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Home > How To > Complete house lighting design guide
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Complete house lighting design guide

Complete house lighting design guide

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-05 4990 1

Just as the soft light of a coffee shop represents petty bourgeoisie, the style and taste of a home can also be reflected by the light. Lighting sources with the same parameters, where, how and even what materials are used, will produce completely different lighting effects and create completely different atmosphere. Therefore, we should design different lights according to the needs of each space.

 different lights of each space 

Different lights of each space

1. Living room

The main lamp is generally located in the middle of the ceiling, providing overall lighting. Ceiling lamp and chandelier are commonly used.

Living room light  

In a 20 square meter living room, you can choose a circular lamp about 80 cm in diameter or a rectangular lamp about 110 X70 cm in diameter.

If you use a chandelier, you can also install it in the middle of the ceiling, but just above the tea table, pull the lamp very low, and become the focus of the sofa area.

If the living room has a ceiling, you can consider the lamp trough, hidden lights. Light diffuses through the ceiling and becomes soft. Light source color must be single, not colorful.

In a room with high or low floors, the ceiling shape must be concise, and the complex lines that are too conspicuous will have depression. It is best to make only a first-level ceiling (that is, the ceiling has only one floor), which is 12-15 centimeters away from the ceiling generally. The edge of the ceiling with a lamp groove is 6 centimeters thick, and the space height after the ceiling should be more than 2.5 meters.

The light source of lamp trough usually uses LED lamp band. The space inside the ceiling is narrow. The lamp band is easy to twist and hard to fix. Especially in the corner, when installing, the master worker is advised to straighten the lamp band and fix it with a special clip. Otherwise, the light of lamp trough will be uneven and very ugly.

2. Bedroom

The bedroom, as the main resting space, requires a soft, relaxed lighting environment.

Bedroom light  

In addition to standing up and looking up, people's sight is more lying up before bed? Therefore, it is advisable to set up scattered, indirect and low brightness light sources. It is not advisable to use direct light downward, such as chandeliers without soft light shade.

Lampshades can be made of natural materials such as paper, wood and bamboo to create a comfortable and natural space atmosphere.

Wall lamp or desk lamp are usually used on both sides of the bedside to provide illumination for bedtime reading. They have their own advantages: wall lamp does not occupy the space of the bedside cabinet, and desk lamp does not need to reserve line ports on the wall.

Wall lamp 

The rocker arm type is also recommended for bedside lamps. When reading, turn the lamp head to yourself, and when resting, turn elsewhere. You can adjust the angle of light at will. Each switch controls two lights separately to avoid disturbing the other half's sleep.

It is recommended to install night lights near the ground, preferably with human body induction. Someone in the darkness can automatically light up, not dazzling, just illuminate the foot, and automatically extinguish after lasting for tens of seconds. It is convenient and energy-saving. It is especially suitable for families that need to take care of babies at night.

The wardrobe is equipped with infrared induction LED lamp, which opens and closes the door, making it easy to pick up clothes. Wires can be reserved for installation or rechargeable batteries can be used.

3. Dining room

Restaurants usually use pendant chandeliers to make the light source low enough. The light has a sense of gathering, forming a contrast between light and shade near the table, creating a warm dining atmosphere. The lowest point of the pendant lamp should be higher than about 70 cm of the dining table; the diameter should be less than 30 cm of the width of the table, so as not to bump into the head; the color temperature should be about 3000K, so that the appearance of the food is more attractive.

Dining room light 

Before reserving light lines on the ceiling, it's better to locate the table first. The lines should be left directly above the central point of the table so that the lights can gather around the table. It is advisable to use translucent lampshades, such as acrylic, paper, etc., which can not only focus downward, but also transmit light properly. It has a certain auxiliary lighting effect on the surrounding area, so as to make the light soft.

If the lampshade is made of opaque material such as metal, it is better to have other lamps as supplementary lighting. Otherwise, the light of the chandelier will be gathered downward, which will cause extremely bright in the middle and very dark around, and will be visually and psychologically uncomfortable.

The table lamp is similar to the wardrobe lamp, so it is convenient to take the tableware. It can also lighten the cabinet's heavy feeling and make the cabinet lightweight. The tableware in the cupboard also sparkles.

