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Home > How To > Bye-bye to computer spying and privacy disclosure
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Bye-bye to computer spying and privacy disclosure

Bye-bye to computer spying and privacy disclosure

By  GB Blog Official 2016-11-11 1553 0

Hi buddies, this is Digital Talent Z. Nice to meet you again. What's the topic today? A real hot one, computer camera spying.

Hi buddies, this is Digital Talent Z. Nice to meet you again. What's the topic today? A real hot one, computer camera spying. Since the internet was invented, our social life improved under many aspects but at the same time, we run a very big risk in terms of privacy.

Our private data, our life and the life our families can easily be detected. One the most scary things we learnt about is that there are people able to access the webcam of our computer and watch us.

Sometimes they use what they see to take advantage, or even threaten us. But just they idea of somebody spying through the small hole on the op of the screen of my laptop gives me the creeps. Another widespread way of having personal data stolen are the so called viruses, malwares and trojans.

PC camera

We are not James Bond, but how can we stop the hacker snooping hazard? Today I will give you 4 useful advice:

Way 1. Prevent potential safety hazard.

This means to reduce the frequency of clicking on unknown websites. Try your best to do not open some strange websites such as gambling or porn websites and adverts because viruses and Trojans always hide there and may enter your computer. If you can prevent this, it lowers the chances for the hacker entering your computer and launching your camera to spy you.

Way 2. Detect your computer regularly.

Once you buy a computer, you will maybe install a safety software. What you need to do is to use the software to detect your PC regularly like once a week or three times a week in order to find and then crush these them immediately to protect your personal life.

Way 3. Use camera spying prevention function of safety software.

Besides the above two ways, you can install some good system safety software to use the inbuilt PC camera spying prevention function. So if unluckily any criminal tries to open your camera on your computer through a remote way, don't worry, the software program will pop up to notice you that there is a camera launch process trying to run, and you can deal with the problem immediately.

camera spying prevention function

Way 4. Stop it by your hands.

It means to use the physical way to stop the hackers to spy you by your computer camera. Even we can use the software to solve this problem, but we are not sure how powerful the hacker is and afraid of the above ways are not working.

We can use these way to solve the problem:

◆ If your computer is a laptop with an inbuilt camera, you can stick a piece of opaque tape on your camera and microphone to physically cease the hacker peering you.

◆ If your computer is a desktop, you can just simply pull out the connection USB cable of the camera and the microphone connection cable from your computer, the hackers will have no way to spy you.

◆ If you are still worried about being spied I can give you the final awesome practical method to solve your anxiety, unplug the power cord of your computer!

The above methods can effectively prevent computer spying and privacy disclosure. And see you next time, for sure not from your webcam!


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