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Home > How To > Connect the K88H Smart Watch to Android/iPhone
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Connect the K88H Smart Watch to Android/iPhone

Connect the K88H Smart Watch to Android/iPhone

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 44740 6

To guide the K88H users how to connect the K88H smart watch with Android phones and iPhones, and how to sync data between K88H watch and Android / iOS devices.

K88H smart watch image

We have received many feedback from the K88H smart watch users saying that the Bluetooth connection doesn't work, or the iPhone cannot connect to the watch. From the descriptions and videos they sent us, we find that the problem comes from the connection method. This article will show you how to correctly connect the K88H smart watch with your Android and iPhone, so that you can sync all sports data with your phone.

 Connecting the K88H smart watch to an Android device
 Connecting the K88H smart watch to an iPhone

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Connecting the K88H smart watch to an Android device

Step 1. On the K88H smart watch, locate the "App" option on the menu.

App of K88H watch

Step 2. Tap the "App" icon. Use your Android phone to scan the QR code to download and install the "FunDoWear Android Version" app.

scan QR code download FunDoWear

Step 3. Locate the "Settings" option on the main menu and tap to select it.

settings in smartphone

Step 4. Tap to activate the "Bluetooth" option in the "Settings" menu. (Or just slide the shortcut menu from the top on the main menu to open the Bluetooth function.)

open Bluetooth function

Step 5. Tap "Scan" to scan for available devices, pair your phone with the "K88H" device.

pair your phone with K88H

Step 6. Once you got the notification that "Fundo Wear SmartDevice Connected", your Android has successfully connected with the watch. Otherwise, retry the previous steps.

Fundo Wear SmartDevice Connected

Open the app to log in to your account to sync (upload) data from your K88H smart watch to your Android phone. Alternatively, view your health data recorded by the watch on your phone.

  health data recorded in K88H watch

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Connecting the K88H smart watch to an iPhone

Compared with Android devices, the steps are slightly more complicated.

Step 1. Search for the "Fundo Wear" app in the Apple store, download and install it on your iPhone.

Step 2. Enter the "Settings" interface to launch the Bluetooth function or slide the shortcut menu from the bottom to quickly open the Bluetooth feature.

  Connecting the K88H smart watch to an iPhone

Step 3. The Bluetooth will automatically search for available devices around you, tap "K88H" to connect the watch and iPhone. A notification will pop up asking for access authorization. Tap OK to grant it and continue.

connect K88H watch with phone

Step 4. Open the Fundo Wear app on your iPhone, tap the "+" icon, you will see a pink Bluetooth option, tap it.

Open the Fundo Wear app to open Bluetooth

Step 5. Once you enter the Bluetooth Search interface, tap the "Start Search" button to search for the K88H watch and pair together. You will get a hint confirming the watch has connected.

Start Search K88H watch

Note: On the iPhone, you need to connect the K88H to phone's Bluetooth and with the app's Bluetooth to fully complete the connection.

Step 6. Log in to your account using your Facebook or Twitter account. Or just register a new account. Then you can use the "Sync Data" function to upload new date from your watch to your iPhone. It's as easy as that!

log in through Facebook or Twitter

log in through Facebook or Twitter

Wrap up

After reading this guide article, you must get the right steps on how to connect the K88H with your Android or iPhone. Easy, isn't it? Enjoy your exercise with your K88H smart watch, have a healthy day!

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