advice.

Additionally, some users also reported that the GPS couldn't work after the update. For this issue, the most possible reason is that the update is not completed, or the update file has bugs.

You can reset the phone to solve this issue. Enter the phone Settings - Backup & reset - Factory data reset, press the RESET PHONE button to reset the phone. BUT! Do remember to back up your important data before, otherwise, all your data will be removed permanently.

reset BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone

After the GPS works well, you can update the GPS app again. If the problem happens again, do not update the app until a newer version be released.

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For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the BLUBOO Xtouch smartphone from us, but the post above doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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