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Home > How To > Common methods of repairing vacuum tires
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Common methods of repairing vacuum tires

Common methods of repairing vacuum tires

By  Niki Jones 2018-12-06 4319 0

What if your vacuum tire is punctured during a trip? What kind of repairing method is better to use in travel? What are the advantages and disadvantages of various repair methods? Here, let's discuss the several repair methods and their advantages and disadvantages.

punctured vacuum tires 

At present, the common repair methods for vacuum tires include: hot patch  method, cold patch  method, mushroom nail  method, rubber strip method and vacuum tire self-rehydration method.

1. Hot patch method

The hot patch method (that is, the fire patch method commonly used by people) is a relatively backward traditional tire repairing method. At present, it is mainly used for repairing the tires of large truck. The hot patch method is to demount the tire from the rim and attach them to the wound with raw film. The wound was then baked with a special thermostatic heating and pressure device until the raw film was completely fitted to the tire.

Advantages: the tire that uses high grade film and special equipment to repair is more durable.

Disadvantages: the process method is relatively outdated, it has high requirements for operating technology and equipment. (general tire shop reluctant to buy expensive special equipment, most of them are simple and crude earth-made equipment, which causes great damage to tires).

2. Cold patch method

Cold patch method also need to demount the punctured tire from the rim, after finding the wound, removing the foreign matter, then grinding the adhesion area and applying the vulcanized adhesive, at last, gluing the cold patch with roller.

Advantages: the operation process and the equipment are relatively simple. As long as using genuine cold patch and vulcanized glue, quality can be guaranteed. ( regular tire shops often use the method of repairing tires ).

Disadvantages: it is not suitable for repairing the tires with large wounds, rain and snow may enter from the wounds, and the durability is general.

3. Mushroom nail method(patch plug combination)

Mushroom nail method is also to demount the tire from the rim, remove foreign object, clean the punctured area, apply the special ordinary temperature vulcanizer. Put a special mushroom nail through the tire wound, after a few minutes of solidification, cut off the excess rubber. But you need a gun for the mushroom nails. But instead of a film, it's a rubber nail that looks like a mushroom, so it's called a mushroom nail.

Mushroom nail method 

Advantages: according to the different wound,you can choose the  mushroom nails of different diameter, the quality is reliable and stable, which is the best repairing method at present.

Disadvantages: professionals are required to remove the tire and install the tire as well as a dedicated mushroom nail gun.

4. Rubber strip method

Rubber strip  method is find the place to be punctured to pull out foreign matter, with a special tool directly fill the tire rubber strip into the place to be punctured, and then use the air pump to inflate.

Rubber strip method 

Advantages: the method is quick and convenient, and suitable for emergency use. More than 90% of the people can repair, do not need to demount the tire and professional operation.

Disadvantages: it can only repair the punctured hole within 6mm, it is difficult to deal with the larger hole.

5. Vacuum tire self-rehydration

Finally, the vacuum tire self-rehydration, it is a chemical agent, which is used to automatically fill the damaged parts of the vacuum tires(chemical composition is bound to have corrosion effect). Due to it can be used to repair the tire under the condition of do not need to demount the tire, so it applies to the female car owners.

Vacuum tire self-rehydration 

Advantages: it is convenient and fast, and do not need to professional tools, the operation process only needs about 1 minute.

Disadvantages: it has a corrosive effect on the tires.(especially the  tire fluids for ten or twenty RMB with automatic pneumatic effect,  If you must use it, it is recommended to buy the tire fluids more than 100 RMB )

Conclusion: the mushroom nail repairing method has the internal and external repair effect, but needs the specialized personnel as well as the specialized mushroom nail gun. Self-rehydration is corrosive to tires and may damage the motor. The rubber strip repairing method is easy to use and only takes a few minutes. Besides, it does not need a professional and suit most people.


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