4. Kitchen

Most kitchens have integrated ceiling. Then the flat lamp is embedded in it as the main lamp. The usual size is 30x30cm.

Kitchen light  

The main lamp is usually located in the center of the ceiling, but when people wash vegetables, cut vegetables, cook and wash dishes, they are back to the main lamp. The shadows of the body and the hanging cabinet are all on the table. The operation area is rather dark, so it is very important to supplement the lighting for the operation area.

It is recommended to install the bottom lamp of the cabinet under the hanging cabinet. There are many uses: stretch out your hand and it will light up to prevent you from not seeing your finger when cutting vegetables; warm white light or natural white light with color temperature of 3000-4500K will bring a pleasant feeling to the dish; when pouring water into the kitchen at night, the bottom lamp of the cabinet will turn on and off by itself without turning on the main lamp, thus saving electricity greatly.

Drop chandeliers are recommended above the sink to supplement lighting for washing and relieve housework fatigue.

5. Toilet

Similar to kitchens, bathroo m main lights are often embedded in integrated ceiling. Or use heating, ventilation, lighting in one bathroom equipment.


Toilet light

Lamps must be waterproof, lampshades should be sealed, and the joints of lamps should not be exposed. If the switch of the lamp is seesaw type, it should be installed outside the toilet door; otherwise the switch panel with splash box should be used.


The light source of the headlamp should be arranged on both sides of the mirror to illuminate the face, leaving no shadows and dead corners, so as to make up conveniently. Use natural white light, because warm light will make your skin yellow.

A few tips on how to buy and install lamps

1. Change the bulb

The most commonly used LED ceiling lamp in the family usually integrates the circuit with the LED. The circuit board is designed according to the shape of the lamp. Because it is difficult to buy a matching circuit board, once the lamp is broken, it is not easy to replace.

Therefore, it is more recommended to replace the LED lamp bulb, according to the need to change the bulb at any time.

2. Adapter

When the lamp is not bright enough, if there is enough space inside the lampshade, you can use E27 one-turn two-adapter to screw two bulbs on the same lampshade. There are three, four and even more adapters.

3. LED lamp belt

Flexible material made of LED soft lamp belt is very suitable for lazy people to use. It glows on one side and has 3M double-sided glue on the back. When the paper on the glue is torn off, it can be attached to the surface of the object. Lighting can be in a variety of colors. It can embellish local space and has the effect similar to neon lights.

It should be noted that a single lamp band should not be too long, because the voltage gradually decreases with the increase of the length of the lamp band, and the tail lamp beads are not bright enough.

4. Purchase switch

When purchasing the switch, weigh it by hand, because the copper sheet is the most important part in the switch, and the heavy copper sheet has better quality. The common switch on the market is the seesaw switch with good quality. The spring is harder (the inferior switch is very soft). When it is switched, it has a strong sense of strength and is not tight. Plugging and pulling plugs also need a certain degree of strength.

Switchboard materials can be plastic, metal, or even solid wood with insulating paint on the surface.


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5. Dual control & remote control

In the home, there are places where double-control switches are needed: when the corridor is long, both ends are equipped with switching control corridor lights; in the retest or jump floor, there is one switch for Hall lights upstairs and downstairs; and in the bedroom, the switch for bedroom lights is set at the entrance and bedside. Bedside switches are lower than the usual switching height. So people can easily operate in bed. Therefore, the position of furniture should be considered in advance to avoid the switch being blocked by bed or bedside cabinet.

With the remote control switch, it can be operated anywhere in the home.

6. Ceiling opening

It's better to buy the lamp first, open the hole on the ceiling according to the size of the lamp, and then paint the ceiling. If you brush the paint first and then open the hole, you should not only find the location of the wire, but also avoid the keel, which is very troublesome.

The opening should be as round as possible, rather small than large. In case the light cannot be covered, it will not be beautiful. Lines of perforations should be kept in a straight line, and attention should be paid to the same spacing.

7. Lamp selection skills

Some people say that they can't remember too much, so long as it is beautiful. Some lights are beautiful on but ugly off, so don't just look at the effect of turning on the lights when buying them. After all, the lights at home are off at most time.

Lighting in decoration is a very small thing, but it is really a matter of great influence on decoration effect.


